Robredo draws flak; supporters defend US vacation


CRITICS on Sunday slammed Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo for spending the holidays on a “multi-state” vacation with her three daughters in the US, as thousands of her fellow Bicolanos fled their homes because of a typhoon.

Blogger “Thinking Pinoy,” a diehard supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, accused the vice president of abandoning her fellow Bicolanos ahead of a calamity.

“A supertyphoon is about to hit Bicol in a few hours. Can Leni realistically tell Bicolanos, sorry, I can’t be your
leader today because I’m too heartbroken. If Naga indeed brings back too many painful memories, there’s Pili, there’s Iriga, there’s Daet, there are too many drastically cheaper alternatives to a vacation in the United States,” the blog post read.

The vice president and her daughters were said to have stopped spending Christmas in their hometown Naga since her husband, interior and local government secretary Jesse Robredo, died in a plane crash in August 2012.

“Someone said Leni Robredo went on a Christmas vacation in the United States because spending the holidays in Naga City brings back too many painful memories of the late Jesse Robredo. I personally wouldn’t have cared where she spends her holidays, but last time I checked, she’s all for modesty of public servants,” the blog pointed out.

“A multi-state vacation in the United States doesn’t come cheap. She takes a bus to and from work, but she spends hundreds of thousands (or even millions) during her days off? What if she ditched her opulent vacation and used the money for domestic plane fare so she can spend less time traveling and more time listening to her constituents?” it added.

Another Duterte diehard blogger, Mocha Uson, ridiculed the vice president’s vacation.

“White Christmas for Madam. Bicol Region will be hit by a typhoon and she (Robredo) is having a vacation in the United States,” Uson wrote in her Facebook post.

But for Facebook user Claudia Gomez, the bloggers should stop making mountains out of molehills because Christmas is a time for people to spend quality time with their loved ones.

“Why are you overreacting? If she wants to spend her holidays with her family and sister in the US, there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone’s entitled to spend the holidays with their family, same as you and everyone else,” Gomez said in the comments section of the Mocha Uson blog.

Gomez argued that the vice president cannot stop a typhoon, and that local government units are the ones responsible in looking after their constituents. Camarines Sur Gov. Miguel Villafuerte and Naga Mayor John Bongat are on top of the situation and have evacuated people to safety, she added.

Gomez then decried the bloggers’ double standards, since they did not make a fuss over the President’s big delegation of about 100 people during his recent foreign trips.

“Imee and Bongbong Marcos were with President Duterte in China even if the typhoon ‘Lawin,’ much stronger than Nina, has been battering their hometown in Ilocos Norte and yet you did not complain about that. Be fair,” she added.

Imee is the Ilocos Norte governor and Bongbong is defeated vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
Facebook users Daniel Jaime, Josh Siat and Jessica Bathan shared Gomez’s sentiments, noting that the President’s supporters did not cry foul when Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa was in the United States to watch the boxing fight of Sen. Manny Pacquiao in the middle of the investigation of the police killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.

“You guys are so unforgiving, even in Christmas. Government officials are not banned [from having]a vacation with their family,” Jaime commented.

Bathan wrote: “Mocha Uson, you are so petty. Bato was in the US for Pacquiao fight and everybody deserves a vacation. But when it is the vice president having a vacation, suddenly it is not okay?”


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  1. Pres. duterte goes to davao every weekend why does he still need to spend going home if he can drag his family to malacanan palace for good under his term, why are we letting this man to spend our money just for this unreasonable trip every weekend to davao and the only main reasons are he’s scared of the ghost and he is much comfortable sleeping in his own room… parang mas magastos yata maguwian compared with one time new york vacation…

  2. Its the duty of the president, dswd and local govt unit to monitor what was happening in bicol… anong gusto nyong gawin ni vp leni sa bagyo mag-ala-wonderwoman? Pasensya na sa mga tangang supporters ni pres. duterte, hindi ko alam kung anong utak meron kayo hawa hawa na lng ba ng kabobohan? Namigay nga si duterte ng bonuses 50,000 my goodness saan galing ang pera hindi b dapat mas maganda kung sa mahihirap n lng ipamigay yang bonuses na yan….

  3. Is our honorable Vice President no longer know “country before self?” You are a public servant for God’s sake!

  4. the question is did she paid for her trip personally or was this taxpayers money. if its taxpayers money then she should be sanctioned or disciplined. because being a VP she most likely brought with her some bodyguards and aides and thats costly. this shows our lack of discipline in the country. for Bato trip to vegas that should also is illegal as far as conflict of interests and accepting gifts and gratuities is concerned for public officials. if we are serious to obey the law and rules Bato should have been fired. but thats the filipino way and culture. we are too lax and forgiving. and unprofessional most often. and lacking in discipline. that’s why we will never prosper as a nation. we the people are the problem and the solution.

    • The US trip was planned a year in advance, so no. she did not pay for it using taxpayer money. Kung pauwi nga lang ng Bicol, sariling sikap sa bus terminals ng Cubao.

  5. Maribel Calanda on

    The ever-hypocite Leni Robredo should have stayed here and should have spent Christmas here since she always like to take the spotlight. Since she has not done anything significant for her country as of yet, she should have gone to Bicol and be with her over one million countrymen who suffered the cruelty of the typhoon. It would be another photo opportunity which she and her handlers always do. Photo opt here and there. Leni Robredo, the ever opportunist who is as fake as her desire to see who murdered her husband

  6. Why would she care, she doesn’t owe anything to her kababayan. She knows that she did not get any solid votes in Bicol coz there’s The vote of Chiz, Gringo, and Trillanes she knows that she did not win in the last election. She owe her VP position bcoz of PCOS machine.

