[This is a discussion paper prepared for submission to the National Transformation Council.]

    Mass uprisings are but the beginnings of authentic revolution. The people power uprising of February 1986 overthrew the Marcos “dictatorship,” only to see the restoration of old oligarchic rule. In 2001, a much smaller mass uprising removed Joseph Estrada from the Presidency, but failed to change the unjust systems. They persist to this day.

    Our historical experience teaches us that spontaneous uprisings are easily taken over by entrenched vested interests. Improperly motivated leaders eventually reveal themselves and yield to oligarchic enchantment.

    Should our people rise again against the evils of our society, it would be the noble duty of those who see the ripeness of the revolutionary condition to come forward and seize the historic opportunity. The masses of our people will need guidance and leadership towards a correct strategy for change.

    Preparing for a Revolution
    It is election season in the Philippines. The hopes and fears of our people will once again be exploited by our politicians to lull them into another regime of falsehood and deceit. Our society is acutely unstable, our democratic and electoral system completely compromised. Far from stabilizing the situation, the conduct of the forthcoming election may yet trigger another mass uprising. Our people must be offered an alternative scenario by which they can restore democracy and redirect government to serving the interests of all. Their rising discontent must be transformed into a national sentiment for revolutionary change.

    The original intent of the National transformation Council (NTC) is to provide a moral voice over the continuing failure of government to effectively address serious national concerns, and to be specially prepared to assume a significant role when the nation explodes into another spontaneous uprising. The NTC is very particular about the possibility of violence and its exploitation as a means to achieving political change in our society. The NTC is acutely aware of the serious intent of domestic rebel groups to resort to violence and the effort of some of them to even invite foreign elements to assist in their violent endeavor.

    Mass uprising is the ideal beginning for a revolution. The communists have been preparing for this these past many decades. And they correctly read today that the conduct of the incoming election could trigger one such uprising. This could explain why some of the more prominent leaders of communist fronts are running for elective positions. We should not mistake these candidacies as acts of conversion to democracy. Because the employment of violence is inherent in communist strategic thinking, it is second nature for the communists to employ violence and trickery to assert their dominance of the forthcoming mass upheaval.

    To aspire to win at all cost is the root of evil in our electoral system. This is how the administration ticket is planning to engage the coming election. What is tragic is that not a single major political grouping is raising the issue of the ongoing massive preparation to manipulate the coming electoral exercise, but practically almost all of the contending parties are already speaking of a full range of post-election protest actions should they lose.

    Organizing the revolution
    The NTC is advocating a peaceful revolution. The NTC believes that authentic change cannot be established by force. It cannot be the product of violence. Our people cannot be allowed to be divided and be engaged in uncivilized conflict.

    Open armed conflict in the country will necessarily invite foreign intervention because of the existence of rebel groups with connections to international terrorist movements. We are witnessing day by day the horror inflicted on the people when a domestic conflict escalates into a war of contending world views.

    We experienced at least two mass uprisings that did not lead to violence. The NTC foresees the coming of another one. The conditions are ripe for it. Preparations are essential to make sure that the upheaval stay peaceful, but able to sustain momentum and attain full blown revolutionary status.

    Transition period
    Our post-mass uprising scenario is envisioned as a transition period in which vital institutions of society will be reestablished or restored to normalcy. This transition period will last until a new government is democratically elected under a new electoral system as mandated by the new constitution.

    Some of its main political features are:
    A revolutionary transition government will be instituted, under an interim constitution which promotes and safeguards the sovereignty of the State

    Congress and Comelec will be dissolved, and elections suspended until the new constitution allows it.

    A commission or convention will be tasked to write a new charter.

    All regions will be declared autonomous regions. A unicameral consultative assembly will serve as the legislative advisory body of the revolutionary government.

    The Supreme Court will be reconstituted, tasked to supervise the overhaul of the entire justice system and positioned to become an authentic co-equal branch of government.

    Some of its main programs are:
    Modernization of the armed forces and implementing the organizational shift into a true citizen’s army as mandated by the current constitution.

    Replacing the current agrarian reform program with a new agrarian and Agricultural Modernization program that will make agricultural modernization a major thrust of government.

    Sound financial management policy will be enhanced, but over- reliance on foreign remittances and the service industry will be rectified.

    Social benefit to labor will be the primary basis of government in granting incentives to enterprises and investments.

