Robredo denies plot vs Duterte


Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Monday denied allegations that she is part of a group plotting the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte, calling such accusations ridiculous.

In a chance interview with reporters in Marinduque where she visited victims of Typhoon Nina, Robredo clarified that the supposed e-mail exchange among her supporters led by philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis did not involve her or her office. She said Lewis had been her supporter since 2013 when she decided to run for a congressional post as representative of Camarines Sur.

“She [was]one of my supporters when I ran for Congress because she is also from Bicol. I have talked to her way back, I think even before the [vice presidential]campaign started. But since I won [as Vice President], we haven’t seen or talked to each other. It is not true that we met in the US,” the Vice President said, referring to her Christmas vacation in the US where she attended a family reunion with her three daughters Aika, Tricia and Jillian.

“We did not have a personal meeting, and we did not even have a phone conversation or see each other in the US. So those things you’ve heard about that topic are false,” Robredo pointed out.

“I am not involved in those e-mail exchanges. These e-mails mentioned my name, which are not surprising because I am the Vice President and I have supporters who respond to attacks on me. I have been at the receiving end of fake news and falsehoods, and the e-mails were an apparent response,” she said.

The leaked emails that supposedly showed a plot to undermine President Duterte were posted online.
“Most of the things thrown at me are really purely ridiculous,” she said in a separate speech.

On Monday, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd claimed that Robredo stayed in Lewis’ house in the US.
But the Vice President slammed Aguirre for lying.

“It’s sad that even our Justice secretary is a part of those lies. He is the Secretary of Justice, so I wish that he won’t say lies because that claim [that I stayed in Lewis’ house]is a lie. I have never talked to her and never saw her in the US,” Robredo said.

She added that the accusations thrown her way had not dampened her resolve to fulfil her mandate.
“There is a lot of viciousness in the Internet, but I have a mandate to serve. I’d rather focus on my mandate,” Robredo said.


Although the “LeniLeaks” controversy was tackled during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon said the issue will be investigated.

Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of the oath-taking of newly-appointed government officials in Malacañang, Esperon added that they are not taking the issue lightly.

“LeniLeaks? We have a Cabinet meeting today, it happens that it will not be one of the matters that will be taken up. It just tells you that we have other more important matters [to discuss],” he said.

“[But] It doesn’t mean also that if we don’t talk about it in the media, we do not give it importance. It is important in the sense that we have to know the veracity of some things, as they affect our stability, Esperon added.

Lewis has already denied concocting a plan to remove Duterte from office. She also clarified that her call for Duterte to quit was based on the President’s promise that he would resign if drugs were still rampant six months after his inauguration in June last year.

But Esperon defended the extension, saying it is immaterial in the overall scheme of things.

“What are their charges? What don’t they want? Sabi nila, one, bakit daw in-extend ng more than three months yung anti-drug campaign [They say, for one, why was the Duterte admnistration’s drug war extended for more than three months]? My golly, if they are from the Americas, wherever North or South or the USA, there are a lot of drug wars, going on in their vicinity. Meaning, neighboring countries at alam naman nilang decades… ang labanan doon tungkol sa droga ay inaabot nang matagalan. So bakit sila mag-aapura ng three months kaagad [They know that fighting drugs take decades. So why are they rushing]?” the security adviser said.

He added that the administration will look into the identity of the bloggers behind the “LeniLeaks.”

“That could be part of the overall work but as I said, this should not be the flavor of the day or the month, this is something that we already know. And the best way to address this is to show that we are effective in anti-drugs, that we could address the problems that they are concerned with,” Esperon said.

Senate President Pro-tempore Franklin Drilon also dismissed the supposed plot against Duterte as “crap.”
Drilon said Malacañang should not take issues posted in social media seriously.

“This is all crap,” the senator told reporters. “I don’t think we should decide on the basis of what appears in social media. We can get misled.”

The senator said he had not discussed the issue with Robredo but that the alleged plot is farthest from her mind.
“There is no such thing, I can assure you,” he added.


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  1. So the “smilingest” (she always smile, doesn’t she?) public official is happy at what she’s doing aside from being VP. I wonder what MR SIMANGOT senator Trillianes (I have yet to see him smile) in contrast is doing.

  2. Suspicion of treason deserves an unbiased investigation. If proven beyond a reasonable doubt, judgement must be given.

