Revoke EDCA


    THE National Democratic Front (NDF), the political arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has called on President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to abrogate the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

    NDF chairman Jose Maria Sison is an ally of Duterte.

    The group said Duterte can undo President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s “legacy of national humiliation for having served as a pawn in the US ‘Asia pivot’ strategy by allowing the US to restore its military bases and

    maintain permanent presence of its warships, jet fighters, drones and interventionist troops.”

    “Duterte’s rhetoric has raised high the people’s expectations for substantial and accelerated reforms. As an avowed opponent of US meddling, Duterte has the unique opportunity to end the 70 year chain of US puppet governments since the 1946 [Manuel] Roxas regime,” the NDF said through its international information office.

    “To countervail Aquino’s puppetry, he must withdraw his stand to let the EDCA stand. He must immediately notify the US government of his intent to abrogate the EDCA, which was signed as an executive agreement

    in April 2014. He must rescind the EDCA-sanctioned use of five AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] camps as US military bases and facilities,” it said.

    The group also urged Duterte to “immediately send home US Ambassador [Philip] Goldberg for interference in Philippine internal affairs.”

    Duterte, according to the NDF, can be the first Philippine President to pursue an independent foreign policy, one that is not beholden to and dependent on the US.

    “Toward this, Duterte must condemn US war-mongering and US-China saber-rattling and oppose militarization of the territorial sea by the US and Chinese military forces. He must disallow the US military to use the Philippines as base for its interventionism. If he does, he is bound to be the Philippines’ first world-class President who stood for Philippine sovereignty and prevented the military build-up in the region,” it said.

    “He must oppose the US demand to effect Charter change to remove the remaining restrictions against foreign ownership as requirement for Philippine integration into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, dubbed as the “dirtiest deal ever.”

    Top NDF officials have been in close contact with Duterte, an ally of the New People’s Army especially in Davao.

    The group said Duterte, to show his strong resolve to fight criminality, must go after the biggest criminals in the country, not just petty criminals.

    “He can immediately carry out the arrest and swift prosecution of Benigno Aquino 3rd, [Budget Secretary] Florencio Abad and the biggest criminal perpetrators of the trillion-peso DAP [Disbursement Acceleration

    Program] swindle and prevent them from leaving the country. He must follow-through with the prosecution of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and ensure that she is held criminally responsible for the anomalous ZTE broadband deal and other corruption cases, including fraud in the 2004 elections,” it added.

    No honeymoon
    The NDF, however, noted that there will be no honeymoon with Duterte, who it said was a member of the “ruling political elite.”

    “The revolutionary forces will continue to relentlessly advance the people’s armed resistance and democratic mass struggles. While open to cooperation and alliance, they must relentlessly criticize and oppose any and all anti-people and pro-imperialist policy and measure. There will be no honeymoon with the Duterte regime,” the group said.

    It noted that the Davao City mayor has for the past four decades “served the system as a bureaucrat and implemented its laws and policies.”

    “He has worked with foreign and local big capitalists, plantation owners and big landlords who expect returns under his regime. The masses of workers, peasants and farm workers in Davao City have long-suffered from the oppressive and exploitative conditions in the big plantations and export-oriented contract-growing businesses.

    In his policy pronouncements, Duterte is yet to declare a clear deviation from the dominant neo-liberal economic thinking, which has brought about grave hardships to the Filipino people for more than three decades,” the NDF said.

    “Duterte’s mettle is about to be tested. Will he walk his talk and take on the opportunity to stand up against US imperialism? Or will his bombast end up as empty rhetoric?” it added.


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    1. eltee mulawin on

      >>> The NDF CPP and other militant and called Progressive groups are too noisy and publicly exposing now their true agenda and aim in the country which the all inclined towards communism. If Mr. Duterte or Dodirty had said during his election campaign the elite businessmen are “mga ulol”, I would that the NDF CPP AND OTHER MILITANT AND CALLED PROGRESSIVE GROUP ARE ALSO “BWAKA NG MGA ULOL” !.

      Puro maka-communist propaganda lamang ang mga ginagawa at pinagsasabi nila.
      Ang tanong: ilan taon na nagdaan ano na ba ang nagawa ng kani-kanilang grupo sa mga binaha, nasunugan at nalindol na mga pilipino sa bansa?
      Ang sigurado at batid ng buong bansa at mundo, ang tanging nagawa, ginagawa at gagawin nila ay ang manggulo, magparalisado ng mga transportasyon at mga kalsada sa tuwina magdemostrasyon sila.

      Nais nilang tuluyan mawala ang US assistance sa Pilipinas, dahil sila ay maka-Peoples Republic of China or Red Mainland Communist China.

    2. Ignacio Balbutin on

      If you take a census today, not even 5 % of the filipinos like communism. They just killed two hapless farmers recently because they were not able to pay dues to them. These are killers, violent people who should not be permitted to dictate what should be done in our country. If they want peace fine but let them lay down their arms first before any negotiation can begin with them. If President Duterte will let the leftist ran the country then it will be a bloody revolution indeed by the rightest and this revolution will be lead the army

    3. Wag kayong maniwala sa BOLA BOLA ng mga komunista. Yun Clark Airbase nga ang sabi alisan muna bago sila makipag peace talk sa gobyerno. Ayun inalis ang Clark Airbase pero hangan ngayon wala paring nangyari sa peace talk sa komunista.