    Some proposals
    Adoption of a common language in lieu of a national language. We need a language that will allow us to communicate with each other and with the rest of the world.

    Adoption of a deliberate strategy to shift our economy from third world to first. A poor government cannot transform its poor communities.

    Rebuilding, upgrading and, if necessary, relocating our cities in the face of climate change. We need to create smart cities out of the present and create new ones.


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    1. In Maco, Comval Provinced we reached a milestone when major players admitted just recently that we achieved peace after 38 years of instability where violence took place from time to time in the recent past. We will not detail in media how we accomplished it but in general the strategy was sincere and strong leadership made operational based on the rule of law and justice-based charity that ensured confidence among stakeholders. Violence is not the solution to poverty but jobs. Jobs however will not be available if there in no peace and peace is not possible if there is no justice.

    2. The NTC should convince Mayor Duterte to run for President then NTC to call people support for Duterte. Once Duterte Elected on 2016 then NTC together with Duterte to start the changes that this country needed.In this case, the revolution will start toby voting and putting Duterte to Presidency. For sure, people will support this kind of revolution that NTC will initiate.

    3. Revolution by arms is not the solution, better is revolution by silent protest and by so doing can be achieved by re-education. CORRUPTION IS BAD make it an MANTRA for every students…and when the time they will enter the real world and in various discipline, they will start sowing this mantra in their undertakings which is the commencement of change in RP political and cultural structure. This will take time but every change started with a single step…begin today and teach our youngs, everyday remind them of this mantra…CORRUPTION IS BAD. It took us 360 years to know SPANIARDS ARE BAD, 50 YEARS AMERICANS ARE BAD, now take 410 years CORRUPTION IS BAD.

    4. Brian Stanley-Jackson on

      The simplest way to effect revolution and peaceful change is FOR NO ONE TO VOTE AT ALL. A campaign against voting is vital so that the mandate of all the current impostors expires and a peaceful transition proceeds.

      • That’s very right. We can now wait after election day if the picos machine will put out counted votes even though there is no single vote. Is it programmed?

    5. Daniel B.Laurente on

      This article is a prelude to something that is a well planned scenario about to occur on a fitting moment. Everybody is forewarned and must be ready and not be surprised after their all night sweet dreams. I remember during the martial law declaration, i woke up early morning looking out the window, the street was deserted no one at all at the street fronting UST even the tire sounds of MJ, DJ buses plying the concrete road of Espana Avenuet. Prior to it before the midnight i saw in every corner of the side streets from Lerma St. towards P. Noval on my way home from FEU night classes, a pair of Military men in fulll gear which i suspect an important dignitary will be passing thru towards Roxas Boulevard or Quezon City. My first recollection on the first days of ML declaration was a better place to stay because it was so silent and a tranquil moment of the city. It was in my 2nd year at FEU.

    6. Communists do not necessarily turn to violence. The European Parties in Spain, Italy, Greece and especially France, now join the democratic process, even when they have been thwarted by the CIA and other Western agencies.

    7. kaya kailangan na mawala ang mga oligarch na kumokontrol sa ating mga pulitiko na natatapalan ng pera ng mga dilawang business man na kaalayado ng mga aquino at administration ito..ZERO TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY AS WELL AS BINAY GROUP..
      MDS/BBM IS the only PARTIES Who were not been able to dictate by the groups of businessman.. GET LOST yellow oligarch business from our country…


      Yan ang tunay na nangyayari sa Pinas. Yan ang dapat resolbahin. Kaya ang strategy ng mga politiko makuha ang katangahan ng masa. Kaya tignan mo parang mga kenkoy ang majority ng politiko kasi yan ang click sa masang very powerful BOBOTANTE!!!


      • huwag kang manisi ng voters. Hindi nabilang ang mga boto ng tinagurian mong bobotante therefore di bobotante. ang nagbilang hocus-picos. be careful. bobotante ka rin.

    9. The chinese has a solution, “how do you eat an elephant? little by little.” Let us start the reform at the barangay level. If we cannot even do this, forget your revolution.

    10. War with china will change the attitude of the Filipino people. Too much corruption and lies in our govt. Only War with other country can change the Philippines.

    11. victor m. hernandez on

      Real change will happen with sincere and committed heart. Without it, the temptation to violent, bloody upheaval will always be strong, frustration and powerlessness will pervade the citizenry. Attempts towards revolutionary change in society will arise once in a while, but only a persistent, and committed citizens will change society for the better where prosperity and progress are shared by all citizens. We start with oneself, in the family, church, and schools. Primun Regnum Dei!