    It’s a very appalling crime to the state and it should be one of the reason why death penalty be reimposed to set a limit to the patience of the country against disloyalties.

  3. Leni has said that Justice Secretary Aguirre’s claim that she stayed in Lewis house is a lie. Aguirre has yet to refute Leni’s statement with clear evidence or proof. Who then is lying? Leni or the members of Duterte’s government? Duterte by his very silence is also encouraging lies to be made against his opponents. If Duterte has any sense of decency he would ask his supporters to show proof for any accusations that they make.

  4. It was inevitable this would happen when you elect people to offices independently of one another. Leni is not Duterte’s ally and his death will overturn his government if she takes over. That’s the problem. It may be time to consider linking candidates for the two highest offices and have them run together for the offices. Then there will be fewer succession problems.

  5. There must be truth in this reported plot to oust Duterte. If not, the mainstream media would have blasted these bloggers for the false news. As it is, their silence on this matter is highly suspicious.

  6. Ever since we got independence from the Spanish colonizer only the mestizos enjoys the fruit of our country. Now under President Duterte I could see the sunrise above our head and now this is the time for everybody to joined and support our President Duterte. For more than hundred years our country is still gasping to survive, where as our neighboring countries are advancing their economy. My question here is why? The answer is because nabobola tayo ng mga pulitiko natin. Our country has all the resources to develop but due to rampant corruption in all levels of our society kaya ganito pa rin ang bansa natin isang kahig isang tuka. To my countrymen please wake up and don’t be fooled by this destabilization campaign against our President. Look what happened to Iraq, Libya and Syria? We need to unite and fight those personalities who tried to ruined our country. This is only the country we got. If there was only such opportunity here in our country I would rather stay here and not going overseas in order to survive.

  7. huli kayo mga balbon! Read Randy David’s article in Inquirer. He admits receiving these emails and pretends that he was just included as a receiver with nothing to do with it. Deny pa more yellowtards!

  8. manny Cuaresma on

    Philippine politics as usual. Sinisiraan ang isat isa. The Philippines has a bigger problem than listening to false news in the social media. The President and the administration has a lot of problems to look at, not only drugs but poverty, job creation, traffic problems, and peso devaluation. Concentrate on the countries problems instead of listening to social media.
    Let the Vice president help the administration in solving these problems. She can do a lot if they just let her participate. Bring her in instead of keeping her out.

  9. In any conspiracy, the standard response is always denial not until it is consummated and draw massive public support that they will show their fangs.

  10. Loida Lewis and VP Robredo, insulted and disrepected the 16 Million voted for Duterte. She easily said Resign Duterte if he doesnt solve the problem as promised within 6 month since duterte said it. will in fact this is our answers that the previous admin failed to address in 6 years. what do you think of the 16 Millions who voted for him tanga!, you dont even cast your vote here since your are an america citizen, you dont know whats happening on the ground in 6 years, then you will tell Duterte to resign! we voted for him and he is our president the president to the republic of the philippines.

  11. Leni Robredo never leads from the front. Leni Robredo is only an opportunist who waits for the apple to fall into her lap. Leni could lead from behind, where she hides behind the crowd, because Leni doesn’t have the gravitas to lead. Leni only picks up the opportunities. Leni never creates them. She is a natural-born parasite.

  12. I am a steadfast supporter of President DU30 and my loyalty to him is unswerving and unconditional. However, I would never believe ,even for a second, this preposterous and ridiculous claim that Vice-President Robredo is somehow behind a sinister plot to unseat the President. Is somebody out there trying to put a wedge between the two of them,? Who will benefit from it ? President DU30 has more important things to do for the country. He should not be distracted by this malicious “tsismis.”. The same rings true for the Vice;President.

  13. I am a steadfast supporter of President DU30 and my loyalty to him is unswerving and unconditional. However, I would never believe ,even for a second, this preposterous and ridiculous claim that Vice-President Robredo is somehow behind a sinister plot to unseat the President. Is somebody out there trying to put a wedge between the two of them,? Who will benefit from it ? President DU30 has more important things to do for the country. He should not be distracted by this malicious “tsismis.”. The same rings true for the Vice;President. There is too much politicking going around.

