Roach says Pacman’s cramps no threat

Manny Pacquiao performs crunches during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao performs crunches during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

Trainer Freddie Roach downplayed on Saturday reports that Manny Pacquiao is experiencing frequent cramps, saying that it won’t affect the performance of his favorite pupil in his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 2.

Roach though admitted that he instructed Pacquiao to lessen the frequency of hill sprints and avoid getting exhausted during training.

“We are very confident that leg cramps will not be an issue for Manny,” Roach told The Manila Times in a phone interview. “It (leg cramps) is nothing and Manny just shook off his legs then it’s gone. It has not been an issue in training camp this week. It’s no big deal.”

“He [Pacquiao] has eliminated running hills and instead running more on a track. Justin Fortune is also working on specific conditioning drills to further eliminate this issue,” said the seven-time Boxing Writers Association of America Trainer of the Year. “Manny just needs to rest.”

Besides three sparring sessions a week, Roach said that Pacquiao is doing a lot of leg exercises particularly a 100-step bleacher climb three times a week at the University of California (UCLA) Los Angeles track-and-field stadium. Pacquiao also runs five to six times around UCLA’s 400-meter oval.

When asked if he was updated on Mayweather’s training, Roach said: “I have zero interest in what is going on in Mayweather’s camp. My only concern is perfecting the strategy Manny will use to paste Mayweather on May 2.”

Roach expressed sublime confidence that his ward would emerge the winner against the unbeaten American, “We are already referring to Mayweather as “Mr. 47 and 1,” he said.


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  1. Freddies a genuis in pugilism it would not shock me if he had a PHD in pychology the way hes playing the mayweathers lol

  2. Ronto Caniada on

    Mr. Roach, Regarding Pacquiao leg crambs, you better hope it will not happen during his fight with Mayweather.
    I am also having leg crambs sometimes and it is very painful.

  3. Its not long to go now, but anything tht can hamper a training camp shouldnt be taken lightly. If manny is getting cramps that is a problem.