Robredo-Bautista meet draws flak

SECRET MEETING? Screen grabs from a viral Facebook video show Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista (inset) and Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo  at a posh condominium in Makati on Tuesday, just hours after the latter was ordered by the Supreme Court to respond to allegations of electoral fraud by former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

SECRET MEETING? Screen grabs from a viral Facebook video show Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista (inset) and Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo at a posh condominium in Makati on Tuesday, just hours after the latter was ordered by the Supreme Court to respond to allegations of electoral fraud by former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

TO PARAPHRASE US Presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump, “What the heck is going on?”

Why the surreptitious meeting between Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista in a Makati condominium just hours after the Supreme Court had asked the camp of the Vice President to reply to charges of poll fraud by vice presidential candidate and former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.?

The face-to-face between Robredo and Bautista on the evening of July 12 in the condominium owned by the Comelec chairman’s in-laws has exploded in social media and raised suspicions of a whitewash.

The clandestine encounter was caught on video with the Vice President entering and subsequently leaving the condominium at 10:26 p.m. ahead of the Comelec chairman at 10:30 p.m., a four-minute interval.

As seen in the video, Robredo and Bautista met at the apartment owned by the latter’s in-law, Ma. Pacita “Baby” Gaboro Cruz, in Urdaneta Apartments, a plush condominium in Ayala, Makati City.

It was not clear, however, who initiated the meeting and how long it lasted.

Both Robredo and Bautista denied ever meeting secretly and said they were merely invited to a party in Makati where some 30 to 40 guests were in attendance.

Robredo labeled the video on the Facebook page “Dayaang Matuwid” showing the two of them arriving and leaving separately as “malicious.”

She admitted though that Bautista was also present during the dinner but that they only exchanged pleasantries.

“We didn’t talk politics … Nakipag hi-hello lang ako kay VP [Vice President],” Bautista stressed when interviewed over dzBB.

Also present during the dinner on Tuesday were Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg, she said.

Robredo and Bautista, however, were seen entering one of the rooms together and met privately for some 30 minutes before coming out, a source told The Manila Times.

Midnight change in trend

Despite pervasive complaints of poll cheating and calls for a vote recount and an IT systems audit, Bautista stood his ground that the recently concluded presidential elections were clean and honest and that no cheating occurred.

Around midnight and at the height of the electronic transmission of votes following the close of the voting precincts on May 9, candidate Marcos was leading comfortably.
His lead of close to a million votes suddenly began to ebb precipitously while Robredo’s count rose steadily.

This trend happened immediately following a Smartmatic technician’s admitted intervention in the automated election process at the heat of the transmission to correct what he claims to be an error where the letter ñ (“enye”) in some names comes out as a question mark (?).

Robredo finally edged out Marcos in the final Comelec and PPCRV (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting) tally results with a 263,000-vote plurality, which is now the subject of a poll protest from Bongbong Marcos before both the Supreme Court and the Comelec.

Poll and IT experts and research authorities, however, were left bewildered and befuddled at the turn of events. They say the sharp drop of Marcos and the steady rise of Robredo were too linear to be credible.

Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon came out to publicly denounce the highly questionable intervention of the Smartmatic technician and said the “[s]ystem is owned by the Philippines and nobody is authorized to tinker with it without the consent, much less approval, of the Comelec.”

Bautista defended the illegal intervention, saying what the technician did was nothing more than aesthetics and did not affect or alter in any way the results of the canvassing of the votes more particularly for the vice presidential candidates.

Protests against the Comelec, Smartmatic and Leni Robredo were filed before the Comelec and the Supreme Court by Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz of the Abakada party-list and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos for various electoral offenses and violations of the Cybercrime Law.

Last Tuesday, just hours before the controversial meeting of Robredo and Bautista in Makati, the Supreme Court directed the Vice President to answer the election protest filed by Marcos.

At the same time, Venezuelan technician Marlon Garcia hastily left the country despite the assurance of Smartmatic that they welcome the cases filed against them and that it will make its personnel available to answer all charges of poll fraud.

Numerous poll violations by Comelec and Smartmatic were noted by IT experts, members of the academe and highly respected lawyers.

Chief among them were the non-compliance with legally required safeguards and the irregular implementation of the Automated Election System (AES) that lent itself to massive vote cheating, tinkering of the electoral system when a Smartmatic technician changed the script at the height of the canvassing of votes and, worse, the use of an unauthorized fourth server.

