‘Revised BBL will mean war’

MILF Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

MILF Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

Passage of a revised Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) by Congress will mean war, Ghazali Jaafar, vice chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Central Committee, said on Wednesday.

The MILF, according to Jaafar, may deal with the next administration if the 16th Congress fails to pass the BBL.

He warned that his group will not accept a watered-down version of the bill.

If Congress passes an unacceptable BBL version, Jaafar said, the MILF may opt to negotiate with the next administration since President Benigno Aquino 3rd is on his way out.

Aquino, who has repeatedly called on Congress to pass the BBL, will step down in July next year.

“We will go to the United Nations. That is one of our options,” Jaafar said in a forum held in Manila.

When pressed if the MILF will declare a full-blown war against the government if a revised bill is passed, he commented that Congress and the government will have declared war by passing a BBL that is different from what was approved by the joint panel.

Jaafar said the MILF Central Committee will decide whether the group will go to war or to the UN.

He added that the Central Committee will make a decision after two or three weeks.

“We are neither dictating [on]nor threatening the Philippine government, but we feel a watered-down BBL is both toothless and powerless,” Jaafar said.

He noted that the proposal has been delayed long enough mainly because some lawmakers have declared that some provisions of the measure that was drafted by a joint panel of MILF and government officials are unconstitutional.

The Senate and the House of Representatives deferred deliberations on the BBL shortly after 44 police commandos were massacred by MILF fighters and members of other rebel groups in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, in January this year.

The BBL seeks to establish a Bangsamoro region that will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

During the forum, Jaafar showed a short video of the MILF’s vision of a new Mindanao. The presentation showed a progressive city complete with high-rise buildings and modern infrastructure.

He said the MILF and the government have agreed to a one-year transition period.

“At present, we are conducting capacity-building. We are sending people to various countries for training. Many lawyers, engineers and other professionals are volunteering to help us in the transition period,” the MILF official added.

But Jaafar expressed hopes that the BBL will still be passed so that a referendum may be held by May next year.

“We are closely monitoring what is happening in both the House and the Senate. At the right time, it will become a law. Then we will ratify and implement the negotiated political solution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jaafar announced that his group may suspend MILF commanders who figured in the deadly clash in Mamasapano, especially those who knew of the presence of Malaysian bomb expert Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman.

“We might suspend the commanders because they failed to report the presence of Marwan and Usman in their area of operation,” he said.

No sub-state
In the same forum, Christian Monsod, a member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission, said the passage of the BBL now depends on the outcome of investigation of the Mamasapano tragedy, constitutional issues and timing.

Monsod also noted that almost all peace agreements were preceded by bloody encounters.

“There is so much trust now among the leaders. If we do not do it now, when? They might lose their political capital,” the former Commission on Elections chairman said.

He added that the proposed establishment of a Bangsamoro region is not akin to the creation of a “sub-state” that will effectively “dismember” the Philippines.

Monsod appealed to Congress to give a more objective outlook on the proposed BBL when it resumes its committee hearings on the measure in April.

He said the public should also give the MILF more credit for giving up its dream of pushing Mindanao’s secession when it signed a peace agreement with the Philippine government.

“The BBL will provide just enough power for self-determination within the bounds of the Constitution. The region needs the resources to accomplish its goals,” according to Monsod.

He insisted that the proposed parliamentary form of the Bangsamoro regional government is allowed under the 1987 Constitution and fits more the Bangsamoro culture.

Monsod scored critics for not looking deeply into the “vision, spirit and core principles of the BBL,” which he contended were completely in line with the 1987 Constitution’s provisions on human development and social justice.

“If we are going to have a new social order as mandated by the 1987 Constitution, then we must start with these areas [Muslim Mindanao and the Cordilleras] that are our biggest failure in terms of human development, oppression and neglect for centuries… because of armed conflicts,” he pointed out.


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  1. Marco Vg Ybarro on

    To my brothers, The Filipino People (Christians and Muslims)…We can achieve Peace not by unity in similarity but by unity in diversity, In the comparison and conciliation of differences. Let us work together to achieve peace and respect each other. Let us move on without hatred but only hope for the better. We all love our country. We all love Philippines. God loves peace, Allah (SWA) loves peace, Jesus (PBUH) loves peace. We are the highest form of Gods creation. Everyone deserves peace. Lets make love, not war and God will love us all. Ameen.

  2. kapatid kung Muslim iisang kulay lang ng acting dugo bat pa tayu nag away. wag nyu idamay sang Mindanao mga lumad hinde lahat ng Muslim ay makukuha gusto pati mga kapatid nating Muslim inaaway nyu sariling interest lang iniisip wala kayung paki alam sa mga Filipino bakit DBA kau Filipino. kung hinde umalis name kau.sa lahat ng mga kapatid kung Muslim o christiano na ayaw same bbl magtulongan tayu IPA viral ang peace sa Mindanao isapuso natin any pusong pinoy sa isang ban sang pilipinas.

  3. Ferrer & DEles are idiots , Morons , stupid & scumbags and thats an understatement and I cannot find another word from the dictionary lower than that to describe them except the word for penoy Abnormal!!!!!!

  4. The MILF / BIFF / ABUS and combine forces with the TAUSUG of Sulu ,to get back SABAH from Malaysia, and Sabah will be Independent state for the combine forces..intead of BBL ..the Phil.gov’t. will do a BBL vesion for SABAH…

    • I beg to disagree. On the contrary, the creation of BBL will ultimately erase the issue of Sabah claim. The main reason why Malaysia is alway in the middle of this case is because they want to protect their territorial soveriegnity over Sabah.

  5. Malakas ang loob ng Jaafar na Ito na dahil alam Nya kakampi nila si Pinoy at back up ng Malaysia. Bakit tayo matakot sa mga yan at nananakot lang ang mga yan at ganyan talaga ang Ugali ng mga Muslim dinadaan sa pananakot. Pero Maganda itong operation Kuno Laban sa BIFF at unti uniti napupush yung BIFF sa loob ng MILF at Madali na Lang sila ubusin at na contained na ang mga MILF sa loob ng campo nila. Just wait at yan War na hinahanap mo Jaafar darating na yan at complete special delivery pa ng Artillery at Aerial Bombs.

    • Brother I’m not muslim but please avoid using mga muslim, this biff ,and milf are terrorist, finance by Malaysia and other terrorist group plus help coming from corrupt politician in Phils. If our government wants to invade this group it’s easy without help from other country like Malaysia and others , I don’t know why what on earth rebels got theire own territory that’s a lot of bullshit, and asking for own government ,I think that’s stupid.

  6. then war it is….since puro sila civilian na may armas sa MILF….. then we the civilians from luzon and visayas must take arm ourselves too… lets finish what was started by erap, this time, ubusin na natin ang manga animal na yan…..if we have to protect our territory from this animals , then lets do it…

    • easy for you to say kase wala ka sa mindanao. sana kayo ang makaranas ng war. and FYI, binastos ni erap ang islam by drinking and eating pork inside tge mosque. and the war he cause brought no good, only the worst and it didn’t end the moro struggle.

  7. Pedro Castillo on

    If the government grants the MILF or the Bangsa Moro a federal like state as mentioned by Mr. Monsod, why cant we apply the Federal type of government to the whole country that way the other 2 islands of Mindanao and Visayas will not be dependent on the central of govt. in Manila for budget, also we can avoid passing the BBL Law. Our muslim brothers are not the only one in need of help from the government. We may have forgotten that the ARMM was established with the same purpose and aspiration ” to uplift the lives of the filipino muslims in the area” (despite of the billions of pesos spent nothing happened”). How can we be sure that the billions of pesos coming from the tax payers money will no t be use to buy arms and to recruit more rebels to be use against our govt. How can we be sure that after granting them total control of their area it cannot be use as landing point of other international terrorist like Al-Qaeda, Jemaiah and the most powerful and richest terrorist group the ISIS, all of the above mentioned maybe are the ones supplying them funds and arms on their fight against our government. Bear in mind that the only thing separating our country from being attacked is because of the wide ocean separating us from them. We should also accept the fact that our Arm Forces is one of the weakest or maybe even the weakest among the Asian countries. If Libya, Iraq and other countries has stronger armies (even after having experienced war) is now in danger of being overrun by the ISIS, I wonder without the help of other nations if we can defend our country. Ngayon pa nga lang gusto nang isuko ang Mindanao dahil takot sa giyera. The government is most likely to give up our claim of Sabah which most of our muslim brothers knew is owned the Sultanate of Sulu. Why not divert their attention by reclaiming Sabah instead of waging war against our government.

