• Rise and shine in the Year of the Fire Rooster


    The Rooster, the 10th animal sign in the Chinese zodiac, has always been recognized as a symbol of light dominating darkness. When it crows, it signifies that a new day has dawned, signalling that it is time to rise and shine and make new beginnings.

    Thus, international Feng Shui master Marites Allen could not have chosen a more appropriate theme for the 2017 Philippine Feng Shui Convention on December 4 at The Marco Polo Hotel. The event tag line, “Making New Beginnings in the Year of the Fire Rooster,” best captures the proper mindset to welcome 2017, especially in light of the challenges and unexpected developments seen in 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey.
    marites20170101As a widely accepted road map to navigating every new Chinese new year, the annual convention has, for the past 12 years, brought together avid Feng Shui followers from all over the country who look forward to learning from Allen’s significant Feng Shui forecasts related to business, various industries, and their personal lives.

    As expected, this year’s convention delivered on its promise to make it a day full of great learning, fun, and entertainment for everyone.

    2017 Feng Shui Highlights
    • The Year of the Fire Rooster starts on January 28, 2017 and ends on February 15, 2018. Since the first day falls before February 4, there is a “lap chun” or the start of spring—a good sign.

    • The Paht Chee or Four Pillars Chart of the year has these elements present: four Metal, two Water, one Fire, and one Wood. There is no Earth element, however.

    • The dominant Metal element in the chart bodes well for the finance and banking sectors and indicates both good and bad news for these industries in 2017.

    • The second best element, Water, brings positive changes, with technology and innovation dominating our daily activities. Intelligent robots will continue to be used for medical assistance and ironically, in warfare. There will be innovative uses for drone technology as well.

    • The Yin Fire on top of the Yin Metal Rooster in the Year pillar of the chart suggests destruction, infighting, tension, demonstrations and chaotic situations.

    • The single Fire element symbolizes profits, which may be hard to achieve in 2017. The scarce Wood element is being attacked by Metal in all directions, indicating fear and cash flow problems. The missing Earth element symbolizes the lack of support, authority, and resources.

    • Fire and Metal represent guns, explosives, and sharp lethal objects. In the chart, Metal is being destroyed by Fire, which indicates strong competition and financial issues that could go both ways—some will make big fortunes, while others will suffer significant losses.

    • The Four Pillars chart does not show great relationships between the elements, which suggests that many professionals will be inclined towards shifting careers. Heightened competition and challenges are likewise indicated. The world’s largest economies, including those of the US and the UK, will be at the center of a huge shift. This could result in disoriented families, relocation, job uncertainties, and an overall diminished quality of life.

    • On a positive note, the Rooster year has Peach Blossom Luck that will benefit single people who could start new relationships. Those born in the years of the Rat, Dragon, and Monkey will be specifically favored in the romance department.

    International Feng Shui amaster Marites Allen presents her new set of luck enhancers, charms and cures including a wide array of Tibetan charms PHOTOS BY FRIGGA CHARMED LIFE

    International Feng Shui amaster Marites Allen presents her new set of luck enhancers, charms and cures including a wide array of Tibetan charms PHOTOS BY FRIGGA CHARMED LIFE

    Personal destiny charts
    Participants who submitted their birth details prior to the event were given their own personal destiny charts to better understand their luck prospects for 2017. Using the Four Pillars chart as guide, each participant was asked to compare the elements present there with the elements shown in their own destiny charts. Allen pointed out that since Metal is the strongest element in the annual chart, those who have the Metal element in their charts would tend to be more prosperous in 2017 since they are more in sync with the universe. Conversely, those who lack the Metal element in their charts could have less promising prospects.

    The Feng Shui master emphasized that ideally, the elements in the personal charts should be compatible with those in the Four Pillars chart. “Otherwise, you should be ready to resort to metaphysical ways such as geomancy to counter the negative indications,” she said.

    King of Talk Boy Abunda (right) and TV and radio host Tim Yap (left) join the famous geomancer in hosting the 2017 Philippine Feng Shui Convention

    King of Talk Boy Abunda (right) and TV and radio host Tim Yap (left) join the famous geomancer in hosting the 2017 Philippine Feng Shui Convention

    2017 Flying Stars Chart
    Another popular tool for forecasting luck forecasts for each new year is the Flying Stars method. The chart shows the lucky and unlucky directions of the home and office. Each cardinal direction is associated with specific animal signs, who are believed to be greatly affected by the luck prospects for that direction.

