• RH law loses a lot of teeth


    Thanks to the highest court the RH Law was somewhat defanged and will not have the same impact as Roe vs. Wade. Even as it broke the moral barrier in this country its social, political and economic impact will not be as far reaching as the US law which broke wide open all moral restraints in American society. Thanks to the high court the original RH Law provisions which were aimed to prevent conception through the use of abortifacients, the law was prevented from terminating life in the zygote and  fetus. We can only thank the Holy Spirit for enlightening our magistrates.

    What did not escape the thinking of our magistrates is that our economy is enjoying the demographic sweet spot – a favorable situation where a big proportion of the population will have joined the labor force – that is to say that there will be more hands on deck. They are also aware that we are now experiencing a drop in the population growth rate (it is now approaching minimum  replacement rate and the net reproductive rate is also going down).

    With the SC decision, the feminists among us, the ardent followers of Margaret Sanger and the pharmaceutical firms who are now salivating in the sidelines hoping to cash in on the three billion budget set aside for the biggest scam in recent years, are now grinding their teeth in the dark, disappointed that they did not hit a homerun in the High Court.

    Parenthetically, we read that Iran has joined the chorus of countries severely suffering from the scourge of depopulation and its negative impact on the economy. We hear of grade schools closing down, the breakdown of social security systems that cannot raise enough premiums, of productivity problems in plants with a fast ageing employee force, of the stagnation of housing markets etc. etc.

    We all know how China is trying very hard to reverse its depopulation program. How Singapore is employing all sorts of gimmicks to get couples to procreate more and how France is giving generous dole-outs for families to increase. Indeed Europe is in a sorry demographic stage with Italy closing down kindergartens and nurseries and hospitals overcrowded with senior citizens.

    Dr. Jacqueline Kasun professor of economics at Humboldt State University of California sums it all up in a best-selling book “The War Against Population –The Economics And Ideology Of Population Control”, and we quote:

    “The idea that humanity is multiplying at a terrible and accelerating rate is one of the false dogmas of our times. From that notion comes the widely held belief that unless population is immediately contained by every governmental and private method imaginable, mankind faces imminent disaster. These ideas form the basis for an international population control industry that involves billions of dollars of taxes as well the full time efforts of private philanthropies. Embodied in their agenda is the sort of social planning that actually mandates draconian control over families, churches and other voluntary institutions around the globe.”

    Indeed this devilish agenda of population control was introduced into the country by foreign multilateral institutions of Western origin who feel that Western lifestyles can best be preserved by allocating the allegedly scarce resources (though unproven) to the First World by controlling the population of Third World countries.

    In tandem with pharmaceutical lobbies and their feminist allies both were able to ram through Congress this diabolic plot with the aid of PDAF loaded with pork. We sincerely hope that our justices will be able to see through this neo-colonialist scheme and uphold that sacred tenet in the Constitution that protects life from conception to death.

    If in the case of the PDAF the illegally obtained loot was retained in this country, in the case of the RH law the pharmaceutical companies will be depositing our tax money that will pay for the contraceptive pills, injectables and condoms into their foreign bank accounts. I would have preferred that this appropriation were spent for more hospitals, CT scans, dialysis machines et al.

    Another case of Congress playing fast and loose with people’s hard-earned money!

    I am not worried about the RH law as it stands today with all the compromises etc, but I am worried about the mindset that it produces and the old myths and discredited dogmas that some of the magistrates have seemingly adhered to specifically the one that directly links poverty to population growth which has forced the court to adopt a population control philosophy.

    During the second population conference in Mexico in 1984 the consensus arrived at was the following:

    “Population growth is not the primary cause of low levels of living. The fundamental causes, it concluded, lay in failure of development plans to create jobs and incomes for poor families, especially the women.

    Moreover it also concluded that many of the real problems of population arise not from its overall size but from its concentration, especially in urban areas as a result of rural-urban migration.”

    This helps to explain that some of the most densely populated places in the world like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the Netherlands, a large portion of whose land mass is land reclaimed from the sea) are also among the richest places in the world.

    In brief the poverty problem in this country in the minds of the Mexican conferees can be traced to failure in plan implementation such as that of providing food security as dramatized by our penchant to import rice perennially. In the second instance it has been brought about by the uneven development of country which has created urban ghettos like Smokey Mountains in the midst of underdeveloped agriculture which has produced scantily inhabited Allah valleys in Cotabato which are among the richest agriculture lands in the archipelago.

    It seems that despite the above there has occurred in this country a demographic transition characterized by a slowing down of population growth brought about by the forces and influences of modernization and development which have brought about a decline in fertility.

    On this topic the rapid urbanization and the education of women have clearly and dramatically changed attitudes towards childbearing among our womenfolk, especially among the OFWs and professionals.  Late marriage is now the norm. This has considerably affected fertility rates in this country.

    A confluence of all these factors has produced the so-called demographic sweetspot which is up for grabs for entrepreneurs who would like to capitalize on plentiful, educated and easily trainable local labor, millions of whom have found employment opportunities  abroad —now the biggest and most lucrative export of this country.

    In contrast to this demographic sweetspot to be enjoyed by this country is the demographic “sorespot” obtaining in more developed economies which is also described as the “grey dawn” or “demographic winter.”

    A report prepared by the World Bank’s population division in 2002, as its contribution to the World Assembly on Aging of the same year, the said that population ageing in the world is unprecedented and without parallel in human history. It added that this century will see even more rapid ageing than the last one.

    Population aging is a pervasive global phenomenon affecting every man, woman and child. It also warns that that those countries that started population control much earlier may not be able to reverse the process and adjust to the requirements of the new world.

    Population aging is enduring and will not return to the young populations to our ancestors.

    Population aging will have profound if not adverse implications in the future of countries.

    Finally, for those cynics and dissenters who cannot take this early warning from demographic experts, never let it be said that they were not forewarned. We especially address this warning to those who want to engage in dangerous social engineering, and who do not accord due respect to the laws of nature or want to play God.


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