    Lastly, the government instead of giving away 100 Billion Pesos to the secessionist/ terrorist group should spent it in recruiting new soldiers and buying new sophisticated weapons, modernized our arm forces in defense of our country against any aggression. In short, may be it’s about time to militarized our country in preparation for future eventualities.

  8. Magdalena Balugay on

    Bakit ba nagkakangganyan ang ating bayan,ang Mindanao ay bahagi ng Pilipinas,bakit kailangan tayong magaway at nuuwi sa patayan.tayong lahat ay iisa ang pinagmulan,bakit hindi ninyo matanggap na lahat tayo nilikha ng Diyos ,ang gulo na nga ng Pilipinas pinagugulo nyo pa.hindi ba kayo naaawa sa mga taong may mga pamilya na pinatay nyo,patay na binabaril nyo pa ,wala silang kasalanan,bakit hindi kayo magkaintindihan,hindi naman puedeng ibigay sa inyo ang inyong hinihingi,ang Mindanao ay bahagi ng Pilipinas,nakakahiya ang bayan natin nandito ako sa dulo ng daigdig,ngunit araw araw ay lagi kayon top of the news,isipin nyo kung giyera ang gusto nyo ,marami nanamang mapapatay na nilalang,wala ba kayo talagang kaluluwa?

  9. sonny dela cruz on

    If war break-up between the MILF and the Republic of the Philippines, the war will not begin because B,S. Aquino will surrender the Republic of the Philippines to the MILF. Then it will be a country called BANGSAMORO REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.

    • Sa Islam Koran allowed sila magsinungaling at iexploit ang mga infidels or non believers sa kanilang advantage.

    • sanny ismail on

      Maliban sa Panginoon, hindi umaasa ng backup and mga Moro kahit kanino. Mahigit apat na raang taon na at tatlong mga sugapang bayan ng mga dayuhan–ngayon ay ang mga taong nagkukunyaring kapatid na may interes sa lupaing Bangsamoro– ang gustong umubos sa mga Moro, ngunit nandyan parin sila at walang pagod na makamit ang kapayapaan upang umunlad naman ang kanilang kabuhayan. Walang artillery at aerial bombs na nabanggit mo na siguradong galing sa mga among putla and mga mukha ang uubus sa mga taong taos pusong nagsisilbi sa Panginoon. Wala na sa ‘vocabulary’ and pananakot sa mga Moro sa dahilang namanhid na ang kanilang mga damdamin dahil sa pangaapi at kasinungalingan. Patunayan mo yang sinasabi mo at magpakita ka ng patunay. Hindi na opinion ang sinasabi kung hindi pagtuligsa na.

  10. Bangaamoro.
    Malaysia na ang mindanao….ibinigay ni abno mga terrorista na MILF…tang inang ……….

  11. Why there’s always problem in the Philippines, that’s the fault of the officials in the gov’t.,because the people are in a kanya-kanya or survival of the fittest attitude. Too much politics. Those with the administrations are the one sitting pretty, the ordinary people are the one sacrificing for lack of comfort, jobless, no income, with little income but could not afford prime commodities. People in the gov’t. very comfortable, good salaries, powerful, money not a problem as too much lobby money, though services free but still receive gratitude pay, procurement of supplies and materials, sure there’s commission, awarding of contracts there’s representation fee, and people are saying the country has so many fees. facilitating peace process there’s honorarium and some members has bonuses. One Malaysian said if BBL approved we could employ some people in the Philippines as we are opening businesses in different part of Mindanao. Malaysian gov’t. has already some business blueprint for Mindanao, in Asean integration no more visa needed.

  12. They want to bring it to the UN?Then bring it on.It is doubtful if the world body will listen to a minority within a minority.
    As to war whether the present cowardly government shrinks from a fight and withhold the armed forces I think volunteers from all over the country will defend the Republic.Come on MILF bring whatever you want.This is one instance where the patriotism and resilience of our country will be tested.

  13. lleuxquiocho on

    sending their own for capacity-building in other countries? why? other LGUs depend on the expertise of NGAs for inputs… in what capacity? perhaps… waging war? bomb-making? kidnapping? rebellion? extremism? and what have you…

    Third. A Strong no-nonsense ALL-BUSINESS Incorruptible President should select a Cabinet of the same stuff and disposition as he has. So this goes for building up the AFP to its strongest capability. Whatever the government is willing to bankroll for the proposed BangsaMoro autonomous entity, spend it instead for the military modernization and acquisition of the best military hardware that our money can buy. Fourth. When everything is in place, that is the time to give the MILF and the BangsaMoro OUR TERMS: Lay down their arms, surrender the criminals and international terrorists that they are harboring, and only then can we start discussing a mutually beneficial platform. WE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO NEGOTIATE WITH REBELS, SECESSIONISTS AND TERRORISTS.
    Fifth after establishing full governmental control, we will maintain strong military and police presence in the area.

    Only after these five points have been met and a working peace has been established will we be able to provide an environment that will be healthy for business, as both local and foreign investors will then feel safe to come into the region to do business.

    To attend to this BBL matter right now will only provide these enemies of the Philippine government the impetus to pursue their goals of separating Minadanao and Palawan from the Philippines

    Miguel Ramirez

  15. Ang Pilipino civilian putak ng putak dahil gusto nilang pulbusing ang muslim sa Mindanao. No one can defeat the Bangsamoro people except almighty GOD. Its tested already almost 300 years they still fighting for the right of bangsamoro.. pero kayo mga Pilipino tingnan niyo ang spratly island diba lupa niyong mga pilipino pero hawak ng china ngayon my sulndalo kayo dun pero pahirapan pag bigay ng supply sa kanila kasi hinaharang ng china.. china mismo nasa teritoryo ng pinas hahahah what a fuck diba yun ang dapat pulbusin dahil nasakop na nila ang ibang isla ng pinas.. pero ang bangsamoro kaya niyo pulbusin dahil mallit lang sila.. even maliit lng ang bilang ng muslim na bangsamoro na rebeldi hindi niyo sila mapapasuko…. Ayan ang china nakapag tayo sila ng army satellite camp mismo sa lupa ng pinas sa spratly island … MGA DUWAG..

    • Putak ka ng Putak dahil sa Koran nyo kaya kayo nagkaganyan. Palitan nyo yan Koran nyo para Mabuhay kayo ng tama dito sa mundo. Mga Tamad!

    • sanny ismail on

      Troy, ganyang ganyang magsalita and diyos mo, walang kagalang-galang. Eh biro mo naman pati ikaw and tawag sa yo aso dahil hindi ka naman Hudyo. The Faith of the Canaanite Woman
      …24But He answered and said, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 25But she came and began to bow down before Him, saying, “Lord, help me!” 26And He answered and said, “It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”…

  16. Is the BBL a solution to the war crisis in Mindanao? Will this really be an instrument of peace? I think not. Muslim extremists belong to different factions and how sure are we that if BBL becomes a Law, Mindanao will be in peace…forever. Will the other factions of Muslim rebels accept BBL or will it be another instrument wherein another faction of Muslim extremist sprout and wage war against the government? Does the MILF have moral ascendancy over other groups like the MNLF, BIFF or even Abu Sayaff?

    With or without BBL, there should be peace if the Muslims recognize our government. BBL is not the answer to peace. And now we are being threatened to war if BBL is not passed or if watered down. If this be the case, then our reaction should also be war. There will always be one government, one sovereign. There is no such thing as Muslim-Filipinos only Filipinos. And if they do not accept the rule of Law then by all means, lets go to war.

    War against these extremists should be relentless until the point that they are all eradicated. After this, we start again…in Peace.

