Riding on Binay’s coat-tails


The political strategists of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano would do well to advise their client to lay off “Binay-bashing” in his quest for the presidency in 2016. It’s starting to sound pathetic and “trying hard.”

We’re referring, of course, to Cayetano’s tirades against VicePresident Jejomar Binay who, for obvious reasons, has suddenly become the archnemesis of the youthful senator.

Just last week, Cayetano again took a swipe at Binay insinuating that the latter “could” use his power to influence the pork barrel scam cases involving opposition senators who are known allies of the vice president.

That quickly drew a biting retort from Joey Salgado, the vice president’s spokesman, who said that Binay “will respect the independence of the courts and will not interfere in its proceedings, nor will he extend pardon if the courts decide that the evidence is strong enough to warrant a conviction.”

And in a thinly veiled reference to Cayetano’s inclusion in the infamous “Napolist,” Salgado added: “(S)hould Sen. Cayetano or other legislators find themselves in a similar situation, they can rest assured that a President Binay will respect the independence of the courts.” Ouch!

It will be recalled that Cayetano was one of the senators implicated by pork barrel scam ringleader Janet Napoles in her tell-all affidavit. According to Napoles, she donated money to Cayetano for the 2013 elections and that his uncle, a certain Tito Boy, was the senator’s agent when he was still a congressman. Napoles also claims to have given a cash advance to Tito Boy who later returned only a part of it even though Cayetano’s project didn’t pan out.

Cayetano’s antics don’t surprise many Filipinos. After all, he already announced last March that he wanted to become the president of the country and had, in fact, started preparing for his presidential bid.

As one of the youngest lawmakers elected to the House of Representatives, the feisty senator rose to public prominence – and was widely applauded – for fearlessly standing up to the Arroyo couple at the height of their power.

This is why it’s a bit disappointing that Cayetano—who built his entire political career portraying the image of a non-traditional politician—should now resort to the same old strategy used by trapos: political mudslinging.

We don’t blame Cayetano, however, for trying to bring Binay down. He’s got a lot of catching up to do.

A Pulse Asia survey conducted last April showed that Binay is the first choice of Filipinos as the next president of the country, making him the presumptive heir to PNoy. Barring any hitches, Binay will most likely ascend to higher office a little over two years from now.

Cayetano, on the other hand, is languishing near the bottom of the list.

To our mind, Cayetano should to lay down his achievement and platform for governance instead of putting down political rivals to gain “pogi points.”

That, however, might prove difficult for Cayetano considering that he’s had very little executive experience. Aside from his short stint as vice-mayor of Taguig, he’s spent most of his political life in the legislative branch of government as a congressman and senator.

That explains why Binay appears to have a head start in crafting an economic policy for a post-Aquino administration. His speech at the Banyan Tree Leadership Forum in Washington, DC last month provides an insight into his economic agenda.

At the forum, Binay urged our leaders to “make sure that our economic gains are felt by the greater mass of our people.” Inclusion should be the key element of the nation’s economic strategy, Binay declared.

“The Philippine economic miracle is the tale of two economic sectors: the booming BPO industry and the record high remittances of our Filipino overseas workers. This, however, underscores the soft underbelly of the Philippine economic boom.”

He warns that “to provide sustainability as well as greater employment opportunities, the Philippine economic portfolio must diversify equally into the manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and other sectors of the economy,” which is what many economists have long been urging PNoy to do.

And knowing that government spending is a key driver of economic growth, Binay says “we must raise infrastructure spending…to a truly progressive 5 percent of GDP in order to raise the quality of life of our people and enhance the country’s economic climate.”

With his wealth of executive experience, most political observers agree that Binay is ripe for the presidency. He has a comprehensive platform of government and he’ll surely hit the ground running. No learning curve.

As for Cayetano, he probably ought to follow that oft-repeated adage taught to him in law school, which is, to emphasize the strength of your case rather than the supposed weaknesses of your opponent’s.

