Rise of criminality, exaltation of cruelty


IF we, Filipinos, do not radically change, cruelty—not hospitality—will become our hallmark.

The most visibly cruel person in our country is no less than our president himself.

His adorers raise their voices hoarse to defend his acts of cruelty to his predecessor, former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. These BS Aquno fanatics not only justify and defend their idol’s cruelty they themselves seem to be controlled by the dark emotions that dominate Mr. Aquino in his dealings with his foes.

They spew the most vulgar and sharp curses at those who vilify the president for his cruelty and vindictiveness. And they are quick to curse those who point out their hero-president’s mistakes and failures as paid lapdogs of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo.

The cruelty of President Aquino to his perceived enemies, the mimicry of his cruelty by his worshipful admirers, and the dutiful obedience to him of officials who should only be doing their jobs professionally, without cruel theatrics, have been seen in their treatment of the three highest personages to be indicted in the PDAF or pork barrel scam.

Officials and political-party allies of President Aquino talk about Enrile, Estrada and Revilla as if our country does not have a proper judicial system. They talk as boorishly as the least civilized of the Aquino camp-followers and refer to the three plunder-indicted big shots as if they were already found guilty by the Sandiganbayan. These are officials who seem to have cruelly forgotten that there is a principle that holds the most obvious criminal to be innocent until proven guilty.

Not only the Aquino camp is cruel
Those who belong to the opposite political parties and ideological persuasions also speak with Satanic heat against the president and his men, his sister Kris and, of course, his incompetent, ineffective and corrupt Cabinet members.

But even some of those who love to have televised moments of fame do so with the vileness of harpies. The master of this form of cruelty is Senator Miriam Santiago. And the fact that we Filipinos—almost to a man—admire her for these performances only shows that cruelty has indeed become our most common trait.

We will not be surprised if a scientific study shows that this exaltation of cruelty in Philippine society is related to the rise in criminality.

Obviously, the increase in crimes for profit among the lower classes in our society is a result of the massive poverty the Aquino administration has failed to reduce.

But the crime of stealing billions meant for the poor, perpetrated by the PDAF-pork barrel plunderers, has risen astronomically, too. And the perpetrators are not poor Filipinos but men of power and prestige.

This, to us, is another proof that cruelty has become the predominant unvirtue—this term has more force than the correct term “bad habit” or “evil trait”—of our people.

For Janet Lim-Napoles, her co-operators, and the senators, congressmen and Malacañang officials at the Department of Budget and Management who stole billions meant for the poorest Filipinos are monsters of cruelty and heartlessness.


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  1. Maraming tsimosa at tsimoso na kahit hindi nila alam ang tunay na dahilan,nakokomentaryo laban sa narinig at nabasa lamang,itong ang cruel,naglipana ito dito,akala mo nakasama nila at nakita ang nagawa nito,ito ang mga taong lalo lamang nagpapasama, kahit media ay kasama dito,pera pera lang at Kahit simbahan ay gumagawa din ng ganito,kaya aasa pa ba tayo,thank u sa writer nito,sana bawat isa salaminin natin ang sarili natin at kontrolin .

  2. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    Yes we have become a more cruel people than ever before. But it was not like like this during the presidential terns of Manuel Quezon and his successor Sergio Osmena (enye), and Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Carlos Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Marcos (before the Martial Law declaration), Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
    The spikes in cruelty happened during Martial Law, the Corazon Aquino and now the Benigno Aquino presidential terms.
    All the regimes had graft and corruption. But this presidency has hypocrisy (claiming to be graft-free but really corrupt) and extreme cruelty in addition.
    This characteristic is ignored or unnoticed now because the Yellow Army still has many priests and nuns and Protestant Christians supporting the Benigno Aquino administration and its claim to be treading the Righteous Path (Daang Matuwid).
    But more and more diehard Yellow Army marchers are now learning to see the truth.

  3. For years, GMA has been silent over the cases she is faced with. Nary had a complaint come directly from her regarding the cruel treatment she is getting from this administration. I surmise she already resigned to her fate that justice will forever be elusive after all despite the appeals her lawyers had presented to the court.

    Miriam Santiago is the wonder woman wearing a black mask that people usually see and hail in Hollywood movies depicting super heroes. This virago’s crusade against corruption is superficial as it is only driven by excessive despise for her foes and not for the crime itself. Is it not obvious in the case of Senator Enrile whom she called names right in front of colleagues at the august hall?

    I do not pass judgment on the three senators who were singled out for the crime of plunder. They deserve the punishment if they are found guilty. Miriam chooses her targets, very vocal when it comes to her enemies but her silence is deafening with regard to the complicity of other allies? She is ready to disgorge her venom against a perceived predator.

  4. Cruelty has always been a hallmark of the Filipino people. One proof of this is the national obsession with the cruel “sport” of cock-fighting.

  5. How true. The reason why there are so many criminals and criminal acts in this administration is the failure for King PNoy and his bright boys to initiate anything to provide jobs to the unemployed who are forced to do criminal acts if only to survive. It failed to address the failures in the educational system which leaves young citizens away from attending classes because of poverty. The unschooled youth are forced to do criminal acts themselves without anything to do. Yet Pnoy is only geared to erase all his enemies and the opposition from society, using public money to bribe, as if this is the only accomplishment he can bragged about in his entire sleeping on the job term.