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  1. water hyacinths are very good feedstock to convert into bio-oil & biogas for use as fuel for energy generation and cooking gas. the water content @ 90% is recovered as potable water. the conversion technology is a simple hydrothermal process and has been in existent for the past 30 years and was even used during WW2 by the germans.

  2. Water lilies are water hyacinth plants. In many countires, such as China, Brazil, Thailand they are used as a replacement for much more expensive and hard to grow rattan. If the country can acquire with the support of the government, then Filipinos can turn these river pests into strong, durable and beautiful rattan alternative. Water hyacinth turned rattan, have many times more tensile strength than the ordinary rattan.
    They have many purposes and they don’t destroy the environment.

  3. Get rid of water lilies and turn them as compost for fertilizer. Water lilies are useless and just clog the waterways.