Rice groups standing by embattled grains trader


Why gang up on SC?

Days after the Supreme Court declared the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional, the executive fumed and the legislative called for investigation of spending by the tribunal.

President Aquino criticized the SC’s ruling and said the DAP was “a spending in good faith “ and that its funds came from savings of different agencies under the executive department.

Talks of impeaching the justices spread like wildfire as Pnoy questioned the excessive powers of the judiciary that trample on those of the executive and the legislative.

The High Court’s decision, which gained instant approval and support from the public, however, did not sit well with members of the legislature, particularly congressmen.

The House Committee on Justice immediately sought investigation of how the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) is being spent by the Supreme Court.

Though the JDF, which comes from court and docket fees, is covered by a Presidential Decree, the House of Representatives wants it abolished and replaced by funds sourced from the national budget.

Pnoy and his allies in Congress, perhaps, do not see it that the people strongly support its Supreme Court. Besides, it’s the job of the tribunal to check whether the executive and the legislative branches are doing their jobs within the bounds of the law.

For heaven’s sake, leave the SC alone! It is just doing its job.

Nfa administrator should go on leave
National Food Administrator Arthur Juan, should go on leave to give any investigating panel or agency a free hand in looking into a reported bribery involving himself.

Juan was accused by Bulacan rice trader Jojo Soliman of asking him P15 million so that his license will not be canceled and he will be allowed continue to operate after authorities raided Soliman’s warehouse few weeks ago. The raiders alleged that Soliman was mixing his rice with animal feeds. Soliman denied the allegation.

In an interview with the media, the rice trader showed text messages supposedly coming from Juan asking money and the bank deposit slips worth P10 million deposited in a bank.

Malacanang food and rice consultant Francis Pangilinan defended the raiders, saying Soliman was just making up stories to cover up his crime.

Soliman said Juan told him that out of the P15 million, Pangilinan and Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd would be given P5 million each. Juan, he added, will get the remaining P5 million.

The NBI is conducting an investigation based on pieces of evidence submitted by Soliman. Pangilinan assured the public that they will face the inquiry ordered by Malacanang.

My informant over at the NBI confirmed that the number and text messages that appeared on the mobile phone of Soliman belong to Juan.

Where on earth did this Juan come from?



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  1. It is not about SC,its the Justices honesty regarding the JDF past and present.Why dont they allow to get it audited.Why dont you ask them Mr. Tough Guy kuno.You only attack the honest people not the crook one,Why Mr.Tough guy Kuno.

    • arnel alvarez on

      ibig sabihin me corruption agad pag ayaw i audit ,pag di mo nakikita me corruption agad ,galing ng logic mo ah…

  2. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Where did this Juan come from? I really “Juander” where. But I also “Juander” how Sec. Kiko Pangilinan had the audacity to announce that he had rejected the proffered resignation of Juan because Juan is a presidential appointee and as such, only the President can accept or reject Juan’s resignation. To think that Pangilinan is a lawyer.

    • Lawyer lang siya ni Sharon. hahahaha puro noted lang ang sagot niya kay Sharon. Feeling president na din siya siguro dahil nakasama niya si Boy Kargador sa raid nila, kuno.

  3. Filipinos have this nasty habit of accusing others of all sorts of crimes in the media and yet would NOT file any criminal cases so the accusations can be proven or disproven in a court of law! And when they do file criminal cases, almost always, they settle for monetary considerations! In other words, puro mga sinungaling at pwedeng tapalan ng pera!