Robredo camp calls impeach threat ‘irresponsible’


HOUSE Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s threat to impeach Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo is “utterly irresponsible,” Robredo’s camp said on Saturday, as the Vice President denied claims she was behind the impeachment raps filed by the Magdalo party-list group against President Rodrigo Duterte last week.

OCCUPY ‘BORACAY’ A group of protesters led by actress Vivian Velez (third from left) storm the official residence of Vice President Maria Leonor ‘Leni’ Robredo in New Manila, Quezon City on Saturday to demand her impeachment or resignation. The residence now occupies the site of the infamous ‘Boracay’ mansion linked to ex-president Joseph Estrada. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Talking to reporters in Naga City, Robredo said she was only able to read about Alvarez’s remarks on social media.

“It is difficult to comment because I do not know what his basis is. But the President repeated several times that he is sure that I am not part of any destabilization plot. If his (Alvarez’s) basis is the impeachment complaint filed by Magdalo, they themselves said that I was not part of that filing,” Robredo said.

Robredo’s spokeswoman, Georgina Hernandez, in a television interview on Friday noted that Alvarez had admitted that he still needed to consult his legal team before filing an impeachment complaint.

“And if that is the case, he is making such public statements without sufficient basis and it is purely speculation, really,” she said, adding that “We really think that such statements should not be taken seriously and these are really just empty threats and trying to mind-condition the public.”

Alvarez made the threat to impeach Robredo on Friday, claiming the Vice President betrayed public trust for maligning the country in a video message before a United Nations meeting on illegal drugs in Vienna, Austria last week.

In the video clip, Robredo spoke out against Duterte’s anti-drug war and the so-called “palit-ulo” scheme, wherein the police would take a member of the family of a drug suspect without a warrant if the suspect didn’t want to surrender.

Video ‘factual’

Robredo said her video message was “very factual.”

“That statement came from stories that were conveyed to our office. In fact, we tried to request for data from the DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) and PNP (Philippine National Police) as early as January. But our letter was not answered. So we did not know where to turn to. The people who come to us seek protection, seek help. We cannot afford to do nothing,” she said.

Hernandez said: “There is nothing in the video that shows any sort of action as all of the statements on the video are based on facts coming from first-hand accounts of families, urban poor families who sought refuge by visiting personally the Office of the Vice President to share their experiences, as regards the various operations happening in relation to the government’s war on drugs.”

Robredo also denied Malacañang’s claim that the release of the video was timed to coincide with the filing of an impeachment complaint against Duterte last week, as part of a grand scheme to undermine the administration.

The Palace and Alvarez both claimed Robredo was behind the complaint as she would benefit the most from Duterte’s ouster. Robredo is Duterte’s constitutional successor.

“It is just a coincidence that it was released recently…because it would be used in a conference this March. But that was long ago. Long ago,” Robredo said.

Hernandez said those behind the United Nations anti-narcotics meeting made the request for a message from the Vice President last month, and the video message was sent to the organizers before the end of February.

“The decision as to when it will be shared and posted online depended solely on the schedule of the conference, which was beyond our control. We really see here based on facts and timelines, that there is no such coordination as to the filing of the impeachment case and the releasing of the video,” she added.

Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano on Thursday filed an impeachment complaint against President Duterte over thousands of supposedly drug-related killings, summary executions in Davao City when Duterte was city mayor, as well as alleged graft and corruption.

“As to the plan or the objective of the House speaker, we really could not tell at this point. But we see it is purely conditioning the mind of the public and also really trying to bring the credibility of the Vice President down as she continues to really focus on her work as Vice President, focusing on the real problems of our country including that of poverty alleviation,” Hernandez said.

‘Harmful lies’

The erstwhile ruling Liberal Party said on Saturday that accusations linking Robredo to supposed efforts to undermine the Duterte administration were “baseless, orchestrated lies” that could harm the country.

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan reminded the administration that just recently, Duterte himself said Robredo was not involved in supposed destabilization efforts against him.