The existence of the shadow fourth server was never disclosed to the opposition parties, much less to the public.

It was not source-coded, according to de la Cruz, which means that it was not reviewed for accuracy by the political parties.

“Up to now, nobody could tell where the shadow fourth server was located. If we are to believe our inside informant, it was located at the Network Operating Center (NOC) in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, and was run and operated by both Comelec and Smartmatic personnel,” he said.


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  1. Humanda ka abnoy on

    pag dinaya pa rin ng korte suprema or PET ang pagnanakaw na giunawa ng dilaw sa boto namin ?? wala na tayong choice kungdi sa kanila….tirahan ang gusto nila, at pag hindi pa natin sila inubos ngayon, wawasakin nila ng tuluyan aqng kinabukasan ng kabataan…tuldukan na ang lahat ng dapat tuldukan… bago pa lumakas na naman yan

  2. I think the plan of seating Leni as VP and Mar as pres had something to do with the west phil sea dispute, unfortunately LP wasnt so successful, and now they are having a hard time because of Duterte.

  3. Mukhang ala ERAP the 2nd ang gagawin kay Digong ah… bakit andiyan ang sinabiha n ni Digong ng “Are you with us, or you not with us?”

    Delikado, mukhang me niluluto…..

  4. naka Bus ka ngang pauwi sa Naga city,pero yung conboy at body guard nakasunod,di lalo lng lumaki ang gastos ng gobyerno.uncommon behaviour…

  5. Of all these comments, there was one lonely comment saying this issue has no weight to be considered a national issue! What a shame! Electoral fraud a no issue???? Walang sing kapal ang mukha ng mga nanalo kuno sa dayaang matuwid…kahit anong tago nila, sumisingaw pa rin..A skunk in the deepest cellar will soon smells up the whole house..malapit na yan. Abangan.

  6. Leny Robredo has a strong gut keeping this lies for a long time, it would be good if they will use here a lie detector, all of them whos name were mentioned about this Massive cheating. Leny is really a Great Pretender and Bautista. cammon, spit it out, tell the truth. Mababawasan pa ang galit ng mamamayan sa inyo kung kayo mismo ang mag give up before its too late.. total naman, kahinahinala kayo sa mg moves ninyo.

  7. Dubious, shameful, another plan for cheating in progress. Don’t trust that simple lady. She’s easy to manipulate by the puppet masters at the expense of DU30. Digong please watch your back. Take care against the enemies within ?

  8. This is really dayaang matuwid! The US was there to lead the manipulation as they are against Digong. They want to control the Philippines and Leni is their new found puppet.

  9. julio madiaga on

    caught on tape,
    surreptitious quickie meeting in a bedroom
    denials galore.

    sel, lies, and video tape.

    what else dahlings.

    and to make everything credible, a chairman emeritus pens the article. and the attendance of the US Ambassador, now this one smacks of the US giving tacit blessing to this midnight conspiracy.

  10. Let this problem be solved beyond reasonable doubt. Pro and con can always be involved and before any conclusion we should be sure.

    • HAH??? ano kamo?? tagalogin mo na lang kasi, english ka pa dyan e kahit ikapp mismo d maintindihan sinabi mo.

  11. The highest beneficiary of a massive electoral cheating and the chief implementor of this cheating machinery caught together in a “party” hours after this benificiary was told by the Supreme Court to reply to the charges of electoral fraud. What a coincidence.

  12. Andres Robberdo on

    Don’t call this a secret meeting. It’s not.

    It’s just a chance encounter of the LenDres love team in the presence of the bigwigs.

    Call it a coaching session. In the 30-minute closed door session in the function room, the Chairman was simply coaching the VP what to say and what evidences to include in her reply to the SC’s directive. The bitter half of the love team, however was simply asking the Chairman what more does he needs to keep his Smart seat a little warmer and comfortable.

    It’s all above board, meaning all the partygoers never got bored sending snips and snaps of the love team’s ngiting-aso.

  13. KINAKAMKAM na ng China ang Spratleys! May ruling na ang Hague PCA na pabor sa Pinas. Ito ang dapat natin pinag-uukulan ng pansin at aksiyon!

    Huwag na nating pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang mga rumors/tsismis na walang-saysay!

    • Ikaw nalang ang magtuon ng pansin sa cnasabi mauna kna magpakamatay dun kung gusto war 3 ata hanap mo gung gung kaya m ba makipag patayan sa china mauna kna..tanga walang utak

  14. Robredo if you have an ounce of dignity and delicadeza, give it up like Zubiri did. Don’t wait till you are found out. As it is you already have been exposed. Shame, Shame for your children and your deceased husband. Huwag Mong kapalan ang MUKHA mo.

