Revoke Ingco’s driver’s license, LTO asked


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday asked the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to revoke the driver’s license of the Maserati-driving businessman who attacked traffic constable Jorbe Adriatico last week.

Emerson Carlos, MMDA assistant general for operations, said Joseph Russell Ingco blatantly disregarded authority when he went after Adriatico.

“A person with such kind of violent behavior should not be allowed to drive on our roads as he is a danger not only to other traffic enforcers but [also]to other motorists,” Carlos wrote in his letter to Alfonso Tan Jr., chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Criminal charges for direct assault on an agent of person in authority, serious physical injury, grave threat and robbery were filed against Ingco at the Quezon City Prosecutors’ Office.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino dared Ingco to reveal the identity of his passenger. He said the passenger could shed light on the alleged mauling of Adriatico.

Tolentino added that Ingco’s case is different from a report that Adriatico also had a confrontation with a woman whose illegally-parked car was bumped in Banawe, Quezon City, a month ago.

The woman, a law student, got irritated because Adriatico waited for the owner of the other vehicle, making her wait.

“I think the camp of the Maserati driver is confusing the issue by using a totally unrelated incident. Besides, Adriatico is not the accused here,” the MMDA chief said.

“The law student is welcome to file a complaint against Adriatico and an administrative hearing will be conducted, but right now [no complaint was filed],” Tolentino added.

“Again, let us not mislead the issues here. The Maserati incident is totally unrelated to the alleged Banawe incident and the mystery passenger should come out,” he said.


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