• Roach wants Floyd for Manny in 2015


    Manny Pacquiao (left) and Freddie Roach during a press conference. AFP FILE PHOTO

    Macau: Two days after his ward Manny Pacquiao successfully defended his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt, six-time Boxing Writers Association of America trainer of the year Freddie Roach called on American Floyd Mayweather Jr. to finally fight his prized pupil next year.

    Roach, 54, who trained Pacquiao en route to his 57th win on Sunday against American Chris Algieri in Macau, said that boxing fans deserve to see that mega bout.

    “Manny really wanted to fight Mayweather and in my case that’s the fight that I really wanted since the last four years, but he’s avoiding us,” Roach told The Manila Times on Monday in an interview. “We’re challenging him to fight Manny next year and even Manny likes to fight him.”

    Even the 35-year-old Pacquiao (57-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) issued a public challenge to the 37-year-old Mayweather (47-0 record with 26 knockouts) after beating Algieri (20-1 record with eight knockouts).

    Pacquiao and his team in two chartered planes arrived on Monday in General Santos.

    “I’m ready to fight Mayweather next year. I’m ready,” Pacquiao told The Times during his victory party. “That fight [Pacquiao-Mayweather] needs to happen because the people deserves it. It’s been a long time. I hope they won’t deny the fight this time. They always deny it.”

    If ever the reigning World Boxing Council welterweight champion Mayweather declined to fight which he always does, Roach said that reigning World Boxing Association and WBC super light welterweight champion Danny Garcia (29-0 record with 17 knockouts) is the next best opponent for Pacman.

    But he reiterated that Pacquiao should fight first Mayweather before anyone else.

    “Danny Garcia is okay but I really like Mayweather to fight Manny. He is the best second option now, but Mayweather is our priority,” said Roach. “We will call him [Mayweather] a chicken everyday unless he agrees to fight Manny.”

    Top Rank Promotion head Bob Arum also said the same thing during the post-fight interview with reporters.

    “I think that fight should happen. I think the boxing fans deserve that fight. If boxing is to be considered a major sport the fight has to happen and all the nonsense has to cease,” said Arum.

    “Everyone should work together to make it happen. There are no more excuses. None. I’ll be by my phone; Manny will be by his phone. We’re ready.”

    “We’re tired. Everywhere we go they ask when is it going to happen? When are they going to fight,” Arum added. “I say enough is enough. Just make the fight happen. Let’s get it done and let’s get it done the next fight for each fighter, sometime in the first six months of next year.”


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    1. I’m watching Boxing for more than 40 yrs i could smell a bullshit and a deep shit. How could you rate Pacquiao to be in Floyd class if most of the fighter he beat is not even closed to Floyd. Why don’t he try Mattesse, Broner, Danny Garcia,Zap Judah, Canelo Alvarez, Maidana, and many more top fighter in his division. Aurum created Pacquioa, because he find out how much money he could make with the Asian people, But if you used your eyes and good judgement and certainly you must have a Brain, you know something fishy

    2. To qualify to fight for a world title you need to be beating people in that weight who are top contenders or if fighting a guy from a lower weight who is dominant there. Now look at mannys opponents for the last 3 1/2 years, there is algieri, hes had 20 fights only & all at light welterweight. Hes only fought 2 guys in the top 100 fighters in the world at that weight. Hes never fought a welterweight. Hes only scored 8 ko’s. He was not a worthy opponent.
      Brandon rios, he was a lightweight & was good at lightweight. He moved to light welterweight & was average at that weight. He had never fought a welterweight when he fought manny.
      Jmm was a light welterweight, he fought manny 4 times & many people thought he won all 4 fights, he won the last fight by ko’ing manny. But hes never beaten any other welterweights, hes lost to every other welterweight hes fought.
      Tim Bradley, he was a good world champion at light welterweight & deserved his shot at manny & won. I know most think he lost & since then hes nalso not fought a ny other welterweight. We dont know how good if he is any good at welterweight. His next fight is against a welterweight but hes rated in the 30’s, not a good enough opponent for a top welterweight.
      So please tell me how fighting those guys has qualified manny to get a fight with the undisputed current 2 weight world champion, undefeated as a professional floyd mayweather. When manny was in his prime in 2009 he deserved a fight with floyd & either could have won that fight if it had happened but it didnt happen because manny wouldnt accept rbt to fight night, he wouldnt accept rbt with a 24 day cut off. What was he hiding as apparently he will accept it now, what is the difference between now & then. I say make manny fight & beat 2 top 10 rated welterweights then yes i will also call for manny to get a shot at floyd, until he does that i say floyd dont give him that shot as there are more deserving…