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In the heat of the election fever, we didn’t suspect that Robin Padilla had any plans of leaving Vidanes Management Agency, headed by former Viva Entertainment employee-turned manager Betchay Vidanes.

In his Instagram account, Robin posted the letter released by Vidanes Talent Agency dated May 10 which reads: “This is the official statement of Vidanes Marketing and Management Services to the general public. That as of Tuesday, May 10, 2016, we are no longer the exclusive management team of Mr. Robin Padilla. The management and Mr. Robin Padilla have officially parted ways.”

In his post, the action star said, “Ito po ay aking desisyon at sumusunod lamang po ang Vidanes Management. Napakalaki po ng naitulong sa akin ng opisina na ito lalo na sa aking pamilya. Ang paghihiwalay na ito ay hindi
personal at lalong hindi politika.”

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla

We tried asking Robin for the actual reason for his decision by sending him a message via Facebook but the actor did not reply. He was probably not online at that time but based on past experience, he responds when asked. We remember chatting with him quite lengthily during the height of the issue regarding the Metro Manila Film Festival in December.

We also sent a text message to his manager Betchay Vidanes who didn’t reply as well (although she has this habit of not answering text calls promptly, or not answering at all).

We do not want to speculate as to what might have caused the parting of ways between Padilla and his management. If we are not mistaken, Vidanes had been handling Padilla’s career for more than a decade.

The last time we saw Padilla was some two weeks ago at the live telecast of Pilipinas Got Talent held in Taytay, Rizal. Vidanes was there and we didn’t notice anything that should make us feel that there was something amiss between the two. So the parting of ways between the two comes as surprise to say the least.

Breakup in talent-artist relationship is a regular thing in showbiz but a rarity when an artist and talent manager relationship has worked for a very long time.

On a lighter note, Robin Padilla Global (RPG), a group of Robin Padilla fanatics, is celebrating its second year anniversary on Sunday. This group regularly attends all of Robin’s activities–whether taping for a teleserye or live show of Pilipinas Got Talent, waving banners and cheering for their idol. And after the show, they will patiently wait for the chance to have their picture taken with their idol.

Some members come from the provinces who don’t mind going to Manila just to have a chance to bond with their idol. They also have members from abroad.
Greetings to RPG on its second year anniversary!

* * *

Newbie producer Jojo Dispo of Ernie and Bert Production, the outfit behind the movie Magtanggol, says his latest release is not your usual story about OFWs. With GMA Network actor Tom Rodriguez in the lead role, the film is heavy on showing the sufferings and difficulties of OFWs.

“The main message of the film is a call to action that no matter how small or how big we are, whether rich or poor, whether we are a senator or a janitor, a driver or a security guard, all of us can do our share to support our overseas Filipino worker. That is the main message of the film,” said Dispo at the press conference of Magtanggol.

Dispo described the movie as a suspense thriller that will appeal to the current generation.  All the same, it also speaks of patriotism as delivered by the Magtanggol patriarch, played by Joonee Gamboa, a very respected veteran actor.

“This is a story of [the]Magtanggols, a family, who from generation to generation had been supporting the marginalized sector in society. In this current generation, I believe the most marginalized sector in our society are the OFWs,” added Dispo.

The newbie producer is a banker by profession and he ventured in moviemaking to fuel his advocacy for OFWs. “This is not a money-making activity for me. I have other businesses and other sources of income. The main intention of the film is, if it makes money, we will use the funds to support OFWs and then raise the level of awareness about their condition of their plight. And we hope to convince the government to do more things, more concrete programs for our overseas Filipino workers,” added Dispo.

He doesn’t consider his initial foray into scripting and producing a movie a gamble. Magtanggol, the first offering of Felix and Bert Film Productions, is an undertaking fueled by passion and compassion.

Directed by Sigfreid Barros Sanchez and conceptualized by Dispo himself, Magtanggol tackles the issue of abuses committed against Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) by their employers. “I’ve traveled to a lot of places with high concentration of OFWs,” Dispo discloses. “I’ve talked to many ambassadors around the world about them and have had first hand exposure with many OFWs. I’ve heard their stories. I want to help.”

Magtanggol dares to ask the question “Sino ang bayani ng mga bagong bayani?”

The story zeroes in on Senator Juan Magtanggol, a member of the powerful Magtanggol political clan, who is one day thrust into the limelight for being a suspect for the spate of killings of international employers of Filipino OFWs victimized by abuse. Tom Rodriguez plays Senator Juan.

Magtanggol also features Dina Bonnevie, Joonee Gamboa, Yam Concepcion, Ejay Falcon, Denise Laurel, William Martinez, and Kim Domingo.


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  1. Robin is a good actor. His past brush with the law should be forgotten. He paid his time. He is also now a responsible family man. Good job robin.