“The President’s allies should take this cue from him and refrain from sowing lies, as this is infecting the nation instead of uniting us,” Pangilinan, who is the LP president, said in a statement.

“They should stop destabilizing the administration and focus instead on the gargantuan tasks of delivering on its campaign promises such as end ‘endo’ and create jobs, finish the traffic nightmare and ease commuters’ lives, and stop corruption and move the country forward, among others,” Pangilinan added.


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  1. The two most irresponsible politicians in the whole world are Alvarez and Pacquiao period .whoever voted for these 2 guys are sorry and must ask for forgiveness

  2. Aphetsky Lasa on

    The pot calling the kettle black. She and her party are simply pathetic. There is only one way to redeem yourself, Leni. Voluntarily resign. Don’t wait for your impeachment to prosper. Gain some honor back.

  3. VP Leni, ikaw at ang mga kasama mo ang iresponsable..di nyo man lang inisip kung ano ang magiging implications nito sa ating bayan. Ang sabi ng Pangulo, naniniwala sya na hindi ka kasama sa destab-plot pero after 2 days, umarangkada ka na ng katangahan mo..sino ba mga adviser mo at mukhang di nyo pinag-iisapan ang mga galaw nyo,inakala nyo siguro na maraming kababayan natin ang matutuwa. This impeachment case should prosper, you have to face the consequences..nagkasala ka sa bayan by betraying the nation. Di na nga kayo pinapatulan ng administrasyon eh kaya lang talagang sobra na yung mga ginagawa nyo, show some respect naman sa mga taong bumoto sa Presidente natin, kailaman man hindi nyo makukuha ang pwesto na yan..

  4. corazon garcia on

    Ms. Leni Robredo, better resign from the post you are not honestly elected. From survey to exit poll, the elected VP is Ferdinand “Bong bong Marcos”. Please do not allow yourself to be used for evil things. Let yourself enjoy an honest life. If you believe the true living God, you shut your mouth talking foolish things. Help the Filipinos to have prosperous and peaceful life. Ang mga paninirang ginagawa mo at ng mga kasamahan mo ay nagpapasama sa imahen ng Pilipinas. DO NOT LET GREED OVERPOWER A GOOD HEART.

  5. The valid reason why VP Robredo should be impeached is her betrayal of public trust and economic sabotage. What she utters was baseless she should verify first what are the actual footage on the ground and government authorities before sending this damaging video to UN. Assuming that UN will believe on her claims what will happen to our economy, and to our present administration. We’ve seen already the gargantuan efforts done by PRRD to alleviate poverty of our country observance of the law and order, infrastructure, medicine for the poor, peace negotiations to MILF, MNLF and NPAs, etc. NO previous President has done these accomplishments in the span of ten months. Instead our VP shall support our government if she’s really taking care the welfare of the Filipino people.

  6. yeah impeach all! senators, congressmen, justices, govt. officials, governors, mayors, janitors, clerks, etc etc

    • masakit pala kung matamaan na. pero pag ang opposition ay gumagawa ng tira ok lang ba?

  7. The question is, what robredo did was it ethical or unethical? Only the people will judge.

  8. Maybe its time the votes for the VP was recounted. Then let’s see who the REAL Vice President is.

  9. These foolish VP needs to be impeach, as VP she should have work with PNP and the Senate regarding her accusations, but the first thing she did about the Palit Ulo or something is go to UN.

    You don’t go to UN with hearsay and without exhausting local means of solving the issues. Else every country will go to UN.

    This VP has to go, her actions seems to be driven by something else other than caring for people.

    And stop electing someone to high position just because they are a widow of some politicians. When you elect one base name recognition instead of capabilities, then this is what you get.

  10. To threaten Roberdo’s impeachment because of her wilful disgracing of her office and her treacherous misrepresentation of the Philippines before the UN? What a joke. Especially when the Yellow party has kept on with the threat of impeachment for Duterte before he was even sworn in and has now actually gone ahead and filed the paperwork! Leni Roberdo is just another self-seving politician who does not care on bit about the Philippines or Filipinos.