• Robredo fears rigging


    Rep. Leni Robredo is beginning to worry that there could be efforts to rig the official canvassing of votes in Congress.

    Robredo on Wednesday noted that her fear stems from statements made by Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and his camp that there may have been cheating even if no evidence has been presented to prove it.

    The House of Representatives and the Senate will convene as the National Board of Canvassers on May 23 for the official counting of the votes for President and Vice President at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City.

    “Sa akin lang ano… sana wala silang binabalak na pandaraya na gagawin sa canvassing.
    Kasi yung wino-worry ko ngayon klaro naman yung numero pero parang mina-mind condition nila. Hindi ko alam yung precursor ito. Pero sana hindi [What I am saying is…I hope that they are not planning to rig the canvassing of votes. What I am worried about is that while the numbers are clear, they are doing mind conditioning (that there’s rigging). I don’t know, this could be a precursor. But I hope not],” Robredo said in an interview before boarding a plane back to Manila.

    She recalled that there were also efforts from the camp of then-President Ferdinand
    Marcos to rig the results of the 1986 snap elections that were won by Corazon Aquino.

    Tabulators at the Philippine International Convention Center walked out of the canvassing area in protest of the poll rigging by the camp of then-President Marcos.

    Aquino won in the National Movement for Free Elections unofficial Quick Count with 7,502,601.

    She, however, lost in the canvassing of the Commission on Elections.

    Marcos’ victory, however, was eventually nullified by Congress.

    “I don’t know where their [Marcos camp] script is getting into. Sana lang walang balak na pandaraya. Kasi alam naman natin na may history na ganun. Hindi natin makakalimutan yung nangyari nung 1986 na siguro kung hindi nag walk out yung mga tabulators baka nadaya nga tayo [I just hope that there is no plan to rig the counting. We all know that they have a history of that. We can’t forget what happened in 1986. Had the tabulators not walked out, they could have rigged the polls],” Robredo said.

    The lawmaker declared victory on Sunday, saying she leads Marcos by 257,567 votes.
    But she added that it now appears that her camp’s tally of votes is different from that of Marcos.

    “Yung sa akin, nagwo-worry ako yung numero nila iba sa numero namin, iba sa numero ng Comelec. Nagtatanong lang ako bakit ganun… SD [secured digital]cards ito. Iisa lang naman dapat yung pinanggalingan. Bakit iba yung numero nila [I worry because their numbers contradict ours, and it is also different from the Comelec’s. I wonder why. These are all from SD cards. It came from the same source. Why is their count different]?” Robredo said.

    The lawmaker said she does not oppose auditing of votes because it will boost the credibility and integrity of the conduct of the polls.

    “I don’t see nothing wrong with the system audit [of our votes]. I am in favor of that, so as to remove all the doubts on the integrity of the election process. What I am not okay with is the careless accusation of poll rigging without basis,” Robredo added.


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    1. Oh pleeeaaase. Only the incumbent administration has the capacity to rig the elections. I hope you please stop using ML. Nor daang matuwid platform. Only two parties had the political machinery and moolah to run a vigorous campaign. IF you do get to be proclaimed VP, are you going to find out how Jesse Robredo die? Are you not going to be indebted to LP? And be their attack dog? BUT then people know it was the other one who was winning before you magically outnumbered him…..IF official results show the other one winning, are going to graciously concede?

    2. Matagal ng tapos yung 1986 Ginang Robredo. Tutoong sina Marcos ang me hawak ng gatang nung panahong yaon pero iba na ngayon, si Pnoy na amo mo Robredo ang syang may hawak na ng gatang sa kasalukuyan.

    3. charlie castro on

      Leni Robredo should stop her political theatrics, she is no Cory Aquino!.. on the contrary it was her camp that is applying mind conditioning. Miracles of miracles, on the dawn of May 10, 2016 Marcos’ almost a million lead started to go down at an alarming rate which showed a straight path including those of other vice presidential candidates whereas Leni’s number continous to rise. Is this plan B of the demonic Noynoy working? Now look who’s talking?… who’s claiming to have won even when the official NBOC have yet to start canvassing vote returns? who is panicking to wrestle the vp crown? What? suspiciously change the hash code at the middle of the counting? Why? Comelec and Smartmatic has a lot to explain and correct in the eyes of Filipino voters. This is sheer rape of our civil rights! Oust those Smartmatic and PPCRV cheaters!

    4. Ano Ba yan dobledo? Ponalalabas mo na
      campo ni Marcos ang nang dadaya? 2016 na Ito Hindi 1986 Gaga. Talagang etat na etat kang Manalo. Maghintay Ka at lalabas din ang totoo na kayong mga dilawin ang nangdaya. Why don’t you spend time in finding out why your husband was killed if you really loved him.