    4. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Presently, Jose Maria Sisson and the rest of his friends exiled in the Netherlands are still on active “terrorist list”, of the U.S. Government, along with Juan Ponce Enrile, Antonio Trillanes IV and more. All these names were added to the U.S Government terrorists data base, during GMA Administration.

      Terrorist JoMa Sisson does not know the content of the EDCA that was signed , an it says in part that “each party must give 10 years of notice prior to dissolving the agreement. In other words, a 10 years notice must be met by any party before ending the agreement. Is seems like Sisson is trying to get everything as much as he can get on this peace negotiations and that is why Duterte must understand that he is doing all these for the interest of the Filipino people. If he gives too much and the Filipino people are at disadvantaged, there will be a revolt.

      Some people believe that Duterte is doing this to Sison on humanitarian ground as well. He wanted Sison to come on home and die in the Philippines, because of his old age, and maybe to rewrite his legacy. However, twisted minded people like myself thinks that Sisson will not die on natural cause(s), but rather, he will die because of human intervention.

    5. Ang gusto ng NDF magbukaka na lang ang Pilipinas at papasokin ang China. Ano sila, siniswerte?

    6. The president must stand for the cause of the Filipino people and not to give favor to a few whose selfish ambitions do not represent a cause for the good of the majority who elected him whom they trusted to deliver them from tyranny. Yes many of us abhor the presence of the US military in our soil, but let us not forget the lesson we have learned in the Cory Aquino government when they kicked out the US military bases. Since then, China stood mightily unopposed over an underdog. NDF must realize that they are the only ones to benefit their selfish ambition and not the Filipinos. If they are true to their desire to pursue peace, they must stop demanding our President to abrogate EDCA.

    7. bakit sino ang gusto mo joma ang china,sa amerika na lang ako,sabi na nga ba na makikialam ang mga ito kay digong,kita ninyo si quiboloy may patampo tampo na dahil gusto ring ibabawan si digong

    8. Duterte’s government maybe for a peaceful settlement with the rebels, but we will never abrogate the mutual defense with the United States, EDCA and leave the country defenseless and opened for forces like China to come in and invade the country. We are now modernizing our Armed Forces. We should never give in that demands of the NDF. It’s Idiocy.

      • David Michael Meyer on

        I agree wholeheartedly with the reader—Although the USA seems to have an awful situation on the home front …and their foreign policy up to now has been woeful; in my humble opinion .They are the only power that.can be called upon in time of need..
        To try and make it on our own would be indeed foolhardy ..Even with allies in the region, we would be stupid to sever agreements/ ties in case of acts of aggressions from other nations …with america

        Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

      • Regel Javines on

        Hi Esteban, it isn’t idiocy of course to stand by the mandate of the constitution on its clear provision on international agreements. It is only just, simple, and decent to follow the law of the land however troublesome the waters upon crossing over it. China invasion could be either a fiction or a staged blackmail. Whatever it is, it can be prevented and it isn’t too late.

      • It is inconceivable that China would invade Philippines. The disputes between China and Philippines are over some offshore shoals which can be resolved bilaterally.

    9. Dear Mr. President Duterte if you keep on listening to the communist it will be the fall of your administration and people will turn against you. Remember it is the people who voted you and not the CPP-NPA-NDF we don’t want a communist country or run by idealism which is not good for the next generation pls. Mr. President don’t allow the communist to govern your government. WE DON’T WANT COMMUNISM if you allow them to meddle our interest in our country it will be a bloody war and you will be remembered by many as a president who destruct our nation.

    10. Ignacio Balbutin on

      This nonsense group is talking again, the US is here to help deter the chinese in stealing our islands oozing with oil and gas much bigger than that of Saudi Arabia. Spratly islands is the hope of the filipino people to be able to get out of the bondage of poverty. They did not even raised a voice of protest to the occupation of the chinese in our island. I hope that under President Duterte this people will come down from the mountains and work to earn a living just like any other filipino. They should lay down their arms and renounce violence if they want to be a part of the government.

    11. NDF- shut your foul mouth. I hope DU30 point the full force of the law on you. You should be the first group to be eliminated. Joma Sison claimed that he is no longer connected with underground movement that kill innocent Filipino. His overtures proved that he is indeed part of the underground movement, therefore the Dutch government should expel him. Put Joma Sison to jail once he step in Philippine soil. For the those Leftist that are now in jail. They should be the first group to face the firing squad or hanging for their participation in killing of Filipino soldiers and using innocent generation as their pawn for the armed struggle.NDF are spent bullet, if the DU30 pardon these people, the AFP guns maybe aimed at DU30.Listen and respect the Generals and Soldiers that risk their life for our country. No withe the leftist, NO with the communist