• Robredo eyes meet with Roxas, Aquino


    VICE President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo on Saturday called for a meeting with leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) to discuss its next steps following her resignation from the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Speaking to reporters, Robredo said she would like to consult former president and LP stalwart Benigno Aquino 3rd and defeated LP presidential bet Manuel Roxas 2nd.

    “Siguro to discuss with them. Sana magkaroon ng pagkakataon na makaupo nang sabay-sabay [I hope there’s an opportunity so sit down],” Robredo said in Laguna, where she attended the 30th anniversary celebration of microfinance organization Card-MRI.

    (from left) Robredo, Aquino and Roxas

    (from left) Robredo, Aquino and Roxas

    Robredo,who resigned from Duterte’s Cabinet last week, said she had informed Aquino, Roxas and other LP leaders of her decision to quit but “not in details.”

    Robredo stepped down as housing czar after Duterte, through Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr., instructed her to “desist from attending all Cabinet meetings.”

    Palace officials later on cited her “irreconcilable differences” with the President as the reason for the directive.

    Robredo has since expressed her willingness to unify the “discordant voices” of those who are critical of the administration’s policies, hoping that this would make the President listen and perhaps reconsider.

    Some LP members have called on party leaders to break away from majority coalitions in the House and Senate, and take on the role of an opposition party.

    On Saturday, the vice president said she was hoping politics would stop getting in the way of sworn duty.

    “Now that the elections are over, the expectation is that we help each other. Even if I am no longer in the Cabinet, I will support things that I think are good for everyone,” she said in Filipino.


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    1. Mrs. Robredo, you were given a chance to show if you are for the people, though you got into the VP position by your Liberal party cheating the election. Be human and try to have a godly character just for a while. Stop being selfish and greedy for power. We voted for our choice but you and your political party rob us of our freedom to choose. You pray and help this administration for Pres. Duterte was anointed by God to be the President of this country, Philippines.

    2. The 3 stooges sama sama na ulit, si Leni na halatang nagpatangos ng ilong kaya laging nakangiti, si Noynoy Panot na laging nakangiti, ngiting aso kahit na nagkapatayan na nakangiti pa rin at si Marimar na alam kung saan ang bilihan ng mga druga saan man parte ng Pilipinas, yan ang mga politikong pulpol na parang mga manok na ang gusto puro lang kahig para sa kanila…

    3. “Robredo has since expressed her willingness to unify the “discordant voices” of those who are critical of the administration’s policies, hoping that this would make the President listen and perhaps reconsider.” – In other words, time to plan “EDSA 4”.

      “Even if I am no longer in the Cabinet, I will support things that I think are good for everyone,” – what I THINK….I THINK….is the good for EVERYONE….now that’s a scary thought.

    4. A sour loser she’s the VP of the country but she wants to consult the X and X persons like abnoy and another abnoy on what to do next? Is she working for the people of the country or just for this yellow bleeding heart group?

    5. This VP is guilty of double speak.
      Yellows had their chance, and what happened_
      Brainstorming with PNoy and Mar who have proved to be an incompetent tandem would do your party a lot of good.

    6. Double Talk as a Spy, that is her personality. A neophyte politician who opposes heads on with her non sense crusade to demonize the already dead person and other issues not conforming to her liking. Now her ardent next mission is to OUST DU30 for her to takeover the Presidency as early as possible, she cannot wait for the next Presidential election which as of now she is afraid of losing her position as VP because of the manipulation of LP to ensure her victory in the last election. She envision herself as the next President at the expense of who she perceived as a lameduck President DU30. She profess she support this administration at the same time criticizing it. People don’t understand her logic that is why she was expelled as a Cabinet secretary. How shameful is her strategy, now where she will go, maybe a beautiful garland as a front for whatever is useful from her.

    7. Yes, Mrs. Robredo, it is but proper to report to your MASTERS (B. AquinoIII and Mar Roxas). You are the Vice President and the leader of the opposition, why do you have to report to them? You are a “tool” of the elites, the US and the destabilizers. I can understand why you have to report to your “masters” because without them and the “computer” machines, you had no chance to win the election. Now you are acting like a pro-poor oppositionist. Shame Mrs. Robredo, your husband must be moving in his grave for your “acting” and inconceivable behavior. Mr. Robredo was a genuine “pro-poor” person. I am not a Bicolano but I have a friend who is a prominent citizen of Naga and he relates to me the genuiness of Mr. Robredo’s behavior. He walked in flip flops (rubber sandals or de-sipit); he was always the first to reach a disaster area in your city; he bought “pan de sal” with whatever money he had in his pocket to hand over to disaster victims. You will do a favor to all Filipinos if you could just do you job as the Vice President of the Philippines. Let Mr. Duterte do his job: if he fails or wins, he is responsible to all his actions, not you or the people behind you. But if you meddle unreasonably to the government’s programs and it does not succeed, you will be held responsible by the citizens. Take pity to our countrymen, to us, to all of us who have been suffering due to the shackles around our body imposed by the elites, politicians, foreign meddlers (US, Europe). May God bless and save the Philippines.