• Robredo accepts Duterte dinner invitation


    Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has agreed to have a friendly dinner with President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Robredo confirmed in a radio interview that the President extended the dinner invitation when they met during the graduation rites of the Philippine National Police Academy in Silang, Cavite last weekend.

    “He told me he is against impeachment moves against me because we just started our term and he wants people to give us a chance to work. I thanked him and I assured him that in the same vein, I had nothing to do with the impeachment complaint against him. He then told me that he knows I am not involved. When the program was almost over, he asked, why don’t we have a dinner?” Robredo said.

    “I said okay and to let me know [when]. He then said that my daughters can join us if I want them to, and that he’ll bring his family, too. He said it would be friendly rather than a work-related one. I said that he could give me a call about it. If that dinner pushes through, I’ll come,” she added.

    Robredo has three daughters — Aika, Tricia and Jillian.

    Duterte, on the other hand, has three children with former wife Elizabeth Zimmerman — Sebastian, Paolo and Sara. He has a daughter with his partner Honeylet Avaceña named Veronica.

    “I was surprised when he extended the invitation, but he is the President. He extended the hand, and it would be wrong to turn it down. It would be wrong to assume that he doesn’t have good intentions. It would be bad not to take his offer,” Robredo stressed.

    “I am okay with having dinner with him because even if we disagree on a lot of things, if there is a chance that we could work together, then we’ll go for that. At the end of the day, we are both elected officials. We have been given a mandate to serve our country and it is our obligation to find (a) common ground,” the vice president explained.

    Still, Robredo said that if she will be given the chance to talk with Duterte, she will inform his about her fears on certain policies of the government.

    “This is something that I can’t normally do since I am not a part of the Cabinet anymore. It is worth giving it a try,” Robredo added.

    She reiterated that she will not support any impeachment move against the President.

    “It would be bad for me to support such initiative because in the event of his impeachment, I will stand to benefit from it. It would be unethical. My motives will always be questioned and I will always be accused that I am just after self-interest,” she said.


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    1. Leni is attractive and Digong is charming when it comes to women. It is a good combination to run the Philippines, setting aside the political intruders from the Liberal and other political parties. BTW Du30 was smart to question the United States why during the reign of Hussein Obama, Hussein allow the building of artificial islands in the West Philippines. Why not now the Philippines directly throw the question farther to President Donald J. Trump if he will follow or not the course of Hussein Obama, now to farther the utilizations of the illegally occupied islands by that sob fu..king China? If the USA doesn’t kick out China, who else can do it? Nothing and no one. Then the Philippines could be a highly potential ally of China. Most highly likely China would pour their wealth to finance the redevelopment of the Philippines. China could even start establishing Chinese schools all over the Philippines starting from the Southern Philippines. Why not? Probably, the USA, China and Russia and even EU would compete in helping to invest their riches in the Philippines. Then the Philippines would be in a position to strengthen her military power. Those big countries must simultaneously develop the Philippines as a military power. Israel is a small country but militarily powerful because of the funding by the USA. The Philippines must use the West Philippine resources as well the Benham’s as leverages. YUNG NORTH KOREA – SALING PUSA LANG YAN. ISANG ARAW LANG PWEDENG DURUGIN ANG NORTH KOREA.

    2. Forget about Traidor Trillanes, he will keep quite only when LP is in power. But remember he is a member of the NP.

    3. Of course she agrees tge supposed opinion of the president regarding impeachment coz she knows once the impeachment againdt her rolls on she will be a goner. Too bad also that Trillanes was not invited by the president