    • Without the approval of BBL, this moslem group in the territory of MILF,had massacred our 44 PNP SAF, and our armed forces were rendered useless and inutile because of the Presidents order not to derail the peace process, it was repeatedly mentioned by general Catapang, when asked by senators why they did not retaliate when help were asked of them by the sorrounded and pinned down SAF, and General Napenas. Now as you can witness, that they will wage war if BBL, is not approved.,
      ,Coddling of this kind of rebels that are to me sent and financially supported by Malaysia, is a the beginning of a holocaust for all Pilipinos
      we should have sat down with a rebel like Professor Nur Misuari, whom we knew to be on our side during the days of the dictator Marcos, and his interest is to reclaim our uncestral land Sabah and Sarawak, these Murad and Iqbal are Malaysian.origin not Filipino unlike Nur Misuari who is a true citizen of the Republic. was excluded, and besides he said he cannot join traitors and deceitful group of MIlf because they represent Malaysia,even Deles and Ferrer can not defend our right, they too are sold to Malaysia and our President is naïve to just accept. We the people,must help our President to open his eyes to the truth, as I have said he is not perfect, inspite of all the successes that he had shown us that we never had before with the economy, he is a man of peace so very vulnerable to deception from people with two prongs.pretending to be hypocrites! who their interest are for ?

  17. hanggang ngayon hindi ko lubos maisip kung bakit ang ating bansa na may 120,000 myembro ng sandatahang lakas ay tahasang binu-bully ng teroristang MILF. ito ba ay sa dahilang mga gunggong ang ating mga myembro ng peace panel o dahil sa mas gunggong ang ating pangulo na syang commander in chief? wala ba tayong gagawin sa pang iinsulto ng MILF sa kakayahan ng ating armed forces?

  18. Geronimo Adran on

    All out war is the only way to obtain peace in the Philippines. NO TO BBL NO MORE ARMM. They arethe same people MNLF MILF BIFF are the same people and they are terrorist group. No more peace talk and no more ceasefire if they will not surrender then kill them. I dont understand why the philippine government negotiating the terrorists? Its time to act now by force mobilizing the reserve military if necessary.

    • In fairness Professor Nur Nisuari and his group the MNLF just recently shattered the terrorist Abu Sayap in three days battle in Sulu. They are not terrorist and they are the original moslem rebel groups that fought against the dictator , he is my friend and Ninoy Aquino’s our martyr and hero. The Milf is a splintered group that has different motives that MNLF disown them.

  19. I am from Cotabato City wala nga mag invest duon at sabi mo high rise bldg..Imposibly yan Jaafar kasi ang gulo is laging nag sisimula sa inyong tribo hinde sa mga Krsityano..Kidnapping extorsion banditry..My first degree cousin married a muslim from Datu piang..I have lived in Salbo near the mamasapano where my father works as Highway Engineer lahat na lugar dyan alam ko kaya dont tell us a Big Lies..i know very much of your culture since i was kid studying in Notre Dame up to High school..halos lahat na lugar sa cotabato nalibot ko na and the whole Mindanao as of now being in sales in Vismin ares so sorry for you i dont believed on you!!!

  20. It will be a shame if this yellow government will be intimidated by the MNLF. If that happens we should change the seal of the president of the Philippines with a yellow chicken instead of the golden-yellow sea lion.

  21. Maricel Dilao on

    What the hell r they doing? Let’s give them what they want. Sno tinakot nyo remember that muslim groups r so small compared to Christian and other religions in our country. It’s very cleared for us that u cannot be trusted so what do u expect? The way u act talo nyo pa presidente ah. No to bbl pulbusin n mga rebelde na yan.

  22. The moro bandidos want power
    and the resources of Mindanao.
    The government must not allow
    that to happen. If they want war, give them war. Clearly, they want
    to have a government of their own.
    The government must negotiate
    Peace with the rebels from the standpoint of strength and authority.

  23. Threatening war if they cannot get what they want? So be it. Bakit, di ba sila tinatablan ng bala? Everybody wants peace, but if the price of peace is stooping down so low and giving in to what the other side demands is capitulation. If that is their only recourse, then they better start it now, instead of going through those rhetorics.

  24. nexon sultan on

    Another one is if we open our heart and mind why we do not trust our brother like us as a Bangsamoro to govern their selves to try the BBL pass to Lower and Upper House with out edition in order that the Bangsamoro people exercise what they want to live them peacefully. If we think from year 2011 till before the January 25, 2015 incident there is no encounter between Government Troops and MILF Forces hopefully the peace process will be succeed. Instead the Government troops concentrating in internal problem they concentrate in external problem like Spratly Island where the China claimed the territory of the Republic of the Philippines

    • Benny Canlas on

      Ang malaking problema ay sina Iqbal, Jaaffal at Murad. Hindi nila kayang maging lider-gobyerno. Eh hindi sila marunong makipag-trato ng tapat sa mga lumad. Sina Murad at Jaffar, ina-away kapwa mga Muslim Tausug, Badjao at iba pa. Hindi marunong patakbuhin ang kanila mismong tropa. Maling grupo sina Nurad/Jaffar/Ikbal… huwag-na huwag na sila ang kontratahin ng gobyerno…. maghintay at marami pa sa mga kabataang Muslim sa Mindanao na ngayon ay nag-aaral na mas magaling kina Murad at Jaafar. Murad at jaffar lost-commands ang business ay mag-“alaga” ng mga IED bomb-makers, ano ba naman iyan?

  25. nexon sultan on

    Kaming taga Mindanao, kaming nakatira sa naapektuhang lugar kong saan kami nakatira kasama ang mga Leader naming Bangsamoro, kami ang nakaka alam kong anong mas nakakabuti sa amin katulad na BBL na yan ang isang solotion sa problema naming taga Mindanao. Katulad din sa isang pasyinti na kong ang masakit ay kanyang ulo ang dapat na ibigay mo ay yung para sa sakit ng ulo hwag mo syang bigyan ng gamot na para sa sakit ng tiyan dahil hindi magagamot ang sakit.

  26. My Golly Mr jaafar is threatining a War..sobra na ang mga MILF akala mo sila ang naka kaalam sa Constitutional Laws ng Pilipinas at pwede nila baguhin..Is this a Peace Advocay of this GROUP ! Go ahead make Day Mr Jaafar..

  27. Venerando Desales on

    The Citizen Military Training (CMT) as a condition for graduation for college must be restored as compulsory, with emphasis on martial arts and marksmanship. We really have to prepare for war, especially the threat of ISIS is looming. The next President must be an ex-military and Christian who can deal with extremists and separatists in Mindanao. We cannot afford to be bullied anymore, as the song says, ‘Onward Christian soldiers!’

  28. nexon sultan on

    Yang Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) nayan ang sya naming pag asa na taga Mindanao para masolosyonan ang problema naming Bangsamoro at kailangan lang walang bawas yan dahil aanhin mo ang inutil na batas kong ito ay kahit pag sugpo sa krimin sa nasasakupan ng teritoryo na Bangsamoro ay walang magawa. Mga kaibigan kong talagang magaling ka basahin mo ng maigi yang Bangsamoro Basic Law na yan Cover to Cover hindi yung kumukuha lang kayo ng mga Idea na galing sa mga taong kailan man di nakadanas ng dinanas ng katulad naming dumadanas ng hirap sa twing may giyera. Alalahanin natin na yang mga pulitokong yan palibhasa di nila alam kong anong dulot ng giyera o pati ikaw na masakit magsalita, maglalait sa aming mga Leader ay may alam ka kaya sa kwento na pinagmulan ng gulo sa MIndanao o diko alam kong dito karin ba nakatira sa Mindanao kong saang may giyera? Mga Kaibigan lawakan natin ang pag iisip kauganay sa amin bilang Bangsamoro. Kaming mga Bangsamoro alalahanin ninyo na yang BBL ang pag asa namin at kong isipin ninyo hindi namang hiwalay sa Pilipinas ang Bangsamoro kundi maliit lamang na teritoryo kong saan pamunuan namin ang ang aming mga sarili. Kaugnay sa Giyera kaming mga Bangsamoro katulad din sa isang Alimasag na pag sa kagipitan na ay magagawa na nitong gamitin ang kanyang mga Sipit for more than 18 years of negotiation with the Philippine Government as a Bangsamoro People we do not want the water Downed BBL.