    5. ibang klase din ang babaing ito mas matindi pa ito kay abnoy sa pagkasinungaling.

    6. Tigas ng mukha! kayo nga yung nasa pwesto at may means para mandaya. Sorry, nandadaya na pala, kaya naunahan si BBM sa “UNOFFICIAL COUNT”. Mind conditioning din strategy ng LP para pag lumabas sa OFFICIAL Count na si BBM tlaga, pwede nila sabihin na dinaya si Leni.

    7. Please dont be hypocrite..listen to the voice of the people and not to the voice in your head..dont let them use u..u are not that big..lets face it

    8. Then send your IT Expert group Ma’am to witness the audit. Simple. Why afraid? :)

    9. Senator BBM has requested Comelec for his own hired IT team to do a systems audit of the Smartmatic machines. How presumptuous can he be. Are the commissioners of COMELEC, who are all lawyers, that stupid and gullible to automatically believe his claims of cheating and irregularities? To be acceptable, the audit must be undertaken by an independent third party so it will be fair and free of bias. At this point in time, when the final count has not even been completed, there is no rationale for conducting a systems audit. Rep L. Robredo has cause to be concerned. BBM and his team are just taking steps to condition the public’s mind to his claim that cheating or “rigging” has taken place in the VP race in the hope that an EDSA-like protest would take place on his behalf. Whether the Pinoy public will fall for this stunt is questionable and remains to be seen. In theory, the so-called script tweaking, if indeed it resulted in a change in the vote totals, should have affected all of the candidates’ final results, not just the VP’s. Isn’t it weird that only BBM’s team and his supporters are adamantly protesting the results? Just a sign of desperation on BBM’s part? His plan to get to Malacanang via the vice-presidency has been thwarted. Now what is next for BBM?

    10. Leni Robredo should not be worried of the investigation sought by BBM, if this measure will erase the doubts (cheating) that many feels happened There were many discrepancies that took place where many Filipinos were not able to vote because of a Venezuelan defective VCM. which affected the integrity of the Philippine election. Comelec has accepted the failure of letting a Smartmatic IT to make changes in the middle of counting of votes. She herself knew of the anomaly and yet she is very eager to claim victory? Why cant she wait till the official canvassing of votes are finished ? Very puzzling, indeed.

    11. Marcos to conduct the audit? Hindi kaya tayo ma-trick by some sleight of hand like they tried to do way back in ’86? I hope Marcos would also reveal to us the sources of his “numbers” which he claims give him a lead of over a hundred thousand votes. Baka yun ang mas kailangan ang audit. And by the way, can anybody who requests for an audit be allowed to do so? And while we’re at it, will Marcos give us an audit of the alleged stolen wealth still subject of various court cases?

    12. Chico Ibarra on

      Leni’s getting ahead of herself, as her handlers were prior to the elections. Let’s continue counting the votes, and let’s see what happens. At least ‘Dumbmatic’ is no longer involved.

    13. Hahahahaha now she’s worried! Doesn’t Leni Robredo know that she is winning in the unofficial count which is tainted and in the real count it is Bongbong Marcos who is the rightful winner? Panalo ka sa daya Mrs. Robredo!! You have reason to fear because in the actual canvassing of votes the true will of the people will out.

    14. Wilfredo Ticzon on

      I’m surprised that Leni is worried that Congess will manipulate the results to favour Bongbong given that she is supported by Aquino and the Liberal Party. Her comparison with the 1986 snap election is wrong because Comelec did the rigging of the results. Comelec was controlled by Marcos then. Is Leni saying that Congress is controlled by Marcos?

    15. Ronald Alcon on

      Really, Atty Leni Robredo?, How can BBM rig the result of the election if your party is the one in power. It is your partymates who will preside the canvassing!!! Most of the Comelec commissioners are your partymates. Are you that naive?

    16. opinionated na pinoy on

      Leni Robredo has all the rights to worry because her political opponent accusations have no basis, and he is the product of a very rich, powerful, and corrupt family. Bongbong Marcos was also raised to get what he wants, either by hook or by crook, he is going to get it, one way or the other. Leni Robredo is also aware that all of the claim cases filed by the Philippine government, groups and individual citizens are still pending at the Supreme Court, because the Marcos Family are still fighting hard and holding on to the property that was once belonged to the Filipino people and this greedy family are not willing to give back to the Filipino people.

