Robredo belittles Duterte drug war

NO BIG DEAL Vice President Ma. Leonor Robredo is all ears  to Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno during a briefing on the status of drug rehabilitation efforts held at the Department of the Interior and Local Government office on Quezon Avenue in Quezon City on Tuesday. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

NO BIG DEAL Vice President Ma. Leonor Robredo is all ears to Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno during a briefing on the status of drug rehabilitation efforts held at the Department of the Interior and Local Government office on Quezon Avenue in Quezon City on Tuesday. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

The surrender of 700,000 drug users and peddlers to authorities is not an accomplishment for the anti-drug war, Vice President Ma. Leonor Robredo said on Tuesday.

Robredo made the observation after a briefing of the Department of the Interior and Local Government,
Department of Social Welfare and Development and other partner agencies on the status of the drug rehabilitation centers and initiatives in the country.

The briefing had been requested by Robredo.

“Yes, we have 700,000 surrenderers but that should not be treated as an accomplishment. It is just a means to reach a target, that is to pull them out of addiction. Surrendering will not solve it. It’s just step one,” the Vice President said.

Robredo cited the case of a 22-year-old drug user Jeffrey Guarin, who confessed to killing nurse September Ann Paz and later turning himself in to authorities.

“Where are these 700,000 surrenderers? I’ve been going around, seen them surrender before mayors, but the mayors are saying they don’t know what to do with them,” she said.

Robredo then shared that in a recent meeting with the Department of Health, she learned that only 70,000 of the 700,000 surrenderers need confinement in rehabilitation centers and a smaller number should be sent to mental institutions.

The Interior department has identified four classifications of drug users: experimenter, occasional user, drug dependent and heavy compulsive or those who should be brought to mental hospitals.

“We have to make it a point that drug rehabilitation is the way to go. Our office can be of help. You can tell us five locations where the surrenderers are so we can start working. Just tell us where the surrenderers are, and our office will sponsor pilot areas for drug rehabilitation. We should pool our resources and do something now,” Robredo said.

“There is a lot of work to be done, and we are looking for ways where our office can plug the holes. We can’t go back to scratch because it is not as if we only had drug rehabilitation programs after these 700,000 emerged. There are existing mechanisms. We don’t have luxury of time,” she noted.

Robredo, a former Camarines Sur representative, was referring to the Naga City Anti-Drug Abuse Council, as well as the Ugnayan ng Barangay at Simbahan (UBAS) and the Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Council (Badac), which implements drug rehabilitation programs for drug dependents, an initiative that also involves families of drug users.

The Vice President said existing initiatives should be improved because a number of these drug rehabilitation programs have been inactive.

“There are 26,000 barangay (villages) under UBAS, but there are those who are only organized on paper. A lot of barangay required Badac, but not all barangay have Badac. Others who have Badac, on the other hand, are not active. Rehabilitation is not that easy. It should be a community affair, and we have to organize the families of the drug dependents,” Robredo added.

The Vice President pushed for inclusion of those who are in prison under the drug rehabilitation program, considering that not all of those convicted of drug-related crimes will stay in jail forever.

She cited that in the Women’s Correctional in Quezon City alone, at least 70 percent of the inmates are imprisoned because of drug-related crimes.

“We should also include the inmates because what will happen to them if they already served their sentence? If there is no intervention, then they will be in the same situation,” Robredo said.

“We have to make it a point that rehabilitation is the way to go. Whatever lens we would want to use, I would say we are all in agreement that treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration is the way to go. So everyone who could be of help should do something now,” she added.

Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno and Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco assured the Vice President that drug rehabilitation will be an integral part of the Duterte administration’s intensified war against illegal drugs.

“The Vice President’s challenge will make us work harder,” Sueno said.

“We have to take care of these people [700,000 drug surrenderers], turn them into productive people,” Evasco said.


