Richard Yap is new ‘C-Lium Chief’


His rise to popularity is phenomenal, to say the least. Richard Yap, more widely known as My Binondo Girl’s “Papa Chen” and now as Be Careful With My Heart’s “Sir Chief,” has undeniably captured the hearts of ladies, with fans ranging from giggling teenagers to married women who cannot help but gush about how gorgeous he is.

At the age of 46, Richard is living proof that sex appeal knows no age limit. He is at the top of his game and is as active as ever. His hands-on approach to healthy lifestyle choices helps him stay in shape. He loves working out, saying this is a way to de-stress from all the pressures of his very busy schedule.

“I used to be able to go to the gym, but now I do my exercises at home. I have always been conscious about my body. In fact, I was on the thin side when I was younger. That is the reason that I started working out.”

To complement his fitness regimen, he pays strict attention to what he eats.

“Instead of heavy meals, I opt for five to six light meals throughout the day. This helps me keep my energy up, since I work long hours. I try to stay away from fatty and oily food, but there are really some things that I find hard to resist, such as Lechon Cebu. I am a Cebuano, after all!” he laughs.

And because he has a sweet tooth, rich desserts tempt him too.

With his healthy lifestyle, Richard has just been tapped by supplement brand C-Lium Fibre, which he happily announced is a product he has long included in his habits.

“To make sure that I stay fit even if he indulge in eating once in a while, I’ve always taken C-Lium Fibre every day,” he explained. “I believe that taking supplements like this is very important. With our busy lifestyles, we really don’t get to have enough fiber in the food we eat every day. Taking C-Lium helps a lot in fulfilling that need. And it improves digestion too.”

He adds that not only does the supplement help him feel fit at his age, it also keeps him from worrying about lifestyle diseases later on in life.

C-Lium Fibre contains 5 grams of pure 100 percent natural psyllium fiber in every dose that has up to times more fiber than oatmeal or cereal. Besides helping prevent certain illnesses, it also provides a prolonged feeling of fullness and helps curb cravings, making it one’s perfect weight loss partner.

It is on this note that Richard says he takes his role as endorser seriously, adding, “Our viewers look up to us, and the products we endorse will affect a lot of the people who take our word for it. I believe in honest advertising, so that people will get what they pay for.”

Richard then talks about aging gracefully, “I think the 40s is the time when people like me become more mature and get to know what their priorities are. Age is also a blessing—you get to think more clearly, and know what you want in life and what you should focus on.”

For him, age doesn’t really matter, whether in matters of love or in one’s profession. What is important is to remain firmly rooted on the ground and to never give up on one’s dreams, as they do come true. “Seize the moment when the opportunity comes,” he ends.


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