      Another thing Leni Robredo’s worry is that, the camp of Marcos have their own SD card, and the numbers they are claiming is different from the COMELEC count. There’s a possibility that the Marcos Camp got a hold on one of the COMELEC voting machine, downloaded the system configuration to their own SD card, and manipulated the numbers, and re-insert the SD card when Congress start counting the votes. If somebody ask me how can the Marcos camp can get a hold of COMELEC’s voting machine? These machines were guarded well and under the custody of so and so..? Downloading programs will only takes couple of hours, and secondly, MONEY is a very powerful element that can change impossible to a more favorable.

    17. The Liberal Party, the Comelec and Smartmatic conspired to have you elected as Vice President. Let’s not beat around the bush or kid ourselves about this. Aquino is desperate enough to try this in order to avoid jail time for all the high crimes he committed and abetted. Now, are you a willing tool in all this? Can you someday face your departed husband and tell him to his face that you were not a participant in this grand scam of a Plan B?

      ## 43 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

    18. Who was it that said, “only those who are in power has the capacity to cheat”, or words to this effect. Rep. Leni Robredo’s fears, I suspect, is that the technical audit of the Commission on Election automated election system will show to the world she is the beneficiary of fraud. If not, she should welcome it with open heart and not make as alibi what had transpired in 1986 when the Marcoses were in power, though I do not share her thoughts. She should send her IT expert instead as her representative to protect her interest. Nobody is preventing her from doing so. It is she in fact who is conditioning the mind of the people that she already won the election. She is a neophyte and she already acts like an expert in double talk.

    19. fidel S. Pescador on

      Marcos camp are not The ones running the COMELEC nor Govt. On your part Madam Robredo nothing to worry about whatever the outcome of the auditing because you are not the one be affected if the found positive of the allegation. It’s better to let the IT expert to check the alleged discrepancies…God never sleeps nor slumber…I believed that there is no PERFECT CRIME and the culprit should be punished if the found guilty beyond reasonable doubt . GOD BLESS AND SAVE PHILIPPINES…

    20. Typical Liberal Party trapo.
      Leni wants everyone to forget the cheating allegations going on now and focus and something that happened 30 years ago. I am convinced that Robredo was aware of the plan to rig the VP election in her favor and she along with anyone else that can be connected to the scandal should be jailed.

    21. Here we go Leni comparing the situation today as 1986, she should have read Bono Adaza’s article regarding that walk out, it was planned to picture that Marcos was cheating!!?

    22. To VP Leni , you should be afraid of Ex chairman Brillantes that works for BBM. He knows the complexity of the Comelec. I heard his interview in DZMM and I got nervous. The person that will make things right is Chairman Bautista. The incorruptible chairman of Comelec.

    23. Leni should stop making statements like this. To be kind to sis not capable of cheating, let’s give it to her as she is quite neophyte in the field. Remember she made a lot of boboos the first run she did in congress by soliciting foreign funds which is an election violation. Is she clean??? At any rate, she allowed herself to used in the fight of Aquino vs Marcos. She should not be so arrogant, self absorbed of her capacity and sooooo assuming. Her only platform was FM and Martial Law and the yellow narrative. Again the entire machinery of the government and entertainment was used blatantly by the President who said he will do everything in his power to not make a Marcos comeback. The sinister plot, callous and scheming people behind her has done marvelous job of putting her into the forefront from obscurity apar from being the simple widow of Jesse Robredo. No she is not humble, she pretends to be humble. Look at how arrogant bher words are and her rhetorics. She is not in any way your typical simple woman. Her colors slowly came out but whose looking anayway. She did not even bother to ask that 14Million people too are screaming, even the INC are looking for their votes!!!! Now who cheated who..maybe not Leni but the pople whom she trusted for her elections. Oh by the way, P406 Illion media campaign from lugaw. My foot. She is beginning to make us lood stupid and ridiculous!!!!

    24. First of all if you had been trailing in the polls and then suddenly you spike up at the end that already suspect…….then when you loose from the overseas where it is harder to cheat since they use foreign and more competent and properly paid folks rather than our own who need money and can be bought easily then you already know….off course common sense Marcos won by a landslide overseas the ppl have spoken didn’t u see Manogn digongs numbers the ppl want two strong men not a yellow tard wer are tired of the inchik this in Pinas not god dam hong kong where they posion the baby formula then export it to manila so that our children die! NO way Jose not anymore we are supporters of Digong and Marcos for Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Robredo is not making any sense, first the board of canvassers are dominated by allies of PNoy and LP, so Marcos has no means to rig the canvassing of votes! It’s different in 1986 hello!

    26. Pag gumapang ang pera sa canvassing ng National Board of Canvassers ay tiyak ipapanalo nila si Marcos. Sa dami ng pera ng mga marcos ay siguradong aagos ang pera.