Richard Yap talks about the ‘Chinoy’ sentiment

Richard Yap shows off his Wushu moves as superhero Kung Fu Chinito

Richard Yap shows off his Wushu moves as superhero Kung Fu Chinito

With the ongoing territorial disputes between China and the Philippines, top Filipino-Chinese actor Richard Yap found the venue to express his sentiments on the strained relationship of the two nations.

At the press conference of My Kung Fu Chinito, his latest mini-series for ABS-CBN under Wansapanataym, a discussion about the national issue was unavoidable, especially after Yap revealed that he is 100-percent Chinese by blood.

“If I may speak for most of the members of the Chinese-Filipino community in the country,” began the well-spoken and reserved actor, “pusong Pinoy na talaga kami. We consider the Philippines as our home, and we don’t agree with what China is doing. But of course, this [issue]is something we cannot control, and something that only our two governments can talk about.

“But throughout history and even today, the Chinoy community continue to give back to the country by contributing to the economy and creating employment because like I said, the Philippines is our home.”

He later on assured the press, along with his co-actor Enchong Dee (who is one-fourth Chinese by blood) and series director Eric Salud, that in completing the six-part fantasy series that highlights both Filipino and Chinese family values, they were very careful to treat the Chinese culture with respect.

“My Kung Fu Chinito is really for the kids and the whole family, not only because the story is entertaining, but also because it will teach them a lot of values,” Yap continued. He portrays the character of superhero Kung Fu Chinito who hides behind the identity of a rich businessman named Chairman Tai.

“In our Wansapanataym special, viewers will learn the importance of a family’s love, and having the courage to do the things that they thought they couldn’t do, just like what happens to my character Diego when he meets the Kung Fu Chinito,” Enchong joined in.

Also joining the two handsome chinitos in their Wansapanataym special are Rio Locsin, Marina Benipayo, Sofia Andres, Atoy Co, David Chua, Mutya Orquia, and Clarence Delgado.

Wansapanataym Presents My Kung Fu Chinito premieres tonight on ABS-CBN.


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