Why Rhian Ramos isn’t talking marriage yet



It was Rhian Ramos’ 27th birthday on Tuesday but she opted to celebrate her special day working. She had a pictorial for the rom-com movie “Fallback,” which she is currently doing under Cineko Productions.

On the eve of her birthday, though, she pampered herself together with her boyfriend Jason Chuachuy at spa.

“I am having dinner with my family in a couple of days,” Rhian happily told Showbuzz. “I might also have dinner with friends on another day. No big plans talaga. I prefer to busy myself with work rather than have big celebrations. When you get older, big birthday parties don’t excite you anymore. You prefer to have quiet dinners or get-togethers with your family and friends. When I was younger, months before my birthday pa lang, isip na ko ng isip on how to celebrate it. But not anymore. I find celebrating my day with my loved ones more meaningful.”

The day after her birthday, Rhian was back to the set of Fallback. More than half of the movie has been finished and they’ve got less than five shooting days left.

The 27-year-old says she is enjoying her relationship with her
non-showbiz beau and still has a lot of plans for her career

“I am immensely enjoying our shoot. This is my first romantic-comedy movie and I can say na sobra akong nag-e-enjoy. I like my character because it is somebody familiar to me. I play the role of a location manager in a movie production. Ako yung laging ngarag because I get all the blame if something goes wrong with the location I get for the shoot,” explained Rhian.

Add to all the load that Rhian’s character is carrying at work, her love life seems to be going nowhere. Her boyfriend just dumped her dumping her, so she figures having one boyfriend isn’t enough. She makes sure to have another guy around as “fallback” thus the movie’s title.

Outside the movies, it’s raining rom-com projects for Rhian too. She is about to start a new primetime series for GMA Network, as The Manila Times Entertainment reported last week, where she shares the lead with fellow beauties Lovi Poe and Max Collins. The series, now titled “Triple Ex,” deals with the story of three women, Chloe, Alex and Darcy, whose common denominator is a man. All of them are ex-girlfriends of a guy, who aside besides being handsome, is also husband-material. How the three women meet, how they treat one another with contempt only to become best friends is just one of the unique storylines in the series.

According to Rhian, the production of Triple Ex is now on the lookout for the actor who will portray the boyfriend.

“We have actually done some look tests,” Rhian revealed. “All three of us checked out the prospective leading man but I haven’t received word from the production though kung tuloy na yung makakasama namin. All I can say is we will be starting taping very soon because we will air by November.”

Busy as ever, Rhian is thankful that she was able go on vacation before everything got hectic. Her weeklong rest in Iceland was truly unforgettable.

“I was able to visit different places in Iceland like the Blue Lagoon. Sobrang na-enjoy ko siya. I also like the hot spring water kaya nakapag-two-piece ako. Kung hindi mainit yun, I wouldn’t dare to wear my two-piece. Medyo bitin ang bakasyon but it was so relaxing. It’s too bad I had to cut it short because I had to report for work already.”

Asked who she was with her on her Iceland vacation, Rhian gave Jayson’s name without batting an eyelash. The actress is very open about her relationship and swears she is very happy with him.

Lilibeth Rasonable and Jason Abalos

Jayson and Rhian have been together for almost three years but they have not talked about marriage yet. “It’s the farthest thing from my mind right now. I don’t think I’m ready. I’m only 27 so hindi pa talaga. Even him naman, he doesn’t think about it yet. We enjoy each other’s company and I think that’s enough for now,” Rhian ended.

His fans may not number those of today’s top stars and matinee idols but Kristoffer Martin surely knows how to make his supporters feel loved.

Showbuzz was witness to Kristoffer’s bonding time with a group of fans whom he treated to lunch in a restaurant at posh BGC in Taguig. He had a great time talking to them, making sure they are comfortable. He calls each one by first name, and has terms of endearment for others. Of course, everyone was delighted by the special treatment.

