Robin Padilla: ‘I’m here because Sharon needed me’



While it was clear Megastar Sharon Cuneta would rather not recall her botched reunion movie with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion, she could neither hide how touched she was that an ex-boyfriend-turned-lifetime ally came to save the day.

Over the weekend, Star Cinema held the grand media conference for “Unexpectedly Yours,” its latest romantic-comedy opening today, with the Mega sharing lead billing with action star Robin Padilla.

Candid as ever, Robin suddenly blurted out, “Hindi ko naman talaga pelikula ito eh. Pelikula ng Sharon-Gabby ito…”

And just as Sharon tried to shush the delightfully rough and rugged idol of the male masses—squealing, “We totally scrapped that project!” almost in panic—Robin, as usual, gallantly made his leading lady feel like the most important woman in the world.

“Pero nakarating sa akin kailangan mo ko,” he turned to his flustered showbiz icon, calming her down almost instantaneously, and finally setting the tone for an enjoyable and animated Q&A for the rest of the sitting.

The Megastar is happy to be back on a movie set after her seven-year hiatus from showbiz

“Ginagawa ko kung ‘Bad Boy 3’ at ‘Marcelo del Pilar’ para sa produksyon ko, pero tinawagan ako ni Cory Vidanes [of Star Cinema]at sinabing, ‘Kailangan ka ni Sharon,’ kaya nung sumulpot ako, ‘nun sila gumawa ng konsepto para sa amin. Ito na nga yung Unexpectedly Yours, ako lang ang makakagawa nitong role na ito—wala nang iba!” Robin completed his speech to rousing applause and laughter.

The Megastar, clearly entertained too and flattered by her good friend, then could not help but lavish the magnanimous actor with just as much importance.

“It’s was 1991 when we did our first movie together [the blockbuster hit, "Maging Sino Ka Man]and I think 16 since our last [t[the equally successful "Pagdating ng Panahon”]and up to now, I always, always enjoy working with Robin. Like I’ve said before, we are the other gender’s versions of each other—we have the same sense of humor, we treat other people the same way, and masaya lang talaga, so doing this movie with him was really a treat for me,” she cheerfully said.

Officially marking her return to mainstream cinema after a seven-year hiatus from show business [she[she did an indie for Cinemalaya, "Ang Pamilyang Lumuluha” in August]aron clearly missed the movie set, and despite lacking sleep from shooting the night before, looked invigorated and gratified in being able to act for the cameras again.

Erstwhile ‘Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema’ is honored as ever to share the screen with his ‘Ma’am Sharon’

“Unexpectedly Yours is definitely in my Top 3 favorite movies that I’ve done, with our director Cathy Garcia-Molina also in my Top 3 favorite directors now,” she enthused.

One of the story’s writers, Vanessa Valdez ["Se["Seven Sunday”]hile, affirmed Sharon’s fervor for moviemaking, to the extent that she was gratefully surprised the Megastar was very willing to essay a role other showbiz icons might be hesitant to do.

“I’m so happy that Ma’am Sharon was willing to star in a story about a 50-year-old menopausal woman’s adventures in dating to show the audience how it is to be in love at that age,” Valdez elaborated.

And much as the Megastar, ever the transparent darling of show business, squirmed in her seat at the mention of the word “menopausal,” she happily addressed The T-Zone’s question on how she feels about the prospect of going into the generally dreaded stage of a woman’s life.

“It’s a reality we all have to face at this age,” Sharon began. “In fact two friends of mine have also gone into menopause and we always talk about it. If only we could have snow here by the time I go into mine, I’ll be OK,” she added laughing. “Kasi mainitin talaga ako, and even in the movie, we made a big show of how my character Patty is always holding one of those battery-operated fans.”

After a short pause to gather her thoughts, she continued, “I live a simple life, and I especially did when I took a break from showbiz to be with my children. I missed doing this but that’s an experience that is irreplaceable, but at my age I just feel happy that I’m here again doing a movie, doing what I love all over again, so I think I’ll be OK with whatever else comes along. Menopause included.”

As for Robin, who seemed simply happy to give the floor to the Megastar for her movie comeback, he sweetly said of working with Sharon anew, “Ganun pa rin ako. Hindi na ako naalis sa fan mentality ko kaya ang naiisip ko lang, ‘Wow, nahalikan ko na naman si Sharon Cuneta’.”

Now what woman can say she doesn’t need to hear that even once in a while?

Unexpectedly Yours also stars Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia.


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