Rising from a calamity

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

Thelma Dumpit-Murillo

DJ CRATER Inc., is a company that manufactures wine not from grapes but from coconut. It carries the brand Vino de Coco or coconut wine in Spanish. The winery was set up in Tacloban City as it is where it sources its raw materials. Well, we do know what happened to Tacloban City but by a stroke of luck, their factory was not affected.

I was a bit concerned because in earlier conversations with the owner, he tells me that the money used to put up that business was from his father’s retirement funds. Can you imagine how devastating that would have been had the factory been destroyed? That is money literally down the drain.

Moving forward, DJ Crater sought the assistance from the DTI for its product promotion here and abroad. It had previously participated in local and international trade shows facilitated and organized by the DTI like the Bahandi (or treasures) regional trade fair, and the IFEX Philippines, Asia’s ethnic food and ingredients show.

At present, the company is exporting to China. It is targeting to export in countries such as Korea and Japan. The company intends to continue its business because of the positive feedback it has been receiving and especially since the business helps farmers earn extra income from harvesting fresh sap from the cut flower buds of coconut trees for the company’s winery.

Yes, this is how it should be. Moving forward instead of getting stuck because of too much politics.

Working with the enemy
If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. So wrote Nelson Mandela.

George Bizos is Mandela’s lawyer and friend. He was a constant visitor throughout the prison years.

“Colonel Aucamp would at times pace up and down outside the room in which we were consulting, locked in with our clients. And Nelson went up to Aucamp, and said, ‘You know these lawyers give me homework . . . and the table that I have in my cell is a rickety one. Could I please have another table because I am under pressure to do this.’

He spoke politely, and the response of Aucamp was bombastic: ‘Mandela, you are no longer a lawyer in your office to give orders. You are a prisoner. And we will do what we have to. You can’t order us about.’

Nelson looked at him and he said, ‘Have you finished, Colonel?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ He turned around, looked at the man with a key who opened the grille door, and he came back, sat down, said nothing. Just continued with the consultation with us as if nothing had happened.

They took a break for lunch. And he came back, with a little smile that you often see and says, ‘Guess what, there’s a brand new table in my cell.” (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/mandela/etc/insights.html

Requiescat in pace, Madiba!

God is Great!



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  1. Thanks for the good news that DJ CRATER, Inc. in Tacloban survived the storm Yolando. It is just next to the Coca-Cola Plant in Marasbaras which until now is not fully operational. This plant is a concrete building but it was also damaged. The Vino de Coco warehouse is not even made of concrete, yet it is still standing. I would like to know if Engr. George Vacal Paraliza is safe and well. Any update on his whereabouts?