Robredo to Duterte: Focus on war vs poverty


Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Friday called on President Rodrigo Duterte to help the poor by focusing on the war against poverty and to lead the country in respecting human rights.

Speaking in a forum hosted by the UP School of Economics where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, Robredo said that the Philippines cannot be saved by “false prophets of change who claim that they are the people’s last hope.”

“Poverty is the real problem, but we are distracted by political agenda and ambition. Mr. President, we call you to task. In behalf of the Filipino people, whose daily struggles are escalating, we ask you to focus on the war that really matters: the war on poverty. Our people are hungry, jobless and poor,” the Vice President said.

“Please use your leadership to point the nation towards respect for rule of law, instead of disregard for it; to uphold the basic human rights enshrined in the institution, instead of encouraging its abuse. Be the leader you promised to be, and stop the lies that are distorting the truth in our society today,” she added.

Duterte has been soundly criticized for his bloody campaign against illegal drugs which led to the killing of at least 7,000 drug suspects by the police or unidentified armed men.

Robredo also decried the arrest of Sen. Leila de Lima, who like her is a member of the Liberal Party. She called on the Filipino people to defy what she described as brazen violation of human rights.

“The message [of de Lima’s arrest]was loud and clear: anyone who dares speak dissent is not safe. We are made to believe that those who protest and oppose are traitors to the nation and its people. The public is made to believe that the Philippines is in complete dysfunction, and that only the most bloody measures can cure our country of its ills. As we celebrate the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, we are called upon to reject these lies,” Robredo said.

“The change that we so desire begins with us—in the way we live our lives, in the way we protect the rights and liberties that EDSA restored, in the way we continue the unfinished work of the revolution. Never forget that liberty rightfully belongs to our nation and its people. Never forget that together, we can make a stand for every Filipino who suffers injustice, for those who have been betrayed and neglected, and for those who continue to aspire for progress in our country,” she added. Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. Leni should have addressed her speech on Poverty on the EDSA revelries. It’s been 31 years today and yet we are still mired in poverty and worst it is the likes of the Oligarchs like the Ayalas, Aboitizes, Cojuangcos, Lopezes and those Chinese Taipans that had their fortunes quadruple. She should have condemned this EDSA extravaganza as tools of the elites and the oligarchs to enrich themselves to the detriment of the masses. She should have condemned Pnoy for the unfortunate 6 years of governance without improving the lives of the masses but have only improved the crime statistics most notably the drug trade and yet she criticized this government with only 7 months in power. She should condemned the corrupt legislators like her who instead of spending the budget allocation for projects to alleviate the lives of the poor, diverted the funds and with no project to present. She should explain the hundred of millions given to her by Pinoy for her projects in her province and why her people don’t see nor benefited from those projects. Those projects should be checked and audited by the authorities concerned.


    The publicity-hungry cheat who calls herself Vice President is desperately seeking relevance again. Her attempts at sounding and appearing statesman-like are falling flat like barely audible farts that nobody notices. It must be tough to be part of her publicity team whose output hardly makes it past her narrow circle of supporters and hardly registers on the national consciousness. Despite millions and millions of pesos worth of media space and time bought Robredo just cannot make a discernible impact on national politics.

  3. VP Robredo is very funny. She is the do-nothing government employee telling a very busy President to do something which I hope she has the capacity to do in return for the peoples’ money paid as her salary. Or, is it because she thinks she is the President?

  4. Arojosko, patawarin mo po siya at hindi niya alam ang kanyang pinagsasabi. Puro kathang isip at guni-guni nitong magic vp na ito. Isa kang kathang isip ng isang makina na ang tawag ay hocus pcos…kelan sinabing last hope? Nasaan ang political ambition eh kung gusto mo nga daw siyang palitan eh anytime. Masyado kang atat na atat! Ano ba ang tawag mo sa war against illegal drugs ( not war on drugs. Gusto mong labanan ang Diatabs at Biogesic? Magsolo ka) paki gamit nga po ng iyong utak…kapag na solve mo ang problema sa illegal na droga, ano ang gagawin nito sa ating economia, educasyon, lipunan? UP ecenomics ka kamo? Oh my gulay…ewan! At pwede ba, kahit huwag ka ng magbasa ng bayad este biased media…makinig ka na lang, tumingin tingin ka na lang sa iyong kapaligitan…travel ka ng travel pero walang pumapasok sa kokote mo. At huwag ka lang posing ng posing kaya wala kang naiintindihan. Huwag lang tanggap ng tanggap ng script at ng mga bulong-bulongan. Think before you speak. And if you think you are an effective and credible spokesperson. Think again!

  5. Why can’t this lady stop talking? She has all the time to start working to alleviate poverty. She is the extended hand of the President, supposed to be. Use her time to serve the people at least until the recount where Bong Bong Marcos will certainly displaced her.

  6. President Duterte was elected by the poor and not by the few oligarchs like your party, the LP, whose only purpose in running for gov’t position is to advance themselves at the very expense of the poor .And Ms Robredo doesnt understand that the anti-drug war program that the President is doing is to save the poor, the ignorant poor who has no idea of the detrimental effect of those controlled substances they are taking. Ms Robredo. they succombed to selling drugs for the very fact that none of the elected politicians has created jobs, while others resorted to find job elsewhere in foreign countries, because there is no decent paying job they could find based on what they finished in college, where they ended working as slave -as domestic helper in the Middle East. As a Congresswoman what have you done yourself to help the poor?

  7. Asus! what did you do when you are a Housing secretary? did you do your job to help those people in need? where is your result? nothing! instead of doing your job you are much busy with politicizing! Look whose talking!!!!!