  29. this is what they do if the BBL gets watered-down??! The nerve of this power hungry muslims! You’re blackmailing the government so that your selfish law will be passed. You are not concerned for the whole muslim community! These hungry, corrupt muslim leaders are just thinking for themselves. Even if the BBL gets passed without any revision, you still wont be contented with what you built and another group will rise and would want to make another selfish drama! War will be war!

    • magpakita muna ng SINSERIDAD ang bansamoro bgo ipasa ang BBL, tulad sa mamasapano case, bakit nila kinakanlong ang intenational terrorist na maliwanag na nasa nasasakupan nila at sasabihin nilang hindi nila alam na nandoon si Marwan and company. Pano na lamang kung sakali na maipasa ang BBL di lalao na nilang magagawa ang gusto nila. Mahirap magtiwala sa salita lamang kung ang nakikita nman sa gawa ang kabliktaran ng sinasabi nila. pabor ako sa katahimikan at kapatiran regarless of religion We ALL BELONG TO ONE CREATOR. Religion won’t save us it is what we are doing ( good things).

  30. nexon sultan on

    Mga kaibigan ako po ay isang Bangsamoro, dito ipinanganak sa Mindanao sa probinsya ng Maguindanao, isinilang ako sa kasagsagan ng Giyera sa kapanahonan ng Martial Law sa panahong kong saan ang aking mga magulang ay nagsipagbakwit , hanggang sa ngayon kasagsagan parin ng Bakwit at hindi na napagbigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang aming mga sarili na makatikim manlang ng mamuhay ng walang gulo, kumain ng gusto namin ,mamuhay ng tahimik tulad ng pamumuhay ng taga luzon at bisayas, dahil sa kagagawan ng mga sundalo ng Gobiyerno na galing ng Luzon at Visayas. May karapatan din kaming mamuhay ng katulad ng pamumuhay ninyong mga Kristyano dahil tao din kami ng Pilipinas at katulad nyo din kami, masakit mang sabihing pareho lang tayo na gustong mamuhay ng payapa, at kong nag nanais kayo ng kapayapaan lalo na kaming mga Bangsamoro na naiipit twing may giyera. Nabasa ko ang lahat ng mga comments ninyo kaugnay sa pahayag ni Vice Chairman Gadzali Japar ng MILF, diko kayo masisi kong bakit lahat na lamang mga pahayag ninyo ay paglalapastangan sa aming mga Bangsamoro, paglalait sa mga Leader namin, dahil hindi ninyo alam ang kwento kaugnay sa aming mga Bangsamoro o sadyang nagbubulag bulagan lamang kau. Ang sa akin lamang dapat lang na lawakan ninyo ang pag iisip ninyo tungkol sa aming Bangsamoro na naninirahan dito sa Mindanao. Baka nakalimutan ninyo na ang Mindanao, Luzon at Visayas bago pa man dumating ang kastila ay sadyang ang mga nakatira ay lahat Muslim, kong magaling kang tao marunong kang lumingon sa pinanggalingan mo at dapat alam mo ang kwento ng pinanggalingan mo kaya lang ang pinaka mahirap na gawin ay tanggapin ang katutuhanan. sa panahon ng Kasitla ang Luzon at ang Visayas ay nasakop sila ng dahil aanhin mo naman ang gamit mo ay sibat at kawayan lang laban sa mga Armasna gamit ng kastila, kaya lang sa Bahagi ng Mindanao dina nagawang sakopin ng Kastila dahil lumaban ang mga ninono naming Bangsamoro. Itong kwento ay bahagi lamang ng kasaysayan na di binibigyang pansin ng Paaralan saan mang bahagi ng Pilipinas. Kaya mga kaibigan buksan natin ang isipan natin kaugany sa Bangsamoro kong saan na nagkakaroon ng pag asa kaming mga taga Mindanao na makita ang liwanag sa dulo ng isang lagusan.

    • so ako po ay taga mindanao rin, so ang issue po ba dito ay religion? di po pwede mister, kasi di dapat magdikta ang relihiyon sa konstitusyon natin, kung gusto nyo po, umalis kayo sa pilipnas at pumunta sa islamic na lugar. kami ay namumuhay ng marangal sa mindanao, ang kung may gulo ay gawa ng ang isip po ninyo ang hindi bukas. buksan nyo rin po ang isip nyo na ang pilipinas ay isang demokrasyang republika. kahit muslim po ang nauna rito, ang tinutukoy nyo po ay relihiyon laman. pero yung mga muslim pa rin na yoon na naging kristyano ang mga ninuno namin. kung hindi mo feel na ikaw ay pilipino, malaya kang pumunta sa ibang bansa tulad ng malaysia at indonesia.

    • Sa isang bansa na minority ang muslim, hindi ko alam ano ang inirereklamo nila? Malaya naman sila, patas naman ang turing sa kanila. Sa ibang pagkakataon pa nga ay meron pa silang Sharia? Sila ba ay alipin ng mga Kristiyano at ng ibang mga Pilipino? Anong ibig nilang sabihin na lawakan mo ang pag-iisip? Bakit bago ba dumating ang mga Kastila ay Muslim na ang mga dating Pilipino? Ang alam ko ay mga pagano at mga katutubo ang nakatira sa Mindanao. Tumigil na kayo sa pagrereklamo. Pag mayroong project ang gobyerno anong ginagawa ng MILF at MNFL? Sinusunog nila at niraraid? Tapos magrereklamo sila na pinababayaan ang Mindanao? Tapos ngayon igigisa sa sariling mantika ang mga Pilipino ng mga iilang teroristang grupong Muslim diyan sa Mindanao na gaya ng MILF, MNLF at BIFF at ng bansang Malaysia? Di ba matagal ng may autonomy ang Muslim Mindanao. Mas mabuti pang tanggalan ng Autonomy ang Muslim Mindanao. Bakit meron bang autonomy ang Kristiyanong Luzon at Kristiyanong Bisayas at Kristiyanong Mindanao? Kung ayaw nila ng pamamalakad sa Pilipinas, pumunta sila sa Malaysia o sa Saudi Arabia. Kaso kahit kapwa nila Muslim, hindi naman sila itratrato. Pasalamat sila at ang turo ng Kristiyanismo ay maging mabait sa mga kapitbahay mo at sa mga kaaway mo at kung hindi ay baka matagal na silang nawala sa Pilipinas. Sa hinihingi ng mga iilang grupong Muslim na ito sa pamahalaan ay dapat magising ang mga Pilipino na hindi nila itinuturing na sila’y mga Pilipino. Gusto ng mga Pilipino ang kapayapaan pero kailangan niyang makipaggiyera sa mga hindi Pilipinong Muslim na Grupo na ito para sila’y puksain sa Mindanao at hindi pamarisan ng iba pa. Dalawa lang ang puedeng mangyari, ibigay ang kalayaan ng mga Muslim na ito (na hindi naman makakapagbigay ng siguradong kapayapaan sa ibang parte ng Mindanao na wala sa ARMM) o giyerahin sila at puksain para maging matatag na Republika ang Pilipinas. Tignan ninyo ang India at Pakistan, binigay ng India ang kalayaan sa Pakistan, pero anong ginawa ng mga Pakistani, hanggang ngayon ay naggigirian lang sila. Pinalakas lang nila ang kalaban nila. Kung ako dapat maghanda ang pamahalaan na kunin ang kapayapaan sa pamamagitan ng dahas, dahil walang mangyayari sa pakikipag-usap sa mga taong hindi naman nila itinuturing na Pilipino sila. Pinalalakas lang ng gobyerno ang mga kaaway nito.

    • concerned citizen on

      Sir on my opinion hndi kailangan ng kahit na anong batas pra mamuhay ng maayos ang mga kapatid nating muslim. Ang mga kapatid na muslim ay pwede manirahan at/o magtayo g kanilang kabuhayan san man parte ng Pilipinas. NO TO BBL.

