For a company to have lasted – and grown – these past 37 years, there has to have been some logical formulas to success. Here they are, according to AAI’s founder.

■ My one principle in life is simple: I won’t ask anyone to do something that I can’t do myself. If my staff told me that an airline wouldn’t accept a shipment because they were full, I would go down to the receiving area and talk to them until they accommodated it, labelled it and loaded it onto the aircraft. You have to be persistent to get things done.

■ I’ve tried out all sorts of jobs. I never thought I would do sales but I did it, and I can do it. I’ve also done operations and accounting work.

■ In everything I do, I always try to inject quality into it. That’s the culture we’re trying to develop in the group. Hindi puwede na “puwede na yan” or “okay na yan.”

■ If you tell customers you can do the job, you have to do it. It’s what they expect of you. And that’s why AAI has been able to hack it with the big guys, and why been around all these years. People, here and abroad, are looking at us and like what we do.


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