Robredo, de Lima warn of ‘dark change’


VICE President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and Sen. Leila de Lima on Saturday decried what they claimed was “darkness” shrouding the country, as they urged the Filipino people to gather strength for the New Year and have faith that the “light” will come.

In her New Year message, Robredo said unwelcome changes were brought about by desperation and hatred from some people, such as the poor.

“May kumakalat na madilim na pagbabago [Dark change is spreading],” she said. “Ang mga taong lugmok sa kahirapan ay humihiyaw sa galit—at bakit naman hindi? Sila naman talaga ang dapat pinakikinggan ng ating pamahalaan at nating lahat [People mired in poverty are crying in anger—and why not? It is they the government and the rest of us should be listening to].”

Robredo, who quit the Duterte Cabinet on December 4, was accused on Thursday by the President of involvement in efforts to oust him. The vice president on Friday denied joining rallies calling for President Rodrigo Duterte’s ouster.

Robredo, the highest ranking Liberal Party member and its interim chair, has been vocal in denouncing a number of policies of Duterte, including the proposed restoration of the death penalty, the government’s retreat from its West Philippine Sea claims, the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, and the brutal crackdown on illegal drugs.

“As we welcome the New Year, let our homes be filled with light and peace. If there is harmony in our homes, let us remain strong for whatever storm might rock our nation. Even in the darkest night, we will always find light; we just need to learn to see with gratitude in our hearts,” she said in Filipino.

“This coming year, let us take to heart beautiful change, in our own lives, and in our being Filipino. Let us love simple life and simple joys, deepen the manner of our service to our loved ones, and widen our understanding for those at the edges of society,” she added.

“The New Year brings new opportunities. Let us continue to trust. Let us continue to have faith that at the end of it all—what is right and what is good will always prevail.”

Another staunch Duterte critic, Sen. Leila de Lima, who has denied accusations of involvement in the drug trade, said many people could no longer be with their loved ones because of killings.

“We have countrymen who have been killed, instead of given the chance to change their ways. Amid the feasting and shiny decorations, there are others in anguish and deep sadness in the memory of their slain parents, children, sibling, spouse, and friend. How do we celebrate, if the killings and injustice in society continue?” she said in her New Year message.

“However heavy the trials of life, however dark the period covering our nation, I have faith that the light will come. As the New Year comes, I believe in the greater compassion of Filipinos for fellow Filipinos and respect for human rights. With the Lord’s guidance, let us unite toward a truly peaceful and just nation,” de Lima said.

According to a yearend report released by Malacañang, a total of 2,166 drug suspects were killed in 40,284 police operations from July 1 to December 30.

A total of 1,003,118 people surrendered amid the drug war, while 42,978 suspects were put behind bars.

The report did not include the growing number of people left dead on sidewalks with cardboard signs over or near their bodies claiming they were involved in illegal activities.

Speaker wants paradigm shift
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez was optimistic in the coming year as a result of the new administration’s “achievements” in the past six months.

“The Duterte administration has made significant gains not only in the war on illegal drugs and in fighting crime and corruption, but also in laying the ground for sustained socioeconomic advance, lasting peace and political reforms,” he said.

Alvarez called for unity behind the reform agenda of the President, including the shift to a federal system, putting an end to poverty, strengthening democratic institutions and moving the country forward.

“Let us take the first of the many giant steps we as one nation must undertake to effect a paradigm shift by changing our form of government from presidential to federal. Let’s all open our eyes that it is only through federalism that we can break the barriers of a fatally flawed Manila-centrist government to one that grants political and economic autonomy to all of our country’s regions,” he said.


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  1. Senaryo sa isang detective story sa pelikula:
    A man whom all people consider as a respectable and incapable of any shabby action has comitted an ambominable crime. Nobody suspect him. But the smart sleuth cannot be fooled.

  2. I think Robredo owes it to the public to have her mind checked. She seems to be suffering from delusions,and paranoia. The psychiatrist will be in a better position to assess through these symptoms. She also seems to be under the spell of a dominant figure in De Lima that she tends to parrot what she says and also that of her masters at the LP.

  3. Yes you are right, the dark years were the time of the Abnoy Presidnet who don’t know how to manage the country. The light started when DU30 took power as President. It is only now that I have the courage to bring my car in MM because during the time of Aquino, I am afraid that someone might carnap my car. So what darkness these two bastards are talking about, It’s the time of Aquino when drug addicts multiply in millions. We hope and pray that DU30 can erradict the problem of drugs and corruption!!

