‘Robredo camp running out of explanations’


THE camp of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has run out of a “credible and acceptable” explanation following the discovery of tampered election machines, a lawyer for former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said on Thursday.

Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal and Vice President Leni Robredo. File Photo

Lawyer Vic Rodriguez blasted Robredo and her legal team, led by Romulo Macalintal, for pretending to be “blind” amid “evidence” emerging that Marcos was cheated in the vice-presidential race.

Macalintal on Thursday dared the Marcos camp to withdraw their protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal if they fail to prove “massive fraud” in the May 2016 elections based on data found in unused secure digital (SD) cards from vote-counting machines (VCMs) last Monday.

He also challenged Rodriguez to surrender his license to practice law if he could not prove that the vice-presidential race was rigged. Robredo beat Marcos by 263,473 votes in the May 2016 polls.

Rodriguez said the Robredo camp was in “panic mode” and Macalintal’s statement was expected “since they have run out of a credible and acceptable explanation that the Filipino people deserve.”

“The core issue that Senator Marcos raised in his election protest is the constitutionality and integrity of the automated election system used in the last election. The discovered data in the supposedly ‘unused and un-deployed’ VCMs and SD cards strengthens further our position that there was enormous cheating done through tampering of the AES (automated election system) which we will prove before the PET,” Rodriguez told The Manila Times.

Macalintal, in a statement, said the SD cards were not even part of the electoral protest, “hence, [they]cannot be admitted as evidence.”

“But nevertheless we agreed to have them examined for purposes of transparency and to prove that Robredo is not hiding anything nor is she afraid to face Marcos in his baseless and frivolous protest,” Macalintal said.
Macalintal said he was willing to withdraw his license to practice law if Robredo lost the case.

He proposed the suspension of the verification and examination of 13 SD cards found to have data until the filing of a joint manifestation before the Commission on Elections.

“It is highly ridiculous, if not outright frivolous, for Marcos and his camp to express excitement over the alleged ‘data contained in the 13 SD cards,’ as if they had already won the election because no one knows, not even the Supreme Court justices nor the Comelec officials, what said ‘data’ are all about because they are still in their ‘encrypted’ or unreadable form,” Macalintal said.

Rodriguez, however countered: “It’s very simple, if the SD cards were not used, they should be empty. But how come they had data with a different system? Any Grade 1 pupil can understand that.”



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  1. One protest if reconsidered will affect also the overall election result not only the position of Vice President.

  2. Bakit ba masyadong Hot na Hot itong si Makalintal? Iyan mga VCM at SD’s ay bahagi lamang sa mga bagay na kasama sa protesta ni BBM. Kasama rin sa protesta ang kahina hinalang resulta ng 36,000 clustered precincts doon sa mindanao. Kung dito sa simula pa lang ng pagbubukas ng hindi ginamit na VCM ay may nakikita ng kahina hinalang pangyayari, paano pa kaya doon sa mga pinagduduhang presinto? at kung sa Amerika nitong nakaraan halalan ay pinagdudahan lang ang Russian Hacking, ang lahat ng Intelligence Services agad ng Amerika ay nagsagawa kaagad ng masusing inbestigation at pati ang Kongresso nila ay nag-imbestiga ngunit wala talagang nakitang ebidensya at sinabi nila na ang VCM nila ay hindi nagalaw. Bakit dito ng buksan ang hindi ginamit na VCM, ang mga SD nito ay nakitaan na may laman data ngunit hindi pa rin nag iimbestiga ang NBI. TAMA BA YON???

  3. I am no Marcos supporter, but the VCM’s in Region 8 that failed to transmit has a different content from the flash memory of the VCMs where they came from. All the PET has to do is to do the following;
    1. Summon the VCMs from Cebu, Leyte and Samar
    2. Download the unencrypted VCM data
    3. Validate the downloaded data vs. the contents of the CF cards used to generate the result.
    They will see that the encryption keys for the CF cards and the VCM are not the same meaning, the CF cards were not encrypted from the VCM instead it already has content from a different source.

    Again, this is limited to the VCMs who failed to transmit. Because per Comelec procedure, the CF cards of these VCMs will have to be brought to the city/municipality Comelec and be used as a source data instead of the transmitted data.

    I personally want to find out if there really was cheating or not. Not because of who won or lost, but to find out if the computerized system failed to prevent fraud as what we all hoped for.

