301115_debate3_martinezRobredo argues against incumbents using their posts for political gains

    An incumbent Vice President of the country should perform the duties required of that position instead of promoting any personal dream of becoming President while still in office, Camarines Sur representative and vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo said on Monday.

    Speaking at a forum for vice presidential candidates at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, Robredo made the statement in what observers saw as an apparent jab at Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    Binay is the standard-bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance in next year’s elections.
    “The Vice President should not have the ambition to become President. Otherwise, this kind of Vice President will not accomplish anything and will just use the position for political gain,” the congresswoman said.

    Robredo, the bet of the Administration-backed Liberal Party (LP) for Vice President, shared the hot seat with Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who is running for the same position as an independent.

    The widow of the late Interior secretary Jesse Robredo argued that a Vice President should be able to call attention to advocacies that have been neglected and not be content with just being a “spare tire.”

    “The Office of the Vice President calls a lot of attention, and this presents an opportunity for somebody to bring the government’s anti-poverty programs to far-flung areas…so that the government can take action on the needs of our people,” Robredo said.
    “I am ready to affix my signature to a document stating that I don’t have ambitions to be President,” she added.

    Escudero, who considered running for President in the 2010 elections, downplayed the possibility of him gunning for that post next year even if his running mate, Sen. Grace Poe, is facing multiple disqualification cases before the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
    Escudero and Poe are both frontrunners in pre-election surveys and enjoy a sizeable lead over the rest of the field.

    “The Vice President should have the aptitude to be in place of the President, not only in cases of unforeseen circumstances but every time the President is abroad to perform the functions of a Chief Executive. That’s in our Constitution. But I don’t really know if my time [to run for President]will come or will still come. What I know is that the time is not now,” Escudero said.

    His presidential run six years ago under his former party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition, was halted by the rise of then Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd who gained massive support after the death of his mother, former president Corazon Aquino.

    Aquino went on to win the 2010 elections.

    “Just like what Ma’am Leni said, it is important for the Vice President to work in tandem and be ready to perform the functions of the President because the President won’t be able to make a stop in every part of the country. The Vice President is there to give attention to the matters that the President cannot attend to anymore because the Chief Executive has so many jobs,” Escudero said.


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    1. Poor Mar ,B inay at Miriam needs to say goodbye to their ambitions to
      be president. the one who will be left fighting are grace poe at ang
      berdugo ng davao dudirty .

    2. >>> kay Ms Leni Robredo, since when you decided to join the politics? Since when you accepted the cause of your husband was just a plain accident? Since when you planned or youir ambition to become a politician and then why you accepted to be candidate on that time as representative? because you’re elected?

      So now you accepted to a candidate of LP as VP, then if you win, you will not be having an ambition to be a president? ISA KA RIN HIPOKRITA?

    3. Funny that Rep. Leni vda de Robredo is overplaying the job performance of the Boy Scout Jojo, the current VP who she claims is not doing his job. One is not a Binay fan but if I were Leni Robredo, she should first find out what assignments did PNoy give to the Boy Scout when they took over. Then she conduct a research if the Boy Scout was performing his job. Am writing this because not only in this PNoy administration is the Vice-President is made as a spare tire and decoration in an administration but all administrations since the time of Marcos. Remember that Macoy sidelined VP Lopez during his first term and completely disappeared in the 2nd. When she took over, Corazon Aquino sidelined Doy Laurel and give him not important jobs in spite helping her fight Macoy. When Tabako Fidel took over, he gave Erap unimportant jobs while when Erap was President, he did not give importance to Gloria Arroyo. When Arroyo took over, although he gave Noli de Castro some position these were mainly minor one’s. And can Leni Robredo prove that the assignments given to Boy Scout important one’s? Leni Robredo should have realized that never in the history of the Philippines from Marcos to the present is any VP respected as such. They are always the spare tire.

      • Binay was the President of Boy Scout of the Philippines (BSP) for 20 years now and it was not PNoy who given the job of being President of BSP to Binay. PNoy appointed Binay as the Presidential Adviser on OFW Concerns and Chairman of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) for 5 years before Binay’s resignation to the cabinet posts. Just want to put facts straight…

    4. Maybe Camarines Sur representative and vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo is not keeping up with current events. The liberal party and the senate yellow ribbon committee spend the past year trashing Binay and now what a surprise, they send their little puppet Robredo out to trash Binay

      I don’t recall hearing Bobredo’s views on anything the government did before she decided to cash in on her late husbands name and run for vice president.

      Dance little puppet.

    5. You are both correct. But what Binay did was just to go around the country campaigning from 2010-present for his presidential ambition. Binay did NOTHING as vice president during cabinet meetings except to listen. Now he is promising heaven and earth and the impossible things just to get elected. He is promising more jobs when elected but how can he do that if he will be busy planning on how to steal more money from the government. My fellow kababayans, please don’t let this Binay belittle us. Let’s keep praying to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    6. Very spot on article by LLANESCA T. PANTI. Sadly Binay has done nothing but represent himself and campaign on the taxpayers dime.

      A very vitriolic individual by any measure. All he does is dismiss the complaints of graft he faces, threaten to sue all those who bring forth complaints including the Ombudsman. Yet Binay thrives, collecting a paycheck and all the perks of being V.P. while doing nothing to help the country. Go figure..

      • Liberal party trolls are on the move again, bashing the Vice President… duh, go figure…