Risqué Erich Gonzales on the rise


And no, it’s not because of heartbreak
Since setting foot in showbiz via a talent search at the age of 14, Erich Gonzales long held on to a “sweet image,” even as she eventually took on more challenging roles within a wholesome package. Then suddenly, in mid-2017, the 27-year-old actress surprised the public with as series of risqué Instagram posts, showing a toned physique and dashboard abs.

The result of serious exercise and a proper diet, as Gonzales would later relate, her 3 million Instagram followers and fans from TV, were not accustomed to seeing the sweet actress showing too much skin. However, after her Instagram posts wearing bikinis went viral in May, the public began anticipating what was to become of Erich Gonzales for the film she was shooting that summer on the beach—the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Siargao,” which, not only gave them a good cry but also the country’s latest “fitspiration.”

Not a ‘revenge body’
As the actress’ “new image” emerged a few months after her much talked about breakup with fellow actor Daniel Matsunaga last year, many immediately saw the fruits of her transformation as a jilted girlfriend’s “revenge body.”

A popular Internet slang among millennials, a revenge body is referred to as the new figure from a person who is “channeling his or her frustration over a break up into exercise.” In effect, the new physique leads to “ex-partner regretting the breakup.”

To those who still think Gonzales’ transformation in this way, she simply says, “Maraming bagay tayong pinaghuhugutan. Of course, we want to improve ourselves and we want to be healthy and fit para mas marami pa tayong magawa sa buhay.”

Indeed, she did not wallow on her failed relationship and proceeded to achieve so much more. Before the end of 2017, she sizzled in another risqué pictorial as a local liquor brand’s 2018 calendar girl—another first for the actress. Thereafter, she showed some more skin for a topless cover in a local men’s magazine.

Currently, she essays a triplet role in the ABS-CBN series “Blood Sisters,” one of whom works as an exotic dancer.

Slim and strong
Suffice to say, Gonzales is now regarded as one of the sexiest actresses in the country. But more than enjoying her new image, Gonzales believes her transformation can serve as a “body-image bender” for others.

“I believe we have been fed with the idea that if we’re thin, we’re automatically sexy and fit. We grew up looking at those body images sa magazines and TV. But in my recent journey, I learned that that kind of thinking is wrong, and that we have to work for a healthy body and have a healthy mindset if we want to be fit,” Gonzales shared during her launch as brand ambassador for slimming supplement product line, mySlim.

transformation can serve as ‘body image bender

Besides being able to take on roles that require a particular body mold and being confident in her own skin, the dramatic actress said she was inspired to work out came from a desire to be physically stronger.

“For me what’s important is that when you’re fit, you feel healthy—you feel can do more and you actually have more energy,” Gonzales elaborated, stressing that her transformation did not happen overnight.

“It wasn’t easy. Hindi tayo pinanganak na bato-bato agad [we weren’t born with instant abs], and that’s where hard work and determination in getting that body and strength you’ve always wanted comes in,” she added.

To be more precise, Gonzales shared that since 2017, she has been going to the gym at least three times a week. Whenever her tight work schedule gets in the way, she will still do pull ups or weights on set, just to keep her pace.

Watching what she eats is also a must for Gonzales who advocates healthy eating habits and dissuades fans from fad diets.

It is this kind of mindset and dedication that the makers behind the all-natural slimming supplement decided to ask Gonzales to represent their brand.

“She’s the perfect role model because we want to communicate that despite our busy schedules, we should always have time for fitness,” Erick annigos, brand architect of Vida Nutriscience, makers of mySlim stated.

As parting shot, Gonzales shared that the most important thing to do in getting fit is simply to get started. “You just need to start somewhere because if you don’t, kahit little steps lang, walang mangyayari sa iyo. You have to make that decision and when you do, you have to work hard for it.”


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