• Robin Padilla comes to Mocha’s defense



    It is without a whiff of wonder and bewilderment if Robin Padilla is taking the cudgels for Mocha Uson. After all, both are staunch Duterte supporters.

    While Robin and Mocha got into a “cyber misunderstanding” of sorts in October last year (over Agot Isidro, remember?), the Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema slammed the latter’s critics shortly after her (eyebrow-raising) appointment as the new PCOO (Presidential Communications Operations) Assistant Secretary.

    Among many others, Mocha’s bashers are questioning her credentials—or sheer lack of it—for the post. Worse, her tainted past as a sexy dancer.

    Known for his chivalry and high respect for women, Robin said: “Kung titignan natin ang tao sa kung ano ang katayuan niya sa buhay, eh, tayo ang may diperensiya. Wala akong nakikitang mali. Walang mali kay Mocha. Kung may mali man dito, ito ’yung maraming naiingit kay Mocha. Bakit ba natin minamaliit si Mocha? Dahil dati siyang nagpapa-sexy? Eh, mas gusto ko naman ’yun kesa sa magnanakaw. Mas disente ’di hamak si Mocha kumpara sa kanila. Hindi ako papayag na apihin siya.”

    True to her promise, Mocha is all for serving a beleaguered nation regardless of political alliances. Like Robin who has embarked on programs benefiting our OFWs scattered in many parts of the world, Mocha has vowed to reach out to them and see how the government could step into their respective concerns (at least, her social blog won’t just contain patronizing entries ramming down her followers’ throats).

    And don’t look now, a then-(VP Leni) Robredo dyed-in-the-wool critic, Mocha has expressed her gusto to guest in the former’s radio program apparently as her way of making amends (will she eat her words after “name-calling” the VP in her first day-last day radio program over DZRH?).

    Funny, but Mocha’s ways have unnervingly changed after her short stint as board member of the MTRCB. One thing’s for certain, the present pay she’s receiving (P109,000+ compared to P69,000+) has nothing to do with it.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Without much work in showbiz, a tall actor (TA) has turned himself into an inveterate gambler, trying his nightly luck at an e-bingo somewhere in Quezon City.

    But how he can afford to lose his money to the game of chance is never a problem at all. And why?

    A regular habitue of the gaming establishment tells Vignettes, “He usually arrives late at night and goes straight to the VIP room. Kapag natatalo na siya, maya-maya kasunod na niya ‘yung gay companion whose car is parked outside, then hands him extra money. Kapag talo pa rin, sabay na sila aalis.”

    Allegedly TA’s lover, this gay benefactor—who used to manage a singer—owns a school while his latest catch is an alumnus of an artista search on TV.

    * * *

    How extremely lucky can this beautiful actress (BA) get that she’s so blessed to have a partner who seems tolerant of her “coquettish” ways. Vignettes gathered that the BA is reportedly carrying an affair with a wealthy businessman who also has showbiz connections.

    Nah, this isn’t the first time that BA has made her partner look hen-pecked in the public eye. Twice, she got involved with two different men in the past yet her partner had been decent enough never to talk about it.


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