    If i may quote the good book. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

  4. I hope COMELEC can trace which back-up VCMs were used and where. And locate the supposedly malfunctioning VCMs that were replaced. The dramatic increase of Leni’s votes and loss of Marcos’ votes where the switch happened may point to cheating. The existence of tampered SDs or SDs supposedy blank but found to have data in back-up VCMs already warrants a more intense investigation. We all want to preserve the ways of our democracy and rule of law even if it means putting a Marcos in the second highest position of the land.

  5. hahaha…talagang panic mode na sina makalintal..kasi tama si rodriguez na sabihin na “It’s very simple, if the SD cards were not used, they should be empty. But how come they had data with a different system? Any Grade 1 pupil can understand that.” ……….So buti pa ang grade 1 kesa election lawyer….

    • whahahahahaha talagang supalpal si macalinta(l) paano naman kasi natulog lang sandali ang mga tao at biglang lumamang si robredo pero plano talaga ng mga dilawan na palusutin si robredo.

  6. We suggest that “VP” Leni Robredo temporarily desist from issuing criticisms against President Duterte and concentrate her efforts to protect her position as VP. She might keep on looking for what to criticize and all of a sudden, she will realize that she will be stripped of her position and Bongbong Macoy will take over. She might commit suicide.

  7. It is quite ridiculous on the gambit of macalintal. He should give due respect and wait for the outcome since
    the protest of BBM is now in the jurisdiction of the PET.

  8. The burden of proof will be on Marcos’ camp and Robredo’s camp doesn’t have to entertain allegations that do not have basis. What kind of data was found on unused SD cards? What this data do or can do when it transmit or receive election returns? Let the Marcos camp explain and prove that these DATA altered the election return, by doing WHAT, HOW, WHEN, and WHERE. If Manila Times does not take sides, it should publish this comment.

    • The fact of the matter is,
      1. There is reason for doubt
      2. Why are there encrypted contents with these unused sd cards
      3. There is a different system encryption with them sd cards other than that used by the comelec.

      We both have our constitutional right to vote. I may bot run office but I reserve the right to make sure my vote is not compromised.

      As you can fairly see the article contained statements from both sides.

      Maybe you shouldn’t post comments here in the first place if you are content with your constitutional rights being marred by trapos.

    • Did he not say the unused SD has data? Let us wait and see what the data is. I read your comment therefore Manila Times does not take sides.Why protest on the recount?

    • That’s exactly the purpose of the tribunal — to examine pieces of evidence, including the SD cards, in a court of law. It’s not up to Macalintal to determine whether those said cards will be admissible or not as evidence. That’s up to the judges overseeing the PET.

      Chill out, bro.

    • Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      The Marcos camp is definitely on track. Makalintal is trying hard to derail the issue and doing his best to argue in different directions to confuse the Marcos camp. Let the TRUTH come out because that will be the only thing that would set everything straight.

  9. Kung hindi talaga nandaya bakit kinokontra nang camp ni Leni ang recount para magka alaman RECOUNT para mawala ang alinlangan at kung panalo ka talaga dapat lang na mag sorry si Marcos kung nandaya kanaman dapat lang na pag bayaran mo kase niloko nyo mga taong bayan,

    • ano ba ang laman ng data na sinsabi nila..?!! nakalagay ba doon na c marcos ang panalo?! kaya hindi masabi ng kampo ni marcos kung ano ang data na yon dahil alam nila na walang kaalaman yon sa panalo ni robredo..ginagamit lng para palakihin ang issue na dinaya sila..! wala talagang talo sa election dto sa atin..lahat ng natatalo ay nadaya..!!!! hehehe..

    • dapat lang talaga ay may recount to once and for all alisin ang duda sa pagkapanalo ni Leni …. why Lenis Camp made all the obstruction to the Marcos Camp initiatives, after all they pay for that recount … let them suffer the consequences if their allegations is true or not … the main issue here is who is who wins in this contest because the events that happened with the winning of Leni is questionable. Let PET decides.

    • Mali ang paniniwala na lahat nang natalo nadaya, ang tamang tanong ay dapat bang pagkatiwalaan lahat nang politician? Sa case ni nanalong Presidente Ramos kuno at ang Late Miriam D. Santiago sa recount nanalo si Miriam D. Santiago, Kaya dapat kung may alinlangan Recount agad para magka alaman agad, at kung walang pandarayang naganap Bakit kokontra pa diba ganun lang kasimple kahit Grade 1 sure akong payag dyan hehehe RECOUNT na hehehehe

    • Gaby diaz you seem to be very affected. why not let the PET decide? or maybe you are paid to support what seems to be a very doubtful win by the current VP.