    12. Revolution is not the answer but election. Filipinos are slow to learn from the past but that doesn’t mean they should go back in to square one.

    13. Bayan muna bago smartmatic para patunayan na tayo ay totoong malaya. Kung sa eleksyon palang na binahiran ng duda at hindi pumalag ang mamamayan, walang rebolution magaganap. Kailangan ng tulog na mamayan ang pampagising na tulad ni Duterte na may tapang na pangunahan ang rebulution baguhin ang sistema ng gobyerno at ipakulong ang lahat na nagsamantala sa gobyerno. At kung hindi si Duterte, meron pa bang iba?

    14. Its really easy to point the problems and the solutions when your viewing it outside the loop. But take a look at yourself first, you were in the loop for quite sometime and these problems had been existing their already, then what you and your group had done to it? Don’t tell me will resort to ” just when I thought all the answers, they change all the questions”.

    15. no revolution will change the country. it is the Filipino culture and attitudes that should change like the bahala na system, pwede na iyan, lagyan mo na lang, padrino, bureaucratic red tape of no ending sight. utang na loob. etc. all one need to do is look at the successful neighbors of ours and their attitudes and as a nation, like the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, americans, how did succeeded as a people and as a nation. then you will know what we need to succeed as a nation. one hint is save money individually and discipline is just one prerequisite.

      • You still need a Leader with balls to direct the revolution. As a people, the Filipinos will always rise up to the occasion. Give them something to believe in and everything will just fall into place. Pinag aralan nga ng husto ni Marcos at Enrile ang psyche ng Pinoy kaya nagtagumpay ang malaking drama na tinaguriang “EDSA Revolution”.

    16. Violent bloody uprising will not be supported by peace loving democratic Filipinos. Any one who calls for bloody revolution will be ostracize as blood thirsty vampire from hell. PDAF was declared unconstitutional by the call from internet for the netizens to march in peace by the millions. PCOS of LP is out to rob Filipino’s right to chose a leader. A million march if Roxas wins. No more PCOS magic.

      • The coup in Thailand was never bloody. It only needs to be surgical with total element of surprise so that they never saw it coming.

    17. I have always been asking Columnist Sir Francisco Tatad and those who have been writing about the National Transformation Council–what do we do next?

      • Hijo, wala kasi sila pera para actualize na ang plano. A peaceful revolution thru a transformation of society from within is possible. But they also need funds to put out full page ads or even buy radio or TV time. I believe that those who are hell bent on cheating thru those PCOS machines will think twice when that NTC has leverage. At this point, they have nothing to force the hand of benigno. But surely, it will come to pass that even before the end of his term, benigno will just be so busy getting law firms to accept his case – and the law firms will be charging hefty acceptance fees.

    18. While the ideas are sound, it seems that these are just motherhood statements that are never anchored on reality. First of all, we can never deny that the “revolution” that removed Mr. Joseph was a power grab financed by the oligarchs whose vested interests were being threatened. Certain sectors like the Church and an insurance concern felt that Mr. Joseph has become a threat to their very existence and only the removal of the guy will insure their continued existence. It was never a spontaneous uprising of the mass who wants to assert their sentiments.

      Second, an uprising even if it will start from the mass would need logistical support which the mass sorely lacks. The situation may be exploited by the oligarchy which may be willing to lend a helping hand, However, the helper may hijack the uprising when the intended result somehow tends to be in favor of the insurrection and the endgame produces a scenario where a new set of oligarchs supplants the former ruling class.

      The only alternative would be for the new Leader to come out with its own funds to provide the revolutionaries with logistical support and allow the NTC to set the direction of government after all those in the political leadership and their minions in the current administration are all behind bars especially those in the upper and middle echelons in the Comelec who with their greed and avarice have allowed and abetted the suppression of the people’s will.

      Hence, at this point, NTC should start collating all the names of those that are to be neutralized especially from those in the Customs, BIR, AFP, DILG, DOTC, DOJ and DENR who have become active rapists of our democracy. At the same time, NTC should now draw the Operational Plan including Plan B, C and D in the implementation of is Operation LINIS BAHAY and its timetable which should be advanced now.