    • Unang-una, walang bangsamoro, gawa-gawa lang ito nila Misuari. Ang bangsa ay Malaysian na salita at walang dialect sa Mindanao na mayroon bangsa. Ang moro ay tawag sa muslim. Maraming mga tribo ng Muslim sa Mindanao at sila’y hindi naman gustong sumali sa Bangsamoro. Sira-ulo lang talaga ang pamahalaan at sila pa ay binibigyan ng importansiya na dapat naman ay pinapamulat lang na mga terorista at mga bandido.

    • Sabihin mo rin ang mga sinabi mo sa mga kapatid na lumad. At ayan na naman ang rason na di nasakop ang mindanao ng mga kastila, Inilagay si Rizal sa dapitan, dipolog ng mga kastila diba…nilagay nila sa lugar na walang masyadong manggugulo. kaya walang masyadong nasabi ukol sa mindanao sa libro ng ating kasaysayan parte ng kastila ay sa kadahilanang ang mga lumalaban ay asa kabundukan kalapit ng mga siyudad sa luzon at bisaya.

    • Sorry kapatid, meron lang akong hindi sangayon. Ang kristiano at muslim ay relihiyon lamang. Tayo ay iisang lahi…Malayo pa rin. Sana ito ang ating gabayan…hindi na ikaw ay muslim at ako ay kristiyano. At isa pa, paano na ang mga lumad natin na mas nauna?

    • Di Muslim ang unang nakatira sa Mindanao. Mga Lumads at mga Lumads lang ang may karapatan na sabihin na ang Mindanao ay ang lupaing pinagmulan nila. Ang Muslim ay tulad din ng mga Kristiyano na nagpaalipin sa dayuhang relihiyon…

    • Victim of Bangsamoro on

      Taga Mindanao din ako… biktima din ako ng guerra.. dahilan bakit may militar na humahabol sa mga bangsamoro dahil mga terrorista kayo! puro bombings, extortion, kidnappings, at murder lang alam nyo!,,, sakasakan pa kayo ng katamaran! gusto nyo easy money… tinatanim namin bigla lang kayo darating at kunin aming ani… kaya may ILAGA dahil sa inyo! contra sa kahayopan nyo!

    • Tulad ng Kristyanismo, hindi katutubo ang relihiyong Muslim sa Pilipinas. Lahat ng mga yan ay impluwensya lamang ng mga dayuhan. May sariling paniniwalang spiritual ang mga katutubo baho pa man ang relihiyong Muslim at Kristiyano. Ginagalang ko ang itong relihiyon pero mali na mag-imbento ka ng kwento para igiit lang ang BBL. Hindi lahat ng Muslim sa Mindanao ay sang-ayon sa BBL. Yung mga naghahangad lang ng kapangyarihan ang makikinabang dyan at hindi ang ordinaryong Muslim. Huwag mo ding isisi sa mga taga-Luzon at Visayas ang nangyayaring gulo sa lugar mo. Kung walang mga militanteng grupo dyan tulad ng Abusayaf, MNLF, MILF, BBF ay tahimik sana ang lugar na yan ng Mindanao. Maski pa magkaroon ng BBL, hanggat may maling paniniwala sa Koran, patuloy pa din ang mga kaguluhan.

    • nonon nitram on

      mr. nexon sultan, itinuturo nmn samin sa luzon ang naiambag ninyong mga muslim ukol sa paglaban nyo sa mga kastila.tunkol nmn sa paglaban ng mga sundalo ng gobyerno laban sa mga rebeldeng muslim, sila ang may kagustuhan ng kaguluhang yan.gaya ng sabi mo, kabilang din kayo sa mamamayang pilipino dahil nakatira kayo sa pilipinas, ganun din kasimple ang eksplanasyon, kung pilipino kayo, bkt nag aarmas ang mga kapwa mo bangsamoro at lumalaban sa gobyerno.alam mo ba ang tawag sa mga ganyan?REBELDE…sa tingin mo ba kung kaming mga kristyano ay lumabag din sa batas at lumaban sa gobyerno, hahabulin din kmi at tutugisin…halimbawa ay mga NPA..masyado lng demanding mga kapwa mo bangsamoro..ganito lng paliwanag dyan, kung ayaw nyong sumunod sa saligang batas ng PILIPINAS, libre kayong umalis sa bansang PILIPINO..kung gsto nyong gumawa ng sarili nyong batas, maghanap kayo ng ibang lugar na titirhan nyo sa labas ng PILIPINAS..masyadong DEMANDING mga kapwa mo bangsamoro, un ang katotohanan…

    • Benny Canlas on

      Isang malaking dahilan ay ang MILF — hindi dapat ipasa ang BaBa-LA dahil sa MILF. Tingnan mo… hindi nila kayang makisama sa MNLF, hindi kaya ng MILF na makisama sa mga lumad. Kabig na kabig ang MILF kitang-kita sa BabaLA na hindi man hinarap kung paano magiging mapayapa ang Maguindanao, unang-unang hakbang papatalsikin ang MNLF sa pamamahala ng ARMM. Ano ba namang patakbo iyan????? Hindi marunong makisama, mas malaking gulo ang darating sa Mindanao!!!!

    • Ako ay using kapampangan, isinilang at lumaki Sa matahimik na bayan ng Pampanga. Dalangin ko na sana’y maranasan ng mga susunod na henerasyon Sa bangsamoro ing kapayapaan at katiwasayan na among tinatamasa dito Sa kapatagan ng Pampanga.

      Isa ako Sa mga sumusoprta at naniniwalang dapat ibigay Sa bangsamoro ang kanilang kalayaan. Batid Kong any mga tao Sa Mindanao at ginawang mga Pilipino na walang pahintulot, ito ay nangyari Sa pamamagitan ng tydings McDuffie, isang tratado na nilagdaan Sa US ng mga Tagalog at ng mga Amerikano na walang represantasyon o pahintulot ng mga taga bangsamoro. Dito sapilitang isinama ang Mindanao Sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas.

      Asalamu Alaykum

    • Mr Nexon Sultan,

      Maganda po na nakikipag dialogo kayo ng ganito.

      Una po, ang Mindanao ay hindi lahat Muslim ang nakatira. Iilan lang po sa mga probinsya sa Mindanao ay karamihan ng nakatira ay Muslim. Hindi niyo po dapat sabihin na yung BBL ay nagrerepresenta sa kagustuhan ng lahat ng mga nakatira sa Mindanao.
      Pangalawa po, lagi ko po naririnig na ang mga sinaunang tao sa Pilipinas ay Muslim. Hindi po totoo yun. Ang mga sinaunang tao sa Pilipinas po ay walang relihiyon. Ang konsepto po ng relihiyon noon ay wala pa sa mga unang mga taong nakatira sa Pilipinas. Nang dumating lang ang mga Muslim na galing sa Malaysia at karatig pook ay kinonvert nila ang mga sinaunang mga Pilipino na maging Muslim.
      Pangatlo, di ba po may ARMM na? Si Nur Misuari pa nga po ang unang namuno dito. At di ba po nauwi sa wala din ang ARMM?
      Pangapat, ang mindanao ay parte ng Pilipinas at di papayag ang mga Pilipino na magkaroon ng parang isa na namang bansa sa loob ng Pilipinas.

  31. vagoneto rieles on

    As earlier said, the MILF is not about to wait for the blessings of Congress and the Supreme Court. The draft of the BBL, duly signed by the Philippine negotiating panel and endorsed by the President, was quite sufficient and binding. To them, they now have a “territory” of their own which they are duty-bound to defend. In fact, given that they had been behaving in this manner even before the negotiations, the draft agreement was simply a confirmation of their stand.
    Further, going by the language in the draft, there seems to have been little negotiating. It looks like the negotiating panel of Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer had just signed over, and ceded..under the name of the Filipino people..a piece of Philippine soil the size of Belgium..to Bangsamoro.
    There’s got to be recourse for the Filipino at large. There must be a way to undo the damage that’s being done to the country in the name of ‘peace’.

    • Fortunately, Iqbal and Murad who signed for MILF used fake names, therefor rendering these official documents or draft agreements null and void. In a word, this is Fraud. It has no place in our Congress.

