A rising newbie hunk and his off-putting performance


    This showbiz personality doesn’t seem to have sound advice from his management team regarding his career. He recently appeared as guest performer in a local beauty pageant at a well-known city and despite giving his best effort on stage, he became an embarrassment to the production.

    The event was big considering that most of the judges were famous beauty queens who did the country proud in international pageants.

    To everyone’s shock, the hunky showbiz newbie sang a novelty song made famous by a comedian-dancer, not realizing perhaps that his choice was not appropriate for a beauty contest.

    Worse [or perhaps the opposite for gay audience members], he took off his shirt and gyrated like a macho dancer! And since the song’s arrangement was a remixed version, his performance took longer than needed to the chagrin of the judges and the contestants themselves.

    After his “greatest performance,” it won’t be surprising if this hunky newbie—who’s featured in a top-rating program of a major network-will never be invited to the city’s future events anymore.


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