  15. Ignacio Balbutin on

    This is a serious allegations which will damage not only the concerned parties but the image of the country as a whole. Now we have a VP which is now mired in controversies, his controversial meeting with the comelec chairman in a private room. OMG, how can this happen??? The President should immediately intervene before the image of the country which is getting better will be destroyed by the recklessness of the VP

  16. wow present pala si Ombudsman Morales Carpio sa secret meeting ni Leni at Bautista…hhmm smells something fishy…what a coincidence ba ha?…Liars go to hell…humingi ba ng payo ke Ombudsman si Miss Lugaw kung ano ang isasagot sa Supreme Court…sige lang…your days are numbered…

  17. ferdinand naboye on

    you will ever believe mga sinugaling and natatago sa daan matwid daw everything they say are cosmetics of lies and will always say things to protect their boss. what is important is the change promise to come let it come first at the comelec and the supreme court by a complete change of the yellow team in those offices

  18. lesson learned for madam ‘vp’ – know the guests in advance at any function you’re attending! else, don’t go… maraming cctv, cnn at sanga-sangang dila. here in our country kahit langit nakakarinig.

  19. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The chance encounter, if it can be called that way, between Leni and Andy is confounded with mystery. Andy will not only use the term “cosmetic” which he used in explaining the script change in the server by Smartmatic and Comelec. He will probably say that the encounter was “lipstick” murmuring of the lips to discuss the Supreme Courts action on the BBM’s complaints. Leni on her part would simply say “malicious” to insinuations that something deep is on the table and subject of discussion. What caught me by surprise is her mentioning of her belief that the death of her husband was an accident. What relation has that to the issue? God save the Philippines.

  20. Elizah Alegre on

    OMG! the US Ambassador was present? Delikado yan pag pinasukan ng US tapos the fake VP was present the Ombudsman the Comelec plano?

    • hindi talaga matanggap ng mga yellow cult na talo ang VP nila sa may 9 elections kaya nag-uusap na sila kung ano ang gagawin dahil si BBM nag file na ng election prtotest. sana mamadaliin na ng SC ang pagresolve

    • possible yung sinabi mo elizah alegre. si goldberg pa, sinipa nga yan sa isang south american country for inciting destabilization. if i remember correctly, then opposition to arroyo did not stop harassing abalos, then comelec chair, and zubiri for the ‘accidental meet’ of zubiri’s parents in a restaurant in makati shang. if your fear is correct, beware du30. seems the plan to kick you out by the yellow army is still on.

  21. Pasensiya na po Madam Lugaw Queen dahil mahirap paniwalaan ang mandaraya at sinungaling…

  22. Vincent de Belen on

    Delicadeza is no longer the norms these days. Both of whom could have avoided the predicament of being doubt as to what transpired…

  23. ernie del rosario on

    Ang dayaan ay unti unting lumalantad. Abamgan at bantayin natin mga kababayan.

  24. Who is the brains of this fourth server? Siya ba iyong nagsabi na gagawin niya ang lahat para hindi makatuntong muli ang isang Marcos sa malacañang? Just corrolating the intervening events.

  25. Franck Frego on

    Comelec Chairman should NEVER go to a social event where politicians are present. Same for the Ombudsman!

    In the corrupted country, how can they be seen as Neutral?
    Simple Yellow’s stuff again…

  26. Philippine politics is always full of surprises, but this one top’s it all. Is there a deal with Ms Robredo and the Comelec Chairman. Lovelife? Who knows. President Duterte please intervene .

  27. Robredo and Bautista, however, were seen entering one of the rooms together and met privately for some 30 minutes before coming out, a source told The Manila Times.

    Maybe they are in love.

  28. The truth on this issue will eventually emerge. This new administration should throw the books to all culprits of this widespread election cheating.

  29. Rodan Guerrero on

    Truth to the unmasking of poll fraud are now unveiling. I wonder how long will Leny Robredo can pretend to be honest. What is happening in this country? The duly elected candidates are deprived of their victory as a result of broad daylight cheating. Drilon for example, he is the most hated Senator emerges as the No.1 elected Senator. De Lima, the barking dog of the worst ever President makes it to the final 12? The truth will soon prevail….I hope these termites of the Phil. government will soon be decongested!