Righteousness, wisdom and truth in sports



From the Philippine Swimming League’s (PSL) perspective, divine intervention and providence are needed in running Philippine sports.

Many in the local swimming community have already realized this truth and were able to see what they failed to see before.

The PSL aims to practice what is pleasing to God, to do what is proper and to uphold the truth.

Philippine sports official must put the welfare of the athletes first and must be transparent in all their dealings.

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) that is under the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has authority over the participation of Filipino athletes in the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games and the Olympics.

Meanwhile, the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) is affiliated with the Federation Internationale du Sports Universidad (FISU).

Both the IOC and FISU are based in Europe, and both recognize the International Swimming Federation or Fédération internationale de natation (FINA) rules.

But as we take a closer look at the POC and FESSAP, we realized that its leadership is not athlete centered, transparent and professionally governed – in short, some things need to be changed.

In examining the POC and the Fessap, we should ask the following questions: Are the leaders of these organizations self serving, corrupt, unaccountable and incompetent? Do they change rules in the middle of the game to serve their interest?

Any sports official should just serve with passion. They must not be on a power trip otherwise our athletes will suffer and Philippine sports will go down the drain.

The PSL has vowed to democratize swimming in the Philippines as well as fight bullying, abuses and corruptions in sports.

Sports advocate and former Senator Nikki Coseteng is one of the driving forces behind PSL. In the past years, Coseteng fearlessly launched campaign in social media, television, radio and newspapers to push the “Sports for All” policy, that according to her, the former leadership of Philippine Sports Commission and the POC failed to uphold.

Coseteng freely gave assistance to PSL swimmers competing abroad when the old PSC leadership declared that they would not be given travel tax exemptions.

To date, PSL has already sent 475 swimmers, 70 coaches and officials in several international competitions covering five of the seven continents.

It is good that under the leadership of Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez, the PSC has ordered that PSL swimmers be given travel order and endorsing the tax exemptions. Ramirez also said that the PSL is free to use the Rizal Memorial swimming pool for training and competitions.


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