  14. What is the business of this American Loida Lewis-Nicolas meddling in our affairs, even asking for our President to resign? Can’t the DFA file a diplomatic protest to the US as evidently one of its bonafide citizens is actively interfering with and undermining another country’s sovereignty?

    • Your a crazy ,insecure dutertard. Just do what you have to do for your country.Stop stop entertaining crazy social media postings.Its adding toyur craziness.HA ha ha hah.

    • Filipinos misunderstood, Filipino Americans, specially born in the Philippines, even if they have acquired US citizenship. Their love for the Philippines, is still the same, all they want is to help the country in everyway they can. The wrong notion that when Pinoys, become US citizen, they do not care about Pilipinas, and they are traitors, which is wrong. A good example is Sen. Poe, all she want is to help and make this country better, but because of her US citizenship it was used against her. All they want is a better Philippines.

    • Yes, we need to stop this Filipino-American for meddling the affairs of our government and branded her as a persona non grata. She should know her limit.

  15. What a nerve this woman Leni Robredo has, already caught with her panties down she still denies that she is part of a grand plan to get rid of President Roldy by all means. Where she got the courage and the means to be part of the plot is a very good question to ask. Surely there are more people involved in this subject matter. Firstly we do not believe that Loida Nicolas will waste her husbands money to invest on a mission impossible for them to succeed. There are other players in this plan and those yellow politicians who will lose all when a newbee is President and those candidates who are not done licking their wounds and still angry for their failure to go on fooling the people. Personalities like PNoy, Mar Roxas, Abad, Drillon, Abaya, Alcala, Belmonte, Trillones, Bum Aquino or Hontiveros could be members of this fraternity and group. But why chose Leni Robredo who does not really have a following is also a good question to ask and the only answer is she can easily be manipulated by the puppet makers.

  16. The trouble with this illegitimate vice-president (daw) is that she is comfortable with lying. I have been in touch with some of her collaborators in the US and they confirmed that she was in touched with them during the holidays. If this Lewis girl can easily call Duterte to ask him to resign without any sense of delicadeza, the more it would be easy to get in touch with each other in New York, if she did not stay at the Lewis’ place. I wonder though why she has to be a big liar for these matters.

    I’m sure it must be that it dawned on her that in law, the act of an agent is also an act of the principal and they are both punishable with the same crime in exactly the same terms What she and he co-plotters are up to is the crime designated in Art 115 of the Revised Penal Code or the Conspiracy to commit Treason.. She has to deny therefore that she is involved. But even if she denies, the tell tale connection is that she is the beneficiary of a Duterte ouster. This is most revealing in so far as her involvement is concerned.

    In view of this developments there must be quick action on the installing of Bonbong Marcos as V-P. The country must be removed from the perilous machinations of this contemptible Robredo.. The SC itself is hurrying up the COMELEC to prepare the data and equipment needed to start the re-count.

  17. Of course, Leni will deny all the accusations despite all the clear evidence that her known supporters like Loida Nicholas Lewis, calling for Pres. Duterte’s to resign as President if he had not eliminated the drug problem in three months..a very absurd demand from someone who regard herself as a philanthropist after inheriting massive wealth from her husband. She must remember that all Filipinos at home and all over the world who are equally educated and may have the same amount of wealth themselves , knew where to place themselves ,who equally has the right to express if they have issues and objections how the President carry what is expected of him as a leader, and majority rejected the past President whom Loida also supported, only to find that the country has been riddled with massive corruptions and drug proliferations whcih the current President has no choice but to correct the uncontrollable state the country has been in . Given the short time the current President time was in office , it is such a shame coming from an educated Fil-Am, that she has the nerve to dictate the President to resign. is it because you lost your influence and can no longer dictate who you wish to remain in power?

    • ACES, well it was an election promise by Du30, on his own words, that he will resign, if he cannot eradicate drug problem, in the country, in three month, then he asked for an extension, six months. Now it is already six month, he should resign, if he is truthful to his promise, or he is a damn liar. So who is fooling who?

  18. Leni Robredo is now exposed for what she really is – a lying, conniving & soft-spoken kuno of a politician who accepted Mar’s invitation to be his VP mate in the last elections hoping that their liberal party machinery could dupe the voters. But the people were too smart to fall for their tricks. So Leni just shut up, use your VP annual budget to try to look like you’re busy and relevant and see if you have better luck in 2022.