• Roach cool to Pacquiao-Bradley rematch


    Freddie Roach, the longtime trainer of Manny Pacquiao, does not favor a rematch between his fighter and unbeaten American Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley, believing it will not generate enough excitement among boxing fans.

    Roach believes that a fight between Pacquiao and the Russian Ruslan Provodnikov or American Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, would be a better draw.

    “I want Manny to look good in his next fight, and I think maybe Tim Bradley wants too much money,” Roach told boxing writer Michael Woods of boxingscene.com. “I think he will run all night and make a poor showing for Manny.”

    “Ruslan Provodnikov is a better fight for Manny. They are good friends though. I’m trying not to make it happen, but to be honest, it’s probably the best fight for Manny. I’ve seen them spar many times and it is competitive,” he said.

    Pacquiao, who sports a 55-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts, has earlier indicated he really wanted to have a rematch with Bradley (31-0 win-loss card with 12 knockouts) because he likes to get his belt back.

    “A rematch with Bradley is what I really like now,” said Pacquiao. “Although it will be my promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotion who will decide what’s best for me. We will make a decision the soonest probably this coming week.”

    Roach is also interested to see Guerrero (31-2-1 slate with 18 knockouts) fight Pacquiao this year. The trainer prefers someone that Floyd Mayweather Jr. just fought in hopes of scoring a more impressive win.

    “There’s a couple of other guys out there right now that I’m thinking about that are free agents,” said Roach to fighthype.com writer Ben Thompson.

    “You look at Mayweather’s last like four fights and so forth, if we can fight one of those guys that he went the distance with and knock that person out and be impressive, it puts us even closer to Mayweather because that’s the fight we really want eventually.”

    On Friday, Pacquiao taunted Mayweather, calling him a coward for being evasive about facing the Filipino sports icon in the ring.


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    1. Enough has been said bad mouth, bad breathe Gayweather must stop whining, but be a warrior enough and brave to fight Pacman a true warrior in the ring. Pacman is not after the winning percentage, but he want the spectators to give a show they want to see. What is a bearing of undefeated, if you did not fight a true and tested challenger that rock you in the ring. Coward Gayweather is choosing his opponents in order to avoid Pacman and asking for the moon in order for these fight to happen. Gayweather is the only undefeated coward boxers that I know. Who can forget the the man, warrior in the ring the great legendary Rocky Marciano who is real undefeated because no more challenger can match unto his untimely death. Gayweather is not even close to Marciano if by comparison.