If he does, he would have done Filipino voters a favor by bringing up the level of discourse in political campaigns. Plus it won’t look so obvious that he’s only trying to ride on Binay’s coat-tails.


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  1. Not to mention that Binay has done NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH to aid in the investigation of the pork barrel scum. Instead, he coddles them and entertains Estrada to be his running mate for 2016 while skipping out of his own party to form another. He can’t even have loyalty to his party never mind the people!!!

  2. Bakit lahat yata na nagcomment dito,ay daig pa ang sila ang nasaktan,di masama na hanga ang isang tao,walang perpectong tao!panatiko marami nito,hindi matanggap na nagkakamali rin ang iniidolo,!pabor nga ang ganito,malalaman niya kung ano ang ginagawa niya!kaya kayong panatiko di kayo nakakatulong !

  3. Amelie Reyes on

    How can Cayetano be a non-traditional politician when he and his sister are hugging two seats in the Senate at the same time. And his wife is what?? He is so young and already, he is mastering the art of digging into power. It is true that he built is career on being anti-Arroyo and is now looking for another politician to oppose to stay in the limelight.

  4. 3 things, one, napoles is not note worthy she is a liar, two, why attack cayetano? why not tackle JPE Revilla and Ejercito’s plight instead that seems more worth reading, three this is obviously biased…

  5. over sa papuri namn ang article na to para kay binay, at kung kelan may mga batong pinupukol sa kanya… sagutin n lng ang mga alegasyon sa kanya wag na mang sisi…

  6. Memnoch the Devil on

    Many things have been connected to Binay sr. even before he became VP many are about graft and corruption and he always just shrug them off, now he should face them all if not, in my so humble opinion, he has no right to run for presidency..

  7. May potential naman si Cayetano na maging president,mas mukang mapagkakatiwalaan pa sya kumpara kay binay,si binay yung gagawing VP may kinakaharap pa na kaso ng pagnanakaw,kung ibang kandidato yan hindi na yan kukunin dahil makakasira sa partido.that’s all.

  8. Ethinyl Pavia on

    Nag imbestiga na ang NBI at napag alaman na kamag anak mo pala ang sinasabi mong VLL my God! Dapat ata lahat ng angkan nito ikulong mukang lahat may role sa pdaf e.

  9. AP Cayetano is also is starting to build his empire, his wife is the mayor of Taguig, he is only good in talking and also infected with corruption. I am not for Binay or Roxas since all of these presidential wannabe’s are not really Lingkod Bayan only Lingkod Bulsa ay hungry for power, I will rather choose Gibo or Villanueva to be our president, both of them have high morals and sincere.

  10. Totoo naman talagang papalayain niya yang 3 muskethieves na yan e! Kaalyado niya yan hello? Saka si jinggoy inaalok pa nga niya maging VP niya for 2016 e.

  11. joseph estebes on

    walang katotohanan ang mga cnsbe ni napoles eh .! profesional na yang si napoles sa pag sisinungaling eh …..

  12. Bakit si Sen Cayetano po tinitira nyo? Why are you silent about Jinggoy, JPE, and Bong? And how about Binay? Di ba may allegation din sa kanya? And we all know naman na ever since, Mayor pa siya ng Makati corruption na issue niya. Obvious naman Atty na maka-Binay kayo heheh

  13. Peter Cayetano’s quixotic presidential ambition will only bring PH further down the drain of economic disaster.

  14. Both Binay and Alan Cayetano, both garbage, not even worth a second look as Presidential candidates. Just look at the parallels of both: TRADPOLS, MEMBERS OF DYNASTICAL FAMILIES, POLITICAL BUTTERFLIES, CORRUPT (UNEXPLAINED WEALTH. Enough of these politicians.

  15. Does this article mean ‘political dynasty’ is still okay? Any other other possible better candidates to talk about, to promote and to choose from? Are we maintaining the same old political culture in the country. I hope the media will play an important part of changing this culture. Lest, the same sad situation remains.