• ‘RH Law tool for mass killing’


    This law is long overdue. Kudos for our legislature’s courage to have it finally passed. Yesterday, the Supreme Court through its magistrates hints what its position on the RH law is or might be when it finally rules on the ‘constitutionality’ of this law. It has already somehow admitted its fallibility in intruding into the domain where only nature has full control by asking “When does life begin?”. The SC admits it doesn’t have the skills to intrude into the realm of science. Sen. Tatad may have a point but still can’t convince us owing to the intricacy on the issues of conception. It’s just like the never-ending treatises on evolution. Looks like the SC is just giving space on all sides to air their thoughts on this controversial and highly contentious reproductive issue. But in the end the court will let the RH law apply and chart its own evolution in the life of this nation.


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