Do right or face Chinese competitors


    President Rodrigo Duterte has warned telecommunications (telecom) companies to improve their services or face new competitors from China.

    In his speech during the National Banana Congress in Davao City on Friday night, the President mentioned businessman Manny Pangilinan and the Ayalas as he announced his plan to launch a morning show over state-run PTV-4.

    Pangilinan is the chairman and chief executive officer of PLDT and Smart while the Ayalas are major stakeholders in Globe Telecom.

    “If you do not do it right, you wait, I’m going to China. I’ll open up everything for competition. Buksan ko na lang lahat [I’ll just open up everything],” the President said.

    Duterte was apparently reacting to persistent consumer criticisms over the country’s slow but expensive Internet services mainly provided by the cited telecom companies.

    Morning show plans
    Meanwhile, the president revealed his intent to devote an hour of his planned morning show to addressing complaints against government officials.

    “Now, there is Malacañang TV, PTV4. So I’ll have a program there. I’ll give about, every morning, one hour. All Filipinos who experience, whether it’s in the permit in the office of the mayor, or an electrical clearance or way of right already paid but implemented, you can text it. Your name, the government official, do not add your name,” Duterte said.

    The President said he would open a number where the public could text their complaints.

    “Ito ngayon I’ll open a number… Magcontribute si Pangilinan pati si Ayala ng numero ko, tutal they are… maraming pera sila dito. Wala kayong kumpetensiya. Magtext ako, maghintay ako ng reply. Matulog na muna ako kinabukasan ko pa mabasa [I’ll open a number. Pangilinan and Ayala should contribute, anyway they are making money. They do not have competition], Duterte said.

    Call for efficient performance
    The President reiterated his call on government employees to do their work efficiently.

    “To those in the government, I will see to it, you are dismissed… Don’t make me a fool because I don’t want that. That’s it,” Duterte said.

    He urged the public to cooperate by relating their encounters with negligent public employees.

    “If it is really for rejection, clearly state why. And I’d like to read. All Filipinos, just text me. Then state what has been asked, and what is the new requirement that has been asked again, then, that is corruption. That’s difficult,” Duterte said.

    “If you are made to go back and forth, just text me. No more names. Just text me and I will take care of it. If you do not really help me, I could not do anything for you if you do not help me ferret out the bad guys,” he added.


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    1. Yonkers, New York
      09 October 2016

      This is no empty threat Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte is addressing to businessman Manny Pangilinan and the Ayala Corporation to shape up–or face competition from China, whose President XI JINPING is now a “bosom” friend of his.

      That kind of competition from China will very likely be disastrous if it materializes as Duterte warns. Is he giving Manny Pangilinan and Ayala enough time to shape up? That is not clear.

      They had better hurry up because Chinese companies are just waiting for precisely this chance which Duterte is opening up for them to gain a foothold in the Philippines. Otherwise, they will go the way of the fabled DODO, which is EXTINCTION.


    2. This guy has guts. Look at Ongpin, E Games, billions lost. I challenge Duterte if you are reading this comments, check out Manny Pangilinsn. He was quoted as saying do not attack his companies and you will be sorry. This is address to our president.

    3. Go ahead Mr. President. Also take out all the very restrictive economic provisions enshrined in the constitution that protect their monopoly.

    4. it is high time for these GREEDY BUSINESSMEN to think of the benefit of the common men .
      After all , when they go back to earth (from dust to dust) … they could not take with them any material thing they acquired on this materialistic world , especially when they would be cremated .

    5. President Duterte or Tatay digong, please open our market to outside country regarding the expensive and poor services of the Ayalas and Smart.Globe communication… Sinindikato rin nila pati ang communications, internet, etc. para silang mga Liberal Party sindikato sa congress at Senate and the previous President abnoy itself..Niluluto nila tayo sa sarili nating mantika…. kaya kwawa tayong mga Filipino sa mga kawatan na companyang ito.. Invitte australia, and european , chinese , russians who wants to invest in our country in communication company..Sabi nila ng mga dilawang company , Free enterprise, pero ayaw nilang papasukin ang ibang company ng ibang bansa..para sa competition..Greedy itong mga companyang ito..

    6. Ferdinand Concepcion on

      really SMART and GLOBE monopoly must be dismantled. They’re the biggest swindlers. They eat up your loads and set expiration on loads you already paid for.

      • As if the iphone is really made in california and samsung phones are really made in south korea.

    7. Duterte could use sting teams, Have some government team that poses as customers or whatever that report on how the agencies operate.