• Robredo camp: ‘Weak’ case delaying protest


    FORMER senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s “weak” election protest against Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo is delaying the case, Robredo’s camp has said.


    Lawyer Romulo Macalintal, lead counsel for Robredo, made the stance in response to accusations of the Marcos camp that the vice president was resorting to delaying tactics.

    Robredo had filed a motion for reconsideration on the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) decision finding Marcos’ protest sufficient in form and substance.

    Macalintal argued that for one, Marcos failed to comply with tribunal rules that require a detailed specification of the acts or omissions showing election fraud and irregularities.

    Macalintal noted that while Marcos protested results in at least 662 municipalities in various provinces, he only made detailed specification of fraud in 57 municipalities.

    “Detailed specification means that Marcos should specifically allege in his protest who, what, where or when these acts were committed. If Marcos only filed a strong and meritorious election protest with full compliance with the rules on the substance or evidence to be alleged in the complaint, we would not have any ground to question his apparent haphazardly prepared election protest,” Macalintal said.

    “Marcos is the very root or cause why his complaint is still at the preliminary stage. Let it be of record that it is not a matter of a delayed action on Marcos’ election protest but mainly a matter of a very weak and frivolous case he presented before the PET,” Macalintal added.

    Macalintal also said Marcos was bordering on questioning the PET’s competence because of repeated accusations that Robredo was delaying the protest.

    “Vice President Robredo, as a lawyer, knows that we should not resort to any act that would give the impression that we are delaying its resolution to show our respect to the members of the PET, thus she gave us her strict in-struction to comply with all its rules,” Macalintal said.

    Robredo had said in a radio interview that she would agree to a recount of the vice presidential votes in the May 2016 polls, but Marcos should first prove his claims of fraud.

    Marcos, she said, claims poll fraud in 2,537 clustered precincts across the country but did not provide evidence.

    “It is wrong to claim that I don’t want a recount. I am sure of my victory. I am no cheat, and it will be better for me if this protest will be resolved sooner,” Robredo said in a dzMM interview.

    “We are not delaying the recount. Our point is, where is your evidence [of poll fraud]? You can’t present evidence on a piecemeal basis because you claim that you have proof. Where is your proof, then?” Robredo added.
    Robredo beat Marcos by 263,473 votes in the May 2016 polls.


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    1. Spare us of all your gimmicks – if you were confident of your sure win – this matter had been resolved long, long time ago. Looks to me LP used all efforts, resources, perhaps even taxpayers money to have their Leni bag the VP-post – by dishonest means.

    2. Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa shld recuse himself from the PET case filed by BBMarcos vs Leni Robredo, because Caguioa is an Aquino appointee and a legal adviser of BSAquino III during his administration and many would , remembe thatr BSAQUINOIII prayed that BBMarcos will not be elected for VP of the Philippines during the last election , therefore CJ Sereno shld reassign the case to another associate who would be fair in his judgment of the case. And in order to avoid any suspicion that the SC is purportedly delaying action on the case, the Chief Justice must show neutrality and fairness and must act diligently in facilitating to resolve the case sooner.Its almost 10 months (almost a year) the approval to hear the case was just recently approved. Comelec Chairman Bautista has disclosed to Pres Duterte that there was truth to the massive cheating during the last Presidential election and therefore his statement must be conclusive that BBM was also cheated. .

    3. Nice double speak. atty. Macalintal is saying the protest is weak yet continue filing motions to delay or dispose of the protest.

      Take the cue and if your camp is really sincere in its pronouncements, just tell the PET to resolve the case in all urgency and finality! Just tell them you are willing to go all out to prove how weak the protest is!

      Puro kayo daldal na ok lang sa inyo na mapatunayang hindi nandaya ang kampo ni leni pero panay naman apela ninyo sa desisyon ng PET! Haynaku talaga . .

    4. Macalintal how can you say that the election protest of BBM is very weak when PET cited that his Election protest has form and Substance. From the start BBM files election protest if it’s actually weak the PET should dismissed right away.

      So if BBM protest is weak why should file a motion just to delay the process. you are speaking too much LIES that youy brain cannot HANDLE…

    5. Time is the fire in which we burn. Macalintal, if you and Leni are true, you will not let the people waiting. Your responsibility is to the people and not only to Leni because if something happens to President Duterte, Leni will not be an automatic successor and such delay may cause violence, injuries, and deaths between two opposing parties. Don’t let a drop of Filipino blood spill into your hands. Avoid this mistake. Don’t delay.

    6. Atty. Maca linta your a veteran election lawyer, you know very well the turtle phase speed of election cases here, adding to this your expertis on delaying pa more. If your robredo camp is really sincere and not only doing a propaganda mode when Leni said she wants also a recount to show to the world who really won? Also as a legacy on your part, your not getting younger, following LENI’s word, file an urgent motion that you are witdrawing your appeal and that you no longer oppose and in fact you want an immediate recount, TUTAL THERE ARE ONLY FEW AREAS CITED BY BONGBONG WHERE HE GOT ZERO, WHERE THERE ARE INGLESIAS. INSTEA. HALATA KASI MASYADO ANG STYLE NA IBA SINASABI MO SA GINAGAWA.