    The auspicious sectors for 2017 are: the Northeast, which has the Romance and Education Star. It favors academic pursuits and travel opportunities and holds promise for all Ox- and Tiger-born people; the North where the Heaven’s Luck is located. The star symbolizes unexpected wealth, career and recognition, which await the Rat; the East, which is visited by the Wealth Star. It represents financial luck for residents of East-facing homes and the Rabbit-born; the Southeast, which is blessed with the Prosperity Star—a symbol of future expansion and growth. This sector is favorable to the Dragon and Snake; the Center sector, which has the Victory Star representing many forms of auspiciousness, including increased income, travel, career promotion, among others. All members of the household can look forward to benefiting from this type of luck.

    The convention starts with Allen chanting prayers

    The convention starts with Allen chanting prayers

    The inauspicious or afflicted sectors, on the other hand, are located in the Northwest where the Illness Star has flown, affecting residents in this sector especially the Dog and Boar; the West, which suffers from the Quarrelsome Star that could manifest in minor spats or serious fights that could affect the Rooster; the South, which has the dreaded Misfortune or Five Yellow Star that could bring extremely negative effects to residents of the South and all Horse-born people; the Southwest, which is the location of the Robbery Star. The Sheep and Monkey are especially warned against possible losses, accidents, injuries and emotional stress.

    Allen also noted that because of their special affiliation with the ruling sign of the Rooster, the Dragon, Ox, and Snake will enjoy good prospects in 2017. The Rabbit, which is the conflict animal of the Rooster, should be extra cautious as they may face challenges during the year.

    Inevitably, the Feng Shui maven was pressed to share her thoughts on the current Philippine president. “President Rodrigo Duterte is a yang fire person born in the Year of the Rooster, in the month of the Rabbit, and on the day of the Monkey. The year will be good for him to pursue affiliations and alliances.”

    Allen with supportive husband and daughter Nikki

    Allen with supportive husband and daughter Nikki

    Luck enhancers and cures for the times
    Regular attendees of the annual event have seen how the must-have feng shui charms have evolved through the years. From the conventional brass and glass luck symbols, they have taken more innovative and fashionable forms fit for the new age. Through Frigga Charmed Life, her own brand of auspicious fashion, Allen has introduced creative ways to attract good fortune into one’s life. Her 2017 collection includes colorful affirmation shawls, products of her collaboration with Janavi, a leading Indian designer brand that distributes to high-profile shops in 30 countries. Future collaboration for the Chinese New Year, includes partnership with Anne Ong, top local jeweler known for its trendy designs globally, she has produced an exciting line of high-end fashion accessories. From her recent trip to Dharamsala, India to learn from the teachings of the Dalai Lama, she brought home a wide array of Tibetan charms to add to her ever-growing collection of luck enhancers and protectors. Her collection of crystal charms meant to provide the required Earth element in 2017 was sold out even before it was launched during the December 4 event. These new products may soon be viewed on frigga.co.uk and wealthluck.com. In addition, Allen has also produced a Feng Shui planner, an almanac and individual animal sign books for the 12 animal signs for 2017, which are available online and also nationwide through the National Bookstore chain.

    With TV host Gretchen Fullido who serve as the convention’s host

    With TV host Gretchen Fullido who serve as the convention’s host

    Allen summed up her presentation by saying that the Year of the Fire Rooster brings tremendous energy and opportunities for everyone. “How we seize and make use of them depends not only on what our charts reveal, but also on time and circumstances. Sometimes, these charts do not tell all because they are meant for general use and require a deeper level of understanding through the analysis of our birth details, including year, month, date and hour of birth.”

    With knowledge and information comes self-empowerment. Whether we believe in Feng Shui or not, understanding these influences will help prepare us for the possibilities and opportunities in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

    * * *

    About Marites Allen:
    Marites Allen is the first and only Filipina to date to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master in Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association. She is the Chief Executive Officer of House of Allen Ltd – registered owner of FRIGGA – an auspicious fashion line clothing in Europe. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Marites Allen) and marites.allen.com, frigga.co.uk and wealthluck.com.


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