• Rice powder and almonds are good for the skin

    Almonds are rich in Vitamin E

    Almonds are rich in Vitamin E

    Two beauty ingredients that have stood the test of time are rice powder and almonds.

    Rice powder is made from finely ground rice and is often used in culinary endeavors. Victorians, Japanese and Greek women used rice powder in ancient times to camouflage blotches and redness and to brighten their skin. As such products containing this ingredient can also reduce facial sheen and give a lustrous finish. Its exfoliating properties further make it effective as a facial scrub and as well as to fend off ultraviolet rays.

    Rice powder’s effect on facial skin is inimitable

    Rice powder’s effect on facial skin is inimitable

    A variant of the rice powder, which can easily be used by Filipinos is water from the first rice wash. Store this in the fridge until the precipitates congeal, throw out the excess liquid, and use the leftover paste as a facial application before bedtime.

    As shared by irishtimes.com, Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used almonds in their beauty routines, which are still prevalent in cosmetics today. Burned almonds were used by Egyptians to darken their eyebrows in the olden days, and oil that is extracted from the nuts were meanwhile used for skincare. According to studies, almonds contain a large amount of Vitamin E which acts as an oxidant.


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