RH bill,l and Obamacare: Birds of the same feather

Jose V. Romero


The reason that the federal government in the United States (US) is on a shutdown mode is ostensibly the failure of both political parties to find a common ground on the General Appropriations Act. What is not reported by the mainstream liberal US media is that this is not just about wrangling over the possibility of the US budget hitting the ceiling and the possibility of default on debt repayment but more about a conflict in ideology and morality.

It is an established fact that the Democratic Party stands for liberalism—a political philosophy that sacrifices moral principles on the altar of unbridled individual rights, which principle has been used to rationalize divorce, same sex marriage, abortion and even euthanasia. Later waves of liberal political thought was associated with the second wave of feminism which produced such militant

liberal feminists as Margaret Sanger and others who spearheaded abortion and women’s rights in the US. It is these groups mostly who are behind abortion funding under Obama Health Plan and the Reproductive Health (RH) Law in this country.

On the other end of the US political spectrum are the Republicans who are mostly conservatives and adhere closer to the moral principles of the Pilgrim Fathers that built America. This is the reason why Republican presidents like Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. rejected abortion. Unfortunately they did not have their way and Roe vs. Wade allowed the evil practice to continue in a country that reportedly allows a quarter of a million abortions a year.

American liberal principles were exported to this country, thanks to the Kissinger State Department Memo to President Gerald Ford that supported population planning in the sixties through contraception and abortion – a policy implemented by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in this country which poured millions of dollars for the distribution of contraceptive pills and paraphernalia in the sixties. With the withdrawal of support from the USAID under the Reagan administration, the US private sector took up the slack and US pharmaceutical companies as well as foundations like those of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett supported the NGOs and their media advocates to insure the passage of the RH Bill.

In the case of Obamacare which proposes a federal mandate for Americans to purchase health insurance, which among other things will pay for abortions using federal funds, the 70 million Catholic Americans are understandably up in arms and consider the plan an affront to their Christian principles. Hence the determination of Republican legislators, many coming from heavily Catholic states to dump the Obama health plan.

In stark contrast, our so-called Catholic legislators hardly put up a resistance to the RH bill after reportedly receiving Malacañang pork. And to think that unlike the US this is supposed to be an overwhelming Catholic state!

Informatively the bone of contention between US political parties regarding the US budget leading to the federal shutdown is the $ 160 million that Obamacare has earmarked for abortion cases. Parenthetically, it will be recalled that under the RH law an estimated P 3 billion will be set aside by the government for the purchase of imported contraceptive drugs – an amount that could be better used to buy CT scan, ultrasound and other badly needed equipment for provincial hospitals.

How the US government shutdown will play out and what the fate will be of the RH law now in the hands of the venerable justices of the Philippine Supreme Court, only the good Lord knows. In the meantime we await the results of both issues with bated breath as we pray for divine intervention that these two devil-inspired legislative initiatives will be consigned in the congressional archives of both governments to die a natural death.


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  1. In the US, it is not the failure of both parties to find a common ground but the failure of one party to accept the results of the democratic process. you have a problem with same sex marriage I suppose, divorce and euthanasia. It was the wave of liberal political thought along with the 2nd wave of feminism that produced militant liveral feminists as Margaret Sanger etc, who spearheaded abortion and womens rights in the US. The US was not founded on Christianity, the constitution does not even contain the word “god” even once. The addition to the pledge of allegiance regarding god was added in the 1950’s. You seem to be a die hard republican. Most of them don’t think rationally because they base everything on faith and belief not facts and reason.So, giving medical coverage to poor people is not good, shall we just take care of ;the rich? I will lose my job because as an underwriter I will not be needed anymore when the new healthcare comes in but what is 200 people out of job compared to the millions who are sick and have no coverage? everyday I deal with applicants who have serious medical conditions that we have to deny coverage. My heart goes out for them, we cant even approve a woman who just got pregnant, she who would need coverage to deliver her baby! Religion is the armor of republicans but most religious people are corrupt, just look around you. there are those who are good but these are the ones who think rationally. why is it that some oppose the RH bill when the earth is already over populated? Can the priests and religious sector help feed them? can the rich spare some of their money for them> Not in their lifetime! Thank you.

  2. That is very biased reporting. What is wrong with a woman controling her own body & making decisions that affect her. Im not religious & im not a democrat im a conservative but i believe it is the womans right to control if she has children. I dont believe in using abortion as birth control as standard but it is there for a good reason. Here is a for instance, she is kidnapped & raped & is impregnated, should she be forced to give birth to that child, i think that should be her choice. Using any contraceptive device is sensible. We know a lot of men demand sex from their wives but if they are very poor they dont want more children & this helps with their family planning. You religious people use a lot of double standards & its also a for of control over women that religious men want.