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  1. Anak ni Duterte on

    Galawang EPAL. Sa housing ka magconcentrate. Yung budget para sa housing hindi sayo yan para pambayad-utang mo sa LP ha? Wag kang nagpapauto sa mga amo mong puro satsat lang sa press ang alam.

  2. Nag mamagaling lang si lugaw queen, para pakita Lang na may utak sya wala naman. Hoy Rob bredo, tumahimik ka nga saling pusa ka Lang sa kabinete, naawa Lang si digong sa iyo. Be yourself Leny huwag mong tambakan ng make yong mukha mo, sino Ang linalandi mo? Pakita nga ng lulu not mong mukha!!!

  3. Janet delprado on

    Ok VP Robredo what will you do about the millions addicted to shabu…ano ang Plano mo?..good speech and criticism will not cut it!!! Previous leaders have not done anything about it. Baka ikaw may solution…act on it quickly please before drug lords and protectors add more to the census of addicts.

  4. I am always amazed how those who have accomplished nothing have all the answers for those who are actually doing something. President Duterte has accomplished more in two months than most do in 8 years. Thank God he has the backbone to rid his country of drugs and crime and corruption.

  5. Again, what is the role of a VP?
    No, what is the role of a good VP?
    No, what is a good role of a good VP?
    No, what is a good role of a good VP to a good President?

  6. Exactly, she just want to be relevant as ordered by hi boss Pnoy and adviser Macalintal. Otherwise, she will be forgotten as there was a VP…A pretending one!…Better shut up or you will be shipped out from your office…

  7. Sorry but I think the title is a bit misleading. I don’t think she belittles the drug war. She’s just saying that it’s not enough that this war made 700000 drug suspects surrender. She has a point to say that there must be a comprehensive rehabilitation program for those who surrendered. They already cooperated by bringing themselves in; now is the time for our government to do their part to help these people.

  8. Jun Marlang Estioko on

    Lugaw na lugaw ang dilaw na ito. Wala pang nagagawa sa binigay na trabaho mo nakikilugaw sa trabaho ng iba. What a heck? Utak mo magulo, kalimutan mo muna ang mga pinapagawa sayo ng mga sira ulo. Magtrabaho ka para sa tao dahil sumusweldo ka galing sa buwes na bayad ng tao. Bakit magkano ba ang sahod m sa mga dilaw?

  9. wala sa wisyom iton babae na ito. She is showing her incompetence and total lack of grasp to the problem at hand. Just do your work at HUDCC madam, wala ka pang naipapakitang quantifiable AND VERIFIABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT. Imagine, survey lang ng mga homeless people sa mga LGUs ay kailangan mo opang mag pa issue ng EO ke digong? tsk tsk kulang sa diskarte at ngayon unahin pa makisawsaw sa hindi niya core function. Hoy gising, marami ng nagawa mga ibang cabinet members, ikaW WALA PA? DFATA LANG WALAKA PANG MABIGAY?

  10. The lady VP has some points, her suggestion is of great help in the campaign of eradicating illegal drugs. But wait a minute, why is she involved in this drive when she is supposed to be in the housing development, that is her job.She has nothing to do with drug rehabilitation.

  11. Ms. Robredo, weighing-in on the drug operation (war on drugs) is not bad, but first look on the millions of housing backlog and formulate an achievable approach and program to correct it. Whether you accept it or not, if there is a well plan, and executable (actually running as of now) programs for socialized housing will lessen if not solve the drug problems of Filipinos–because it is still poverty, housing and education are the causes of why people are getting hooked-up in drugs. (It is no brainer folks). So get your POAM going. If theses poor people have a decent (complete with basic necessities, and not being thrown out of their area or places of work), they will be productive and will be disciplined. It is a force multiplier, it will solve congestions, poverty, health and education problems; if you build a housing program like HDBs of Singapore; if not just hasten and improve the “Tenement” or “BLISS” like mass-housing during the 60s and 70s.

  12. Ako naman magtatanong VP Robredo. Nasaan naman mga accomplishments mo sa housing, meron ba???


    Trying to feel her way as critique. Just don’t let it get out of hand and into Duterte’s head for you to hear a barrage of crude talk.