  32. they want war! give them war! ang yayabang ng mga gago, tatakbo lang naman ang mga yan pagkaharap na yong mga philippine marines natin…

  33. With this threats of war coming from no less than Mr Jaafar, I believe we should all unite and fight it out with this terrorist group who are pretending to be rebels.

  34. jose btaganahan on

    I hope our present Congress will not pass the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and if they pass one it should be amended to conform with the Constitution.

  35. Ang hirap lang dito sa Pinas ay maraming magagaling. Look what happened to our country? Lalong tagilid compare to our Asian neighbor. Sana iwasan na natin ang pansariling motivation kundi kapakanan para sa lahat. Itinuring tayong the only Christian in Asia pero and ugali ng ating mga pulitiko ay sobra pa sa demonyo. MILF trait, so what if they are going to war? Our country should be ready to depend our country. Why they have to resort to blackmail? Our government should be strong enough to depend our country.

  36. sa mga pinagsasabi ng MILF ang linaw nman ng hangarin nila eh at malinaw na hindi nila gusto magkaroon ng kapayapaan sa mindanao kundi ang gusto nila ay magkaroon ng mas malakas na kapangyarihan pra di na sila makontrol ng gobyerno. kung ako tatanungin NO to BBL kalokohan yan. magthreat ba nman sa gobyerno ng pilipinas ano sila bulletproof???ganun sila kadesperado na mkuha mindanao… saka bkit sila ngrreport sa malaysian goverment? madaming tanong na hinding hindi ppasa sa karamihan na pilipino. kung gusto nila ng gyera kung yun ang magbbigay sa kapayapaan sa mindanao eh di dapat yan ang ggawin ng gobyerno. kahit nman sa history ng mundo kung ayaw sumunod sa isang gobyerno dapat lng na magkagyera…

  37. What army do you think will fight for us against MILF? The yellow army? Filipinos are doomed since 1986. Puro kasi telenovela at mga artista ang diyos nyo e, nalimutan nyo na original purpose ni Ninoy his family & cronies.

  38. so now they are threatening the country. if they want war lets give it to them and finish it Sri Lanka style. no more peace and negotiations just war to finish, that’s the only solution to the moro insurgency. they are just a minority versus 100 million Christians. I say lets do it.

  39. MILF will declare all out war if it will not get what it wants, the BBL which 99% was dictated by them? what is negotiation there? its pure dictation and threatening. MILF should have learned what all out war means, they have a taste of it during President Erap’s time, and I think they would not want to live like rats again being hunted.

    AND for those who still believe that Mindanao’s poverty is because they are totally neglected by Manila is in serious mistake. MINDANAO is receiving BILLIONS of PESOS plus your ARMM Representatives have been receiving Millions of PORK Barrel before. Where did those money went. Ask your Representatives and governors. It seems that your local politicians made themselves king with the money they got from the National Government. Should you blame the Republic for that? blame your selves for electing those politicians. Aren’t they Muslims also?

    And why should we expect investors in your area if terrorist/criminal groups roam around. That every time they see white people the first thing that will come to their minds is not the opportunity this investor will bring through their investments but what the bandits would immediately think is that they will get a big ransom by kidnapping this foreigner? Now who should be blamed for this? is it the fault of the National government?

    The problem in Mindanao is from within particularly today, those terrorist/kidnappers did not come from Luzon, your politicians there did not come from Luzon. MINDANAO IS POOR BECAUSE OF CORRUPT MUSLIM POLITICIANS AND BECAUSE OF THE LAWLESS ACTIVITIES OF CRIMINAL GROUPS WHICH SCARE AWAY WOULD BE INVESTORS AND TOURISTS.

    • I am christian, do not single out muslim politicians are corrupt christian politicians also corrupt. We are all sinners, so let us look ourselves on the mirror before we judge other. Iam a sinner but not corrupt.

  40. Passage of a revised Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) by Congress will mean war, Ghazali Jaafar, vice chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Central Committee, So you want war, we will give you war! Unahin na yang tatlong iglog na yan si Jaafar, Igbal at si Murad pakainin ng maraming litson baboy saka pugutan ng ulo at isama na rin si Noynoy,dilis at Ferer pati na rin si Drillon,Trillanes, Abad, Mar, at lahat ng kkkna yellow ni Noynoy na puro magnanakaw para maubos na silang lahat siguradong tatahimig na ang Pilipinas pati sa Mindanao!

    • ernesto albay on

      its sad a TERRORIST would not accept a watered down BBL. Its simple who are they trying to BLACKMAIL the members of congress (HOPING THAT THEY ARE NOT BEING CORRUPTED).. as commander of CHIEF of the country its enough.
      ARREST and put them to JAIL, they are inciting rebellion to the goverment and are punishable by LAW.

  41. Lets get ready to rumble,AFP vs terrorist MILF.Yes to allout war no more ceasefire and peacetalk fight to the finish and start arming the Ilaga.No to BBL and abolish autonomous regions it is poison.Before the first shot is fired Malaysian Murad,Jaafar and Igbal will run to Malaysia and hide.AFP/PNP show this terrorist MILF what you are made of.Replace all Generals on the ceasefire lines and replace them with Colonels they can lead and fight better.Then promotion to BGeneral after,fresh start to have better Generals in the future.

  42. I can’t imagine the Philippine govt. being threatened by MILF!!! Too much!!!! I think they did that because they know we have a stupid president and members of the govt peace panel who are on their side!

  43. Ang Parliyamentaryong porma ng gobernong nakapaloob sa BBL ay hindi DEMOKRASYA. Maghahari-harian ang partidong kumokontrol sa parliyamento. Siyempre MILF till kingdom come iyon. Ang unang magiging kawawa ay ang masang muslim. Balik sila sa pagiging alipin. Walang na silang matatakbuhan. Para na rin silang inilaglag o INIWAN SA MAISAN ng sambayanang Pilipino.

    Malaki din ang posibilidad na lalong lalawak ang gulo, damay-damay na ang Visayas at Luzon at malamang, may internasyunal flavor pa. Gusto ba nating lumikha sa ng isang FRANKENSTEIN?

  44. A sign of desperation of the part of Murad, Iqbal, Jaafar and their murderous bunch of Moro rebels, to be threatening the government and the republic of engagement in war as the only solution to obtain peace in Mindanao. And in the same breath, issue a statement that they are not threatening is obviously a ploy to look meek in the sight of danger.

    Jaafar, to be baitng the government that they ‘might’ suspend MILF leaders who are positively identified, as the ones in participation of the massacre and for coddling Marwan and Usman, it is pure blackmail.

    If these Moros aim for peace, they should come out with a better choice of words, and tone down on their rhetorical statements of being a credible source of ‘capacity-building’ committee that could bring about progess in Mindanao, because factious moros will always live by their code – rido!

  45. Magiingat sa mga taong dalawa ang dila. Paano mo pagtitiwalaan ang mga taong humihingi ng kapayapaan samantalang kumukopkop sa mga bandidong kalaban ng lipunan. Ang pangaabusong ito ay katunayan na ang gobyerno natin ay walang moral ascendancy at pangil sa pagpapatupad ng tamang governance, lalo na d’yan sa muslim areas of Mindanao. Nasaan ang progressong dapat ay naipatupad noon pang panahon nina Tamano, Sinsuat, Pindatum, Ampatuan at mga kasalukuyang senadores at congressnmen ng muslim constituents. Saan napunta ang bilyong-bilyong pesos mula sa nacional treasury at foreign aids from different countries na taon-taon ay ibinibigay sa d’yan sa ARMM? Kaya ang dapat pagtibayin ay kung papaano maipatutupad ang mandato ng mga lider nang nasabing lugar na walang tiwali o corruption mula congresso hanggang mga barangay chairmen. Kahit ano pang batas o BBL ang ipasa sa congresso kung ang mga lider ay tulad ni Misuari at iba pang corrupt to the bones na mga lider dyan sa muslim Mindanao ang kahirapan at kagulohan ay walang katapusan.

  46. How can these people talk to the government this way? And the worse part is, the government is letting them do so. What do they have that the government so DESPERATELY needs that they can blatantly threaten the Philippines with war? And these are the type of people the government is making a peace agreement with? What the hell is going on here?

