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    1. Loreta Hernandez on

      I really feel for all the members of the Likhaan Center for Women`s Health and for those who are now deprived of the right to personally decide on a more intelligent and reasonable family planning relative to their financial situation. I still can not accept the notion that the RH is generally a pro-abortive approach, which has been popularly advocated by politicians and laymen, who are more concerned with their religious inclinations rather than facing the reality of uncontrolled/unwanted increase in family size. Apparently, the Philippines is enjoying a double standard of morality – the upper class citizens who can afford to avail of artificial contraceptives are enjoying a personally-controlled, small-sized family as opposed to those coming from the lower class. Given that the application of artificial birth control is believed to be a wrong approach, then why are the rich and privileged citizens allowed to adopt such methods and the poor and underprivileged are denied of this right. Give the latter the freedom of choice – they deserve this too!