  14. The Great Defiant on

    as usual “The lugaw queen strikes aimlessly”…
    trademark of abnoy…

    these women will go down in Philippines history.

    Leni — “lugaw queen”
    De5 — “tuwad queen”
    Risa — “rehab queen”

  15. The Great Defiant on

    abnoy’s accomplishment is Leni, Risa, Gacon and De5.
    no one has accomplish except them…
    that’s how what they feel.

  16. This is why Aquino, Comelec and Smartmatic risked jail to install Robredo so she can undermine Duterte. There are many snakes in the senate and house just waiting for a chance to try impeach Duterte before he gets around to having them jailed for stealing the pork barrel funds, Dap funds, Yolanda funds and numerous other ways they pocketed the budget during Aquino’s administration.

    Duterte should refocus on removing the thieving yellows from their positions, one way to do this would be to seize the servers and conduct a system audit of the last election and jail everyone involved and install the real winners.

    That would get rid of Robredo and probably a few LP senators.

  17. Please do your job in housing. Bakit ka ba nakikisawsaw sa ginagawa ng Presidente? Gusto mo lagi ka nasa limelight. Papansin ka masyado. may kaso ka pa sa PET, harapin mo din yun, dahil may duda pa rin sa pagkapanalo mo.

  18. Robledo’s comments defeat the purpose of the momentum and efforts of our police officers who risk their life on the line of duty every day.
    I understand that you would like to be relevant to the success and accomplishment of the campaign but being critical is not an active approach.

  19. Robredo, stick first to what job was assigned to you by DU30, and if you don’t want it … just resign and DU30 will always have an available replacement more knoeledgeable than you.

  20. Big words from a person who have done nothing as Representative in the Lower House. Just like the other yellows who have done nothing for our country but now issues big and ambitious words. Big words from a non-performer. Leni Robredo should stop all these talk and go on pa-cute and attend parties and social gatherings to improve your image.

  21. As a cabinet member, Leni should bring the matter during their meeting and perhaps suggests her recommendations to improve his boss program in the eradication of drugs. She should stop criticizing outside of their cabinet meeting specially uttering negative comments in the press. If she thinks she has the freedom to do so, then she should resign from the cabinet. She should be reminded that cabinet members are alter-egos of the President.

    Maybe she thought or as what her party Liberal is telling her it’s time to have more media exposure and start voicing out negative comments on DU30’s program. This Yellow party thinks that Davao Bombing is the start of the destabilization program to unseat DU30 added to that the foul language used by DU30 to Pres Obama has upped the ante on the removal of DU30. The Yellow Cult are very happy and all are raring to get back to power this is the reason of the sudden visibility of Leni and likewise her sudden negative concern on DU30 program against drugs.

    Sorry to disappoint this Yellow Cults, but the US election is still 2 months to go and it is a close call between Trump and Hillary. Only with the election of a new US President shall the world know its foreign policy and this policy will dictate the repercussions of the actions of DU30. Meanwhile, with Leni’s showing of her true colors, I think it’s about time that DU30 kick this lady out of the cabinet and likewise using his presidential powers, pursue relentlessly the protest brought by BBM in the PET. DU30 should not maintain a “BRUTUS” in his official family.

  22. “Yes, we have 700,000 surrenderers but that should not be treated as an accomplishment. It is just a means to reach a target, that is to pull them out of addiction. Surrendering will not solve it. It’s just step one,”
    >> Indeed, just ‘one step’….BUT that ‘one step’ compared to WHICH steps already done in the past, if any?? And if this is not an accomplishment: compared to which accomplishments already done, if any??

  23. She’s just riding on the drug war, to keep herself relevant. May he her job at HUDCC is boring and can’t show any progress.

  24. Tell that to Digong’s face ! What have you done as a congresswoman about the drug problem? Your patron has done nothing for 6 years!