  47. Anyone who threatens WAR if they do not get what they want, is simply a terrorist. No to BBL in any form. No to negotiating with terrorists.

  48. Submit to U.N.? Malaysia nga di pumayag sa U.N. on Sabah issue eh?.. We are a self governing country. We need no U.N. to dismember it> War is it if you like it. We have been into war. Lets just continue the suffering of your brother/sister Muslims if that is what you like or better else reclaim Sabah. from your master..

  49. Mindanao belongs to the Philippines so to retarded aquino, “MINDANAO IS NOT FOR SALE”.

    whatever dirty tactics you think of to get around it, you and the people you tried to sell it to will ALL FEEL THE WRATH OF GOD, FATALLY.

    try it. it is your FUNERAL!

  50. William Cartledge on

    Dear people of all the Philippines
    I first of all want to make it clear, that i am from Australia,but class the Philippines as my second home.My time there has always been of immense satisfaction to me personally,when i am asked why i love the Philippines as much as i do,my answer is always the same-“I love the country for one reason, its because of the people”.
    So whilst i am home in Australia,i always try to stay informed as best i can of local news within your country through the internet and various exchanges with locals in different forums.
    So,for what its worth,as a foreigner, here is my perspective on the current issue of obtaining peace for Mindanao. Peace is the only way for any human being to develop and prosper as it is with nations,surely we have all seen on our tv the effects of war torn regions of the world in far away lands,people displaced,infrastructure destroyed,lives lost,familes torn apart and children without parents or killed. So with all these worldwide examples of the differences between war and peace for all of us to see,it should be easy to understand that peace is the only way to a bright and successful future for us all. First,i must say,that it is discouraging to read, statements from the leadership of the MILF, almost on a daily basis, that they still consider all out war an option in achieving its goals.To me that is intimidation,and the use of such threats will never bring people together,it saddens me to think, that there communication is nothing more than an exchange of threats.
    Having said that,the Philippine government,or elements of it, are equally as bad.
    This whole issue has arisen because people feel left out,or negelected,and in these poor regions,its understandable that they become despondent.People get tired of living with no hope and disease. The Philippine government,from the highest official in the land,to the lowest, must come to terms with these basic fundamentals of human existance,and embark on programs to give the people a chance to develop their skills.The reward to the country, if it unlocks the talents of its youth, would be colossal and repaid tenfold. To continue to ignore basic poverty and disease issues, could very well be the downfall and disintegration of the country we all love.
    To the MILF, you say you want peace,then prove it,so far you are not doing any where near enough to prove your sincerity
    I will close by offering two quotes from someone i know in my heart was 100% for peace.The great president John F Kennedy
    “For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”
    “We shall also do our part to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success. Confident and unafraid, we must labor on—not towards a strategy of annihilation but towards a strategy of peace.”

    • thank you sir from austrelia.why does it have to come from a foreigner words like these.its really beautiful to know there are peolple with great insight.just that some phil govt official are very ignorant of the aspirations of the peolpe.i dont understand why we have di “dissevt’ the phil just to have peace.i dont see the logic,but pure ignorance and the attitude influuenced from outside froce.china is already on us ethe entire island is threatened and now,malaysia.why are even meddling with our affairs they already got sabah.
      i say’live and let live’.we can co-exist in this beautiful country but dont think of taking even tiny part of it,like you keep on saying,let it be war.you dont worry about our military,we have amny incompetent members,worry about private armies of the rich in the cities and the filipinos who are very good in guerilla warfares.so learn to co-exist without threatening us.

    • I am a Filipino Canadian, but my heart and soul still belongs to the Philippines. I feel sorry the Philippine government of their weakness in dealing with this MILF. Why they allow to be blackmailed by these groups. We still have Sabah issue not settled yet. Why we have to bow our head with Malaysia. Negotiating with this MILF was in Malaysia before that. Why in Malaysia? We have more than 7 thousandths islands to have this negotiation to be held in the Philippines. How could you expect other Nations to respect Philippines like China and that even small nation like Malaysia we allow to be bullied.

    • It looks like the Generals are starting to get scared of the threat.
      They are waiting for their retirement and suddenly the war comes.
      All are silent. Mouth shut..This the game of the Generals to show the people that we are safe with the AFP. Urgent deliveries of second hands armament are now required.

      By MILFs statement. they are confident they will win the war. It makes
      us to think that their warriors are better trained than our PMA’rs?
      The threat is so open and what would be the response of the AFP which
      is supposed to defend the constitution at all cost?

  51. Mr. Jafaar kahit anong sabihin mo hindi papasa ang BBL dahil hindi kayo nag rerepresent sa mga Mindanaoans. Maganda nga mg declare na kayo ng giyera para mawala na kayo sa mundo. Kayo lang ang may ayaw sa kapayapaan. Declare war against the government at ngayon na.

    • Masyado yatang minamaliit ng mga kapatid nating Muslims ang kakayanan ng ating mga war trained militaries…Mr. Chief of STaff…show them what we got!

  52. Carl Cid Inting on

    The MILF and some Filipino minions in Malaysian pockets want to dictate to the Filipino people. No ifs or buts. Such arrogance!

  53. I Remember... on

    “We might suspend the commanders because they failed to report the presence of Marwan and Usman in their area of operation,” he said.

    Just bring back Estrada as Pres…

    MIght suspend…. gosh….

  54. Our military can easily neutralized these MILF group. Provided that the central government is fully supportive if war broke out due to the MILF disagreement of any changes on the BBL . Our government cannot be allowed to be hostage of this agreement. Changes is a must because of what recently happen in Mamasapano. who don’t love peace ? everybody does. But if peace can’t be sustained due to some flaws in the BBL then further scrutiny and enhancement must be pursue for the sake of long term true peace . What the MILF actuation is not contributing to peace but pressuring central government to agreed on their terms and conditions.

  55. They havent accepted any responsibility for the murder of 44 troopers. They think it was ok to just kill them. I say if they want war give them war but go all out to destroy every last one of them. It means doing it a little like how sri lanka destroyed the tamil tigers. Its brutal & horrible but its what is needed. If these people want any independance let them find uninhabited islands somewhere in the world & occupy them.
    I wouldnt like cornwall ( a county ) in england to get independence, which is what some of them want. Its the country as a whole that should vote on thigs like that not people from the area as that area is part of the country as a whole. ,

  56. What a joke! Suspended from what? Says Jaafar, those involve in the mamasapano ‘massacre’ will be suspended. Will they be prevented from active terrorist service? From being paid if they are beong paid? What does this suspensions mean. The PHL government should put a stop to this madnes. No BBL! If they want war let them have it. But not peace on their terms.

    • ginger bangalan on

      I wonder where Jaafar got this kind of guts to intimidate our government by such a declaration of war once the proposed BBL will not prosper what makes it agitating is those MILF involved in the Mamasapono carnage will still be suspended not totally surrender to our government and face the consequences of what they have done to our SAF, Mr Jaafar YOU ARE A LUNATIC PERSON, GO TO HELL! NO TO BBL! You can not scare all of us if you want war be it! our government should stop dealing with these bunch of terrorists,murderers, and wicked people

  57. Stevenson Ang on

    M I L F are you threatening the Republic of Philippines? You mean you will.wage war upon us if we don’t pass the B B L as it is? It is akin to holding us hostage.

  58. MILF are traitors and must be dealt with by the Philippine givernment as such. They must be rid off if they do not respect the Philippines laws and orders.

  59. Junk BBL. The threat of war by MILF means they are not patriotic to the Philippines. The Philippine government must seriously consider to stump out this threat. These Banbsamoro are rebels and unconstitutionally working against the Philippines.

    Down with BBL.

  60. Pnoy, Deles and Ferrer shoud advice Iqbal not to make threats. Threatening the Republic of the Philippines is counter productive for the MILF.

    • it is good that we will only say words that is truth and workable. By all means you can not afford to kill all the Bangsamoro much more to the Muslims. That attempt to wipe out the Muslims proven failed from the time of the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese but still not work, kayo pa kaya na tuta lang ng mga colonialists. Kaya kung ako sa inyo supportahan na natin ang effort ng Presidente at ng MILF na magkaroon ng tunay na kapayapaan sa Pilipinas.

