RH case: a pitiful country stuck in ancient debates


This article despite its attempt at brilliant rhetorics posits a simple propositon that from a progressive status decades ago this country deteriorated into what the author calls a “sad sack” state because of unbridled procreation so that once the RH law is declared legal by the courts we shall resume our march towards progress. I do not agree. The author correctly points to the slums as evidence of unbridled procreation and has he wondered why this is so. Simply put the slum people have no other thing to do so they copulate and impregnate their women. I worked with the population commission created under Marcos and at that time contraceptives were distributed for free to the slums areas but did not do much good they did not care then and I do not think they will now.

domingo ligot

The PH’s over-population is neither an economic boon nor a blessing. It is a death sentence for the Philippines. Try living in abject poverty without enough to eat while priests eat 3 meals a day. The RH bill allows women a choice. That is all.

Ranald Bruce


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