  7. Syempre naman po kapag Na-hit ang mga Dilawan Cyber bullying yan pero kapag cla nang-cyber bully Opinion yan o kaya Criticism tsk.tsk.tsk

  8. Hayaan na lang natin si Leni and kanyang mga anak na magbakasyon kada buwan kon pwede kasi mayaman na si Leni Robredo. Sabi ditto na tapos ilibing si Jesse Robredo, ang magina hindi na nag ;papasko sa Bicol kundi sa Maynila at Hongkong. Kasi nagging congresista na si Leni. Si Jesse Robredo komo instsek, kuripot yan sa pera at ayaw niya ang pamilya niya na magpaka sosyal. Hindi na ngayon, milyonarya na si Leni galling soporta niya galling LP and Nicolas at yong mga oligarch na nag antay na maging president si Leni. Pruweba na mayaman na si Leni, sabi ng COA na Malaki yung in-accounted funds ni Leni e, saan yunpatno di ba sa bulsa?

  9. Do Maam Leni still in her LUGAW business? She must be making good! She said ” Naga brings back too many sad memories” as such, she has to go somewhere else. Well, memories dwell in ones heart and mind, not in a certain place. So, this is just an excuse to justify her travel, with daughters, to the US. Hypocrite!!! Besides, does she not benefited by the death of her husband? So, what bad memories she talks about? Crazy excuse.

  10. She deserves the flak for trying to portray herself as a caring, pro peoplec eader while her actions say otherwise.

  11. Theres no issue here, vp leni is all entitled to a vacation after all the function of looking after the welfare of her kabayan is delegated to the local and nayionsl government and not to the vp ofiice whose main functions are mostly ceremonial. Its purely politics setting double standards.

  12. anabella parumog on

    veryone is entitled to a vacation but if you are a government official,like a doctor,,you are on call..hahaha..your reasoning is out of tune..when bato went to las vegas, conchita wants him to investigate,,but when the vp went to new york with her family..conchita is silent.unfair di ba?how much did they spent for this family vacation..if all of them four went to new york and how much is she really worth on her saln???

  13. But Gen. Bato was questioned by Ombudsman. Vacation is different from a state visit for President and his entourage. For you bloggers, yes lets be fair and its Christmas. But that’s how we Filipinos are anyway, home or country’s affair, take a back seat when there is an opportunity to get away from it. What is disheartening when leaders seems too knowledgeable of the sorry plight of majority of Filipinos, of the social injustices–yet there were no concrete actions to show–it is all worlds, rhetoric but no actions or “body language” is different from what comes out from his/her mind. Plus bias media–where majority of Local and with connivance with international media are reporting what are seemingly to discredit, maligned what ever positive gain or projects are. Look on the headlines–all negativities, mudslingings here there and there, the “melodrama”, etc. We simply lack unity, kanya-kanya. Seems like all have their own agenda, and the ideas as diverse as the 7,107 more islands–that it takes years and years for a plan to materialized, and when it does it is already obsolete, characterized with anomaly, bribery, corruption, followed by TRO-resulting in PHL still third word country–but rich and those that can afford send their daughters and son to prestigious schools and colleges way expensive than the legal means of livelihood, earnings of the parents. We are more Americans, Westerners than the average Americans or Westerners.

    • Where do we go from here with Leni. What a politicians say and the way they behave in between is how we can find the truth, sincerity at least. There is huge reaction simply because during the election campaign Leni and company posted pictures of Leni wearing tsinelas and riding the bus simply to win the masa votes.

  14. Bathan wrote: “Mocha Uson, you are so petty. Bato was in the US for Pacquiao fight and everybody deserves a vacation. But when it is the vice president having a vacation, suddenly it is not okay?”///

    Well, for one, they were not professing their being pro poor like your leni . .
    They are not saying they are after the welfare of the “nasa laylayan ng lipunan” . .
    They do not release photos of being frugal in their daily lives . .
    They do not announce they have no money to finance their defense of the election charges . .

    Did she spend for their vacation?

    • HAHA, this is a load of crap. No campaign platform prohibits anyone to enjoy their own money. You’re just flinging mud at people you don’t like. It’s so petty and immature. Grow up.

  15. Robredo is probably shopping. Everyone knows how she loves those expensive Escada dresses, which she showed off in the cover of Style magazine. There are also those Balenciaga bags tha she is addicted to. There is nothing wrong here if she wants to spend thousands. She is a rich woman.

  16. Dining at CIBO is an OPULENCE according to Leah Navarro a die hard supporter of Robredo and her infamous gang . Spending White Christmas in US while her hometown is getting battered by a typhoon is a necessity?

    • Who cares what Leah Navarro says? Having a vacation in the US is not a necessity. That said, so what? Does everything have to be a necessity to justify doing it?

  17. Di ba kayo natutuwa at nakabakasyon si Leni? Dapat pa nga ay ipagdasal pa natin na magkaron sya ng mas mahaba habang bakasyon para naman mahimasmasan sya at makapag isip isip sa kun ano ang nararapat nya gawin at di lamang nakikinig sa propaganda ng Liberal Party. Lalong maganda pa nga kun magbakasyon na lamang sya ng anim na taon o di kaya wag ng bumalik sa bansa. Mas makabubuti pa sa kanya na maghanap na lamang ng bagong asawa sa aremika at manuluyan na doon pansamantagal.

    • MC, hahaha. Sana nga pansamatagal na siyang mawala sa Pilipinas. Sana nga mahimasmasan na siya habang nasa bakasyon.

      To others questioning pro-Duterte bloggers, Sass Sasot DID question Bato’s absence during Mayor Espinosa’s death. That Sass questions why “mainstream” media vilifies Duterte or any of his peoples’ overseas travels while keeping mum on Leni’s, De Lima’s, and Trillanes’ is “Legit and Logical.”