  61. sir monsod, you are not from mindanao and i dont’ know if you know the culture of these people. live in mindanao and you will know the truth. ang MILF, bigyan mo sila ng tinapay pati kamay mo kakagatin. you should read their koran and you will also know who they really are.

    • sI Monsod kasi eh pro-Aquino, tulad ni Mareng Winnie. Asawa ba niya ito? If so, no wonder, mortal enemies ni Binay ang mga ito. Kaya pabor din sila na ipagbili este ipamigay pala ang ibang parte ng Pilipinas (pamigay kasi wala namang pambili pa ang MILF, wait pa nila ung 70B pesos annually na regalo sa kanila ni AbNoy)……

    • tama! yung mga negotiator nga hindi taga mindanao! nabola! dapat yun yung sisihin na akino na binola lang sya!

  62. The MILF will “suspend the commanders” involved in the massacre? Why just “suspend” and not brought to the courts for trial and brought to justice for t he killing?

    Who is this person to threaten war if the BBL is not passed? What if this BBL is against the Constitution? Why is Malaysia involved in this internal matter? Don’t we Filipinos have any amor propio left by letting an outside country meddle with our internal affairs?

    Makes me sick,

  63. THE map of the MILF AS SHOWN IN THIER FLAG INCLUDES MINDANAO,SULO AND PALAWAN.(MINSUPALA). What is the meaning of this ? think of ARMM TODAY and MINSUPALA later on. CAN WE TRUST THEM? WHY THREATen THE government ? ARMM RECIEVE so much funds from the national government regularly yet their leaders mismanage the budget because they spend more on paying salaries and wages of personnel who are hired as security officers and less on projects for economic development. Look at Maguindanao,every elected GOVERNOR Build his PROVINCIAL CAPITOL in their hometown using government funds,this pure and simple waste of funds.when BBL WILL BE APPROVED,THEY WILL ALSO BUILD THEIR GOVERNMENT CENTER IN THEIR HOMETOWN.

  64. MILF want POWER not just autonomy. The government should not negotiate with a terrorist group. BBL in its present form will dismember the country and cause divisiveness among the populace. Threatening remarks from MILF towards our legisla tors is not acceptable re: watered down version of BBL. MILF MUST LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS PRIOR TO RENEGOTIATION TO ATTAIN PEACE. . .

  65. Jose A. Oliveros on

    The MILF has absolutely no right to dictate on the Congress of the Philippines composed of the Senate and of the House of Representatives to pass the BBL bill as-is-where is which is what the MILF wants. The MILF is not yet in power and it is already displaying its arrogance by saying that a watered-down version of the BBL bill will mean war. As for the view of Christian Monsod, I would rather believe the position of respected constitutionalists that the BBL bill is shot full of holes in so far as constitutionality is concerned.
    With the MILF threatening war, it is time for our military and police leaders to learn from the experience of the Sri Lankan military on how in one full sweep, the Sri Lankan military put an end to the 29-year old Tamil Tiger rebellion that claimed the lives of two Prime Minister – an Indian and a Sri Lankan.

  66. Milf is confident that they will win a shooting war with the corrupt and incompetent
    AFP , whose generals are busy selling guns and ammo to the MILF , and
    Most likely will deny artillery fire and give a stand down order . Rotten to the

  67. Estela Vinson on

    Unbelievable how Murad and Jaffar say, in the same breath, that “We have prepared for war…. We will attack and burn villages!!! SAF/PNP die when we do what we have trained!” and “We are your brothers in nation-building!!” Then one remembers that years ago, Murad has said a separate bangsa moro is his goal.

  68. We do not want war. We want to live in a country where all ethnic groups – Moros, Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Visayans, Bicolanos, Kapangpangans, etc. and practice our religious beliefs and live in peace and harmony with each other. But a bunch of Moro terrorists called MILF threaten to wage war if we do not accept their lopsided, largely MILF written document called Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    How lopsided to MILFs favor is this BBL? Well, this BBL will grant the MILF a federal-based sub-state called Bangsamoro to replace ARMM with its own police force – not under the PNP but under the MILF. It will remove the power of Comelec, COA, CHR, and Public Service Commission in its area. It will be financed by Filipino taxpayers to the tune of P528.6 billion in six years of block payments, yet the COA has no power to audit its expenditures. It is empowered to annex nearby provinces with petitions of just 10% of its residents. As MILF had clarified a few times, its main objective is INDEPENDENCE for Bangsamoro.

    Now, the terror group MILF is threatening to wage war on our country if their mainly written document BBL, seconded by BS Aquino and his “negotiators| Ferrer and Deles, is watered down. Should we be intimidated by a terror group into accepting their kind of “peace”? Remember when then Prime Minister Chamberlain of Britain recapitulated to Hitler and gave Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia to him in exchange for a promised peace? Hitler continued to invade Poland and started World War II.

    The Philippines should NOT surrender and accept a badly written BBL. We should strengthen our armed forces, raise the pays of our soldiers, give them honor -especially our brave Fallen SAF 44, and be prepared for war, should it come. If we give these Moros the BBL, what would stop the other bandits like BIFF, JIM and Abu Sayyap and other ethnic groups like the Ilocanos, Tagalogs or Visayans from asking for the same piece of cake from the Philippine government? Scrap the BBL! One nation, one flag!

  69. Benny Canlas on

    MILF has no standing to go to the United Nations. United Nations/ Interpol already well-aware that Murad/Jaffar and their commanders provide safety “board-and-lodging” business to Arwan and other IED bomb-makers. And MILF commanders do not follow Geneva conventions. (So MILF has a number of soldiers with long-range sniper-rifles… sniper-rifles can be beat with mortar and howitzers.)

  70. Even before the approval of the BBL and the resolution of the Mamasapano massacre, Jaafar can issue “threatening” moves, what more when if is already approved. Also wonder if Monsod sees the legal questions in that BBL? Looks like the Philippine can be bullied by the MILF because of the support of foreign muslim brothers. There seems to be a further agenda beyond the Bangsamoro???.

  71. Threats from a terrorist “give me what I want or I will hurt you”, go ahead, let’s find out.

  72. MILF threatens to go to war or to the UN if their draft BBL is amended to be in sync with the Constitution?
    What? To Mr. MILF, go ahead.

  73. Magiingat sa pakikipagkasundo sa mga taong dalawa ang dila. Ano ang pagkakaiba ng mga lider na ito sa mga tulad ni Misuari, Ampatuan at mga naunang mga senador at congressmen sa naturingang muslim Mindanao. Bilyong-bilyong pesos mula sa kaban nacional at fundong galing sa iba’t ibang bansa ang taon taon ay ibinibigay sa pamunoan ng muslim Mindanao ngunit ang mga naturang mga lider na ito ang nagtatamasa sa halip na ang mga muslim consttuents o massa sa kabouan ang makinabang. Kahit anong batas o BBL ang ipasa, kung ang mga namumuno ay mga corrupt at tiwali sa pag-ugit sa panunungkolan mananatiling halos pulubi ang nakararami sa muslim Mindanao at buong bansa.

  74. It is really appalling that an MILF central committee officer (Ghazali Jaafar) can threaten the 2 houses of Congress with war if the BBL is not passed as crafted. Who gave them the unction to speak with such gall in the first place? They do not represent all of the minorities of Mindanao, after all.

    No doubt, the Abnoy (together with Leonen, Ferrer and Deles) had something to do with this blatant insult to our legislators and our Constitution.Imagine, threatening us with war if what they want is not given to them. It’s about time, those terrorists open their eyes to the fact that the country cannot be cowed by them.

  75. Dapat hindi na bumabangit ng giyera! Alam ng lahat at gusto ng lahat na Sana at matapos ng payapa ang lahat at maging mabuti na ang bukas para sa lahat!
    Kailangan na lamang ipaintindi,sa lahat!walang mawawala kung susubukan!
    Sana bantayan ng MILF ang hanay at tauhan nila,alisin nila ang takot sa mga tao,para mabura ang masamang pagkakilala sa ilan mga kasamahan nila!