  4. The dark past still haunting us until these two liars or evils and all yellowtards be expelled from the Philippines.

  5. The administration of Duterte should continue purging all evils that beseech our country including these two highly ambitious individual who are just new to leadership and out from nowhere and by chance have been elected by naive people through our faled electoral system and who doesn’t really know their background and character.

  6. We will see the light at the end of the tunnel when these
    Two opportunistic liars and their yellowtard cohorts are put in Jail where they belong!!! God save our President and long live the Philippines.

  7. The Filipino Common Tao has regain their Vision of 20/20 and their Utak Tungaw got their “Metanoia” (a greek word meaning 180 degrees turn). For Short they can no longer be Tricked by this Yellow Ribbon. If they wanted Peace, Prosperity and Good transparent governance, they should NOW help and be a partner of the New Admin Serious Initiative for Pro Poor People as can be seen for the last six (6) Months. They are Preachers of Lip Service NOT LIVING WHAT THEY SAY. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.

  8. These Yellow retards talk of “dark” martial law period and “dark” Duterte regime like their time in office (i.e., Cory and Noynoy Aquino presidencies) were the Age of Enlightenment and Renaissance. On the contrary, theirs were the darkest periods in Philippine history marked by state-sponsored violence (Mendiola massacre, Mamasapano, Hacienda Luisista massacre, Kidapawan farmers’ massacre), corruption, nepotism and incompetence.

  9. How about those raped young and old mutilated with heads bashed and killed by the addicts? Addicts will no longer change. Their brains are short circuited and dysfunctional. They are evil, those who defends evil deeds are evil..

  10. “Ang mga taong lugmok sa kahirapan ay humihiyaw sa galit” Robredo, parang wala ka sa realidad….Excellent ang rating ng Pangulong Duterte. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize iyan ???!!!
    He, he, he hate mo ang mga Marcos. Kasi, your first husband, an NPA, was killed by Martial Law.
    “I have faith that the light will come.” Totoong-totoo po. Bakit po may little Las Vegas sa Bilibid na pinayagan mo ay pinagtapat na ng mahigit sampung nakatira roon, Sila ang nagdala ng LIGHT. Hindi po ba violation of human rights ang gawin mong addict ang isang tao? HIndi ba “human hights” din sa parte ng pamilya ng addict, lalo na sa nanay???!!! Ikaw ang number one violator of human rights: maraming naging addict dahil sa iyo !!!
    Dahil di ka takot sa hustisiya ng tao, pakatandaan hustisiya ng Langit: Exod.34:7 . . . visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation” Ang siphayo sa bawat tahanang may addict, ay babalik ang siphayo sa tahanan mo hanggang sa apo ng anak mo, not necessarily out of illegal drugs, but other forms of afflictions. Lie to men no end, but God sees your Truth and He knows what to do with you.!!!
    Asset si Jaybee? Hindi raw. Separated husband si Ronnie? HIndi raw. Tulong lang for Ronnnie? Ano ang 800K:ronnie=2M:leila? Totoo si Ma2ba2? More than 10 policemen say otherwise. May gusto ang Pangulo sa iyo? Kilabutan ka naman. Kung si Kris nga na-snub, eh!
    Mrs Robredo and Mrs de LIma, your very words are working against you. don’t you think so??? Sino mga professors ninyo sa Logic and Ethics? Aren’t you shaming them?

  11. Really! When do they become Astrophysicists. Can they foresee and foretell the future? Is that what Robredo was saying lately “a criticism”. Wow!…PHL is going down (the drain). Why can’t we find common ground? In the PHL current situation, why can’t the Legislative body revisit, amend, strengthen the Law to allow or deny the President (Executive) with concurrence or non-concurrence by SC. Strengthen the institutions, implementation and execution of Laws.

  12. The darkness surrounding Delima is apparent to all. Her words and actions paint a dark picture of the PH. Let’s just get her out of society and in jail where she belongs.

  13. If there’s a dark cloud looming the country, that was from Delima. The atmosphere will be brighter if
    Delima will step aside for delicadeza. Her fellow Senators should have a political will and do something to untarnished Senate’s reputation. Show the people you have balls guys….

    • The Senate is composed of pork barrel thieves that were liberal party during Aquino’s administration.
      Aquino and De Lima protected the thieves from charges while only charging 3 opposition senators.

      Want to clean up the senate ? Start with the pork barrel thieves.

  14. Ha, ha, Leni and de Halim are talking about the dark years. They still refuse to accept that the dark years of the Philippines already happened in administration years 2010 to the 2nd half of 2016. Truth is, liars like these 2 continue to exist and their lies never stops.