His schedule with the group was only for lunch but Kristoffer wanted to spend more time with them that he asked his handler to adjust his next appointment. He took his fans to a laser tag game and played with them until they were all happily tired for the day.

“I really wanted to spend a longer time with them because I enjoy talking to them. I don’t consider them as fans but friends. Some of them have been with me for years so they are already family to me,” said Kristoffer.

He went on with his meetings after his day out with fans and prepared for taping “Super Ma’am” the following day.

Of his project, the Kapuso said he is very happy with his character Ace.

“I play a tamawo, a creature who is so bad and whose only purpose is to destroy. Kami ang kalaban ni Super Ma’am. But there’s a twist to my character. Somehow, if a seed of goodness is planted deep in my heart, I may decide to side with the good. Yan muna masasabi ko sa character ko. Just watch how the transformation of Ace will unfold. It’s really a beautiful character in the end.”

Another thing that Kristoffer really likes in Super Ma’am is the chance to work with Marian Rivera again. The first and only time he worked with her was when he was a kid. He portrayed the role of the young Johnny in the Filipino adaptation of “Endless Love.”

“I’m so happy to work with Ate Yan. Dati sa Endless Love, she really showed her concern for me—from the clothes I would wear to my scenes. Until now, she’s still like that. Maalaga sa mga kasama niyang artista,” Kristoffer beamed.

Filipino supremacy reigns in singing again with Lance Busa bagging the championship in Michael Bolton’s reality singing competition “Bolt of Talent.” It wasn’t an easy ride to the top for Lance all the same because he had to face and hurdle different challenges before reaching the finals.

He was up against a fellow Filipino and six others (every two representing one Asian country), and had to eliminate his kababayan first to emerge as the sole representative of the Philippines.

After that, the elimination rounds took place week per week until Lance was only left with a Thai contestant for the win. They had a face-off in the championship round and became Bolton’s choice. His prizes include recording a single with the internationally recognized singer and a spot in his Asian tour, which will kick-off on November 3 in Manila.

“I really feel so blessed. Since childhood, singing was what I really wanted to do. I never thought that I would reach this far. Imagine, I’ll be singing with the Michael Bolton. I thought he was unreachable. I was just watching him on TV and now I will be with him in a tour. I can’t wait to absorb everything he will teach me. I’m sure I will learn a lot from him,” said Lance.

Besides Bolt of Talent, Lance’s only experience in singing competition had been GMA reality singing search “To The Top.” The show obviously taught him a lot even if he failed to bag the top prize.

All the same, he recalls how breaks were hard to come by after the local competition that he came to a point when he almost gave up on his dream. But fate stepped in and Arnell Ignacio saw Lance singing in a social media post. He looked for Lance and after just a couple of days, they talked and Arnell convinced him to keep going. They started looking for projects until Bolto Talent came along and the rest, as they say, is history.

Besides recording and Touring with Bolton, Lance has been tapped to sing the theme songs of two movies, “Fallback” and “The Significant Other.”

“I’m so happy and excited with everything that’s happening in my career. I hope more opportunities will come and that more doors will open. The one very important thing that I have learned is to never give up. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to achieve, wait for it. Work for it,” Lance averred.

SHORTS… After 12 years with his former network, Jason Abalos signed an exclusive contract with GMA. He told Showbuzz he is both happy and nervous about the crossover. He said he really prayed before he made the decision to go with GMA, and would like to work with the likes of Marian Rivera and Jennylyn Mercado. Among the Kapuso actors, he hopes he gets to work with his basketball friends Mark Herras and Rocco Nacino…

Sweethearts Pancho Magno and Max Collins are in the thick of preparing for their Christian wedding on December 11. They don’t allow the stress of organizing the event to get the better of them. Their strong foundation helps them iron out any snags that come along the way. Among the sponsors they have chosen for their wedding are Senator Manny Paquiao and his wife Jinky.


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