• Rival rallies as peace returns to Ferguson


    FERGUSON, United States: Rival rallies —demanding justice for the unarmed black teenager shot two weeks ago by a white police officer, and in support of that police officer— brought people to the streets of a Missouri town on Saturday (Sunday in Manila).

    But authorities in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, where Brown was killed on August 9, reported the night was the most peaceful in two weeks of racially charged demonstrations—some of them violent —over the 18-year-old’s death.

    Michael Brown’s funeral, set to take place on Monday, is likely to be a focal point for more demonstrations by angry protesters demanding that Darren Wilson, the policeman who pulled the trigger, face justice.

    There have been few signs, however, of the protests spreading broadly to other parts of the United States, though a rally took place in New York City, and there were weekend “peace festivals” set for nearby St. Louis.

    Parallels have been drawn between Brown and Trayvon Martin, the unarmed African-American teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida in 2012.

    His father Tracy was in Ferguson on Saturday to address an event.

    In Staten Island, a borough of New York City, thousands demonstrated to protest the death of a black man placed in a chokehold by police—seen on an amateur video.

    Eric Garner, 43, a father of six who was suspected of illegally selling cigarettes, was wrestled to the ground by several white police officers after resisting arrest on July 17.

    Garner, who was obese and asthmatic and repeatedly complained he could not breathe, lost consciousness and was pronounced dead of a heart attack after being transferred to hospital.



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