      Suffice it to say that the implementation should be surgical and completed in no more than four months beginning this year – from arrest of the litterbugs to the formation of the new Concon assembly. It is assumed that the NTC should already have the working draft of the new constitution by now. It should even post the draft now in its website or put it in the newspapers and invite as much opinions and ideas so that a national consensus is obtained this early so we cut the time of actual deliberation when the Concon starts its actual sessions. That will have a psychological effect on the litterbugs that their time is running out and the NTC is not just an intellectual masturbation of certain senior citizens but a real national movement of civic-minded citizens to insure national cleanliness. By the way, the new constitution should never allow foreign ownership of our land as we do not need “foreign investments”. We have more than enough assets to pursue Philippines 2025.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        I agree with your ideas L.A. that at this time a draft of the proposed Constitution should have been ready because ABNOy’s administration would exert all efforts to insure that all his LP candidates will win. Avalanche of cases are waiting to be filed against Aquino after his term ends in June 2016. If his LP candidates win, he would be assured that he won’t go to jail for plundering the national coffers of the government. PNOY bungled his administration. The people now are silently apoplectic and only waiting for the ripe moment to rise. God forbids! this is not duplicate commentaries.

    19. Transformation will be hard but can be done. If you listened to street corner or kanto-kanto, you can hear “Pag Nanalo ang Bata ko, Tayo naman ang_____-? ?????”
      Realistic to say, umiiral pa rin ang padrino, kaanak, kabarkada, kung sino ang may pera, sino ba ang Sikat, etc. Where is our true Identity as Filipino?

    20. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      25 October 2015

      If the proposal put forward here by Norberto G. Gonzales, former Defense Secretary and National Security Adviser, is what it takes to break the vise-like grip of the PLUTOCRATIC-POLITICO-CLERICO CONSPIRACY, which has held the country in thrall for some sixty years now–so be it!

      What is being proposed here, however, is just an improved version of Edsa 1 and Edsa 2. It is not a real revolution like the American of 1776, the French of 1789, and the Russian Revolutions of 1917. But if it works and puts the country on a real, solid, inspired, inclusive and enduring path to the kind of “Democracy” will means prosperity and progress for the majority of the people, lifting the 30 million or so Filipinos who are stuck in the quagmire of widespread, chronic and persistent Poverty, it deserves to be tried.

      As that old saying goes, “Desperate situations call for desperate measures!”


    21. “Peaceful revolution” as advocated is I think a contradiction in terms. I would recommend “peaceful evolution” instead so that all sectors of society can be part of it.
      Amado F. Cabaero, Sr.

    22. People need to see a credible person who will lead this. People need to see a real person to lead whom they can rally behind. It’s one thing to see a group of individual who advocate for change …but without a credible individual to lead the cause …I doubt this will materialize. We just saw how people were looking for a leader whom they saw on Duterte. But that hope is gone. Unless of course Duterte and the NTC come together… But I doubt it!

    23. People need to see credible people willing to lead this. People need to know the person they can rally behind. For awhile I saw hope in Duterte. But that’s gone! Unless of course the NTC and Duterte come together. But I doubt it.

    24. kahit anong ganda at buti ng sinasabi ng isang tao,kahit na may katotohanan ito, ang hirap tanggapin ng maraming tao,kapag wala kang naitanim sa isipan at puso nila na nagawa mong mabuti noong nakaraan nasa poder ka ng gobyerno.,
      ito ang totoong realidad sa buhay ng tao,kailangan maramdaman nila na totoong ang mga sinasabi,dito ay para sa ikabubuti ng lahat ,hindi para lang sa ilan na nagbabalak nito.






    27. Revolutionary transition government will not work because the people who are in are same plutocrats(incl. Norberto Gonzales) and dynastyies. What is needed is a new logical group with new political ideas that accept all form of ideologies. The old group should be cull, if obviously found corrupt and committed major crimes. There should be no mercy and compassion for the minor sins or crime but need to be punish.
      Democracy run by mass ignorants is dangerous and damaging……

    28. Viva Filipinas. I agree for a change. Change for better government, change the justice system, more change in the agriculture of the republic, there should be more for the poor but educated filipinos.

      Modernize the Arm forces. we should have at least one safe atomic energy as America, Japan, and other Countries have. This is to make energy cost affordable and our product cost competitive.

      Let us build bigger and relocate the penal colony of Muntinglupa to Corrigidor.

      Let us have a better rail system, Develop the Laguna Lake. and build a rail system around it.