Robin: I saw shabu lab inside Bilibid


ACTOR Robin Padilla said on Friday he saw shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) being prepared inside the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City where he spent more than three years for illegal possession of firearms.

Interviewed at the ANC’s Headstart program, Padilla also said it was common for prisoners, especially the VIP inmates, to carry guns inside the prison. He said he himself packed a .45 caliber pistol while he was serving time in Bilibid.

“Someone was even packing an Armalite while he was jogging. It’s dangerous if you don’t
carry a gun. When the prison shuts down for the day and the guards are gone, a riot could break out,” Padilla said.

The actor said that when he was sent to Bilibid, the first question asked by a prison guard was what drugs he wanted to take.

When he told the guard that he was into heroin and demerol, the guard said he could get them in a week’s time.

Padilla, known as the “Bad Boy” of Philippine movies, said shabu is being cooked at the maximum facility and everyone there knew it.

He said he was surprised at the big number of visitors inside Bilibid and found out later that the “visitors” were actually shabu buyers.

Padilla said he reported what he saw to then NBP Director Vicente Vinarao who told him to submit a list of people involved.

This started his partnership with Vinarao to clean up the facility, he said.

A number of prison guards were either dismissed or transferred to a prison facility in the Visayas, Padilla said.

The drug lords involved were eventually moved to Building 14, or the former death chamber.

The contraband items and illegal structures recently discovered inside Bilibid is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more alarming activities inside the prison, the head of the Volunteers Against Crime of Corruption (VACC) said Friday.

Dante Jimenez said that aside from the traffic of illegal drugs, Bilibid is also being used by criminal syndicates as a place to stash their loot.

Big robbery and kidnap-for-ransom groups hide their money in the facility with the help of high-profile inmates, Jimenez said.

“Based on the information I received from reliable sources, criminal syndicates are using the Bilibid  as their storage place, because compared to banks which can be traced, NBP is a very safe and secured area,” Jimenez said.

The syndicates also use the prison as a cache for their firearms, he said.

Jimenez said he has provided Justice Secretary Leila De Lima with information on the illicit operations inside the prison.

Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said he will file a resolution directing the Senate Committee in Public Order and Dangerous Drugs to look into the Bilibid controversy.

Ejercito said the incidents merit serious attention.

“This is a big insult to our country’s justice system, that is why we should not let those responsible get away,” he said.

Ejercito said De Lima must make public the contents of the documents obtained by the team that raided the “luxury” cells in Bilibid to avoid suspicion that they are trying to sanitize the information.

The senator made the call after receiving information that the raiding team was able to obtain a “logbook” containing the names of individuals including politicians that are involved in drug trafficking inside Bilibid.


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  1. Jaime Hernandez on

    It’s wine, women, & song at Bilibid Prison. The drug lords are the kings of the place. Others will replace them. It’s a billion pesos business. They could bribe anybody anytime. It will take half a dozen de Limas to solve this.

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    Robin Padilla few months ago said in open media that he will leave the country if he cant pursue Sen. Drilon to resign. Drilon will never resign as he is within the bounds of the untouchables.Padilla is still around doing his favorite game: WOMANIZING! How many more Filipinas can this braggart victimize?

  3. Larry Ebersole on

    In countries where they execute drug related offenders, there are still some who takes chances, what more where offenders are just given long jail terms. I would not wonder if all the big drug lords will start to stay in the Philippines……Let us push for DEATH FOR DRUG AND HEINOUS CRIME OFFENDERS.

  4. These illegal business inside all prison is a way life since the 80’s. It is very active in large facilities like Muntinlupa and other large city and provincial jails. All the inmates of Muntinlupa are fearless and they cannot be intimated by more jail term since most them are serving life sentences. Most them also support their families living outside the penitentiary. The best solution here is transfer the facility to Spratly island where going there will be a hardship and making shabu will cost more because of transport cost.

    • Exactly. This needs to be investigated. How far do they know and why they did not blow the whistle. This is the bigger problem of our society. How many people know about illegal activities such as; drug, prostitution, corruption, murders, money laundering, misrepresentation, stealing, adultery, etc. and remain mum and treat what goes around as business as usual and normal. Well we all need to change. I have started by being responsible for my actions.

  5. The guards are corrupt, starting at the top. The police are corrupt, starting from the top. The newspapers should start reporting real news, some articles on where law and order is followed to the letter. If there is someplace in the Philippines where it happens. Or is that fiction?

  6. Roldan Guerrero on

    The braggart local movie idol strikes again! why would he, only now reveal the mess? Certaily he was a part of the activity because he is a known drug user.

  7. Itong huling lumabas na balita na si director bucayo pa ang nagtiwalag sa tungkulin ng tatlong ipisyales ng bilibid prison. Bakit hindi siya isinama ni sec de lima sa tinaggal sa puwesto eh siya mismo ang director ng piitan at napaka laking kasinungalingan kung sasabihin niyang hindi niya alam ang mga nangyayaring anomalya sa loob ng pambansang kulungan? Mukhang magiging moro moro na naman ang magiging resulta ng imbistigasyon na ito ng DOJ.

  8. Puksain ang mga abusadong mga Intsik. Sila ang puno’t dulo ng mga krimen sa Pilipinas. Gawin natin ang ginawa ng Indonesia at Vietnam na sunugin ang mga Intsik.

    • Absolutely correct!! You hit the target and about time for our authorities to tighten their grip and implement the rules otherwise these bastards will kill our children! My recommendation is to do background check of Chinese immigrants and visitors.