Robbers tie up family of radio employee in Las Piñas


Four robbers, who pretended to be a service crew of a telecommunications firm, hogtied a family along with three visitors inside their house in Greenview Subdivision, Pamplona Tres, Las Piñas City. Senior Supt. Jemar Delgado Modequillo, Las Piñas City police chief, said the armed men barged into the house of Dennis Cruz Gueverra, a 39-year-old Philippines Graphic magazine and DWIZ employee, on a rainy Sunday night while his family was having a get-together with their guests. Investigation showed that the victims heard loud and successive knocks on the door. When the door was opened, the suspects pistol-whipped Gueverra on his head and beat him up until he lost his consciousness. His wife, two-year-old kid, and visitors were all hogtied, gagged with tape and locked inside the comfort room. The burglars ransacked the whole house carting away P250,000 worth of valuables, including jewelry, gadgets, appliances, gun, and even food. Modequillo said they are conducting follow-up operation for the identification and arrest of the suspects.


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