• Rising above a tragedy


    Dear Sir,
    Tragedy is really a challenge. When Aceh, a part of the Republic of Indonesia was hit by a tsunami on December 26, 2004, it was able to stand up. Aceh has always been in political upheavals and resists colonizers, even the government of Jakarta. Many were killed in the tsunami but immediately Aceh hastened its rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding. The destruction was massive, just like in Leyte and nearby provinces. But their leaders were able to put their act together to rise above the situation. Likewise, Aceh has found peace with the Indonesian government where a peace agreement was reached. It now relishes peace and total progress is near.

    And so, isn’t it time for the New People’s Army to make peace with the government? As it is, the effort of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is “hati,” since it has to fight insurgency and other armed groups at the same time being called to assist in calamities and tragedies.

    If there is peace, there will be progress. Tragedies bring out the best in all of us, but if we continue to fight our own government, nothing happens to us. Let’s take the Aceh experience seriously. It should be an eye-opener to the NPAs, who are also victims of the super typhoon as most of them come from Leyte and Samar.

    Sufferings seem to be tests and the NPA should realize this fact. We are united when in need, but we will all be happier if peace holds in our country and there will be no more NPAs and other enemies of our government.

    Eng. Felix G. Buce Jr.
    OFW, Qatar/Susana Heights, Muntinlupa City


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