• Robredo to finish term, Duterte vows


    Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday assured Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo that there was no plot to steal the vice presidency from her.

    In an interview following the groundbreaking ceremony for the planned Bicol International Airport in Legazpi City, the President said Robredo, who is from Bicol, would keep her post.

    “I will assure Leni and the rest of the Bicol region that you will have her until the very end of her term,” Duterte told reporters. “There is no such thing as removing of a vice president,” he added.

    The President issued the statement when asked about Robredo’s claim that there was a plot to steal her position following her resignation as housing chief last Monday.

    The former Camarines Sur representative is facing an electoral protest lodged by former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., whom she defeated in the May elections with a margin of 263,473 votes.

    Robredo claimed her resignation from the Cabinet was due to the Executive branch’s apparent lack of support for housing initiatives and the President’s order that she stop attending Cabinet meetings.

    Robredo as well as the Palace officials also noted that she and Duterte have opposing views on several issues, including the hero’s burial for Marcos’ father, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

    Duterte made the statement a day after accusing the “Yellows,” or allies of the previous Aquino administration led by the Liberal Party, of plotting to oust him.

    LP denies plot

    The Liberal Party on Thursday denied it was planning to oust President Duterte.

    “It’s not true. There’s no such plot and you know, I don’t know where the President gets his information, but we deny that we are plotting,” said Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon, a party leader.

    Drilon said the party was just stating its positions on various issues, some of which were opposed to the President’s positions, like the burial of former president Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    “So these are views that we expressed as a party and they have nothing to do with any plan allegedly to oust the president. We deny that categorically,” Drilon said.

    Senator Francis Pangilinan, acting Liberal Party president, also dismissed the allegation, noting that many party members have jumped ship to parties allied with Malacañang.

    “Being critical of the burial of Marcos in the Libingan or being critical of the spate of extrajudicial killings does not mean we want Duterte ousted,” Pangilinan said.

    Still, Liberal senators have no plans of leaving the majority bloc in the chamber, led by the Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipno-Lakas ng Bayan.


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    1. There is no reason to believe anything Duterte says, because he is a proven liar. I am praying for Mrs. Robredo, but also praying Duterte does NOT finish his term.

    2. Wasn’t Leni Robredo elected by the people and proclaimed the winner? Duterte did not put her in that position as a Vice president. He has no right nor the capacity to assure her that she can have her position until the end of her term. Or has he perceived himself to be a dictator who can decide who will live or die, finish their elected position or not?

      Was it just poor choice of words again or has power really blinded him that he couldn’t see nor talk straight?

    3. Pangilinan and Drilon hypocrisy at its best. If the Luneta rally grew bigger and sustained to a volume that they are praying for, who’s in the LP group would not want Duterte to be ousted? Parang mga bata.

    4. A stool pigeon for LP?, a judas to the admin? or a “real” elected official to the people – what garbage!

    5. @Eric
      Where did you get your information. 100% speculation of course just to satisfy your notion to post against you perceived is bad only for you. Yes you are the most ardent follower of immoral De5. Btw she already admitted concubinage and one more thing a drug lord protector, you don’t know that and you are telling the readers it was hearsay. Hello wake up man. Don’t defend her with mere speculations, just put up facts with substantiated proofs then i will believe you. Your comment has no wisdom, just hollow defense that is unbelievable, next time please post a more meaningful comment that has substance okey.!!!

    6. Leni Robredo can only stay on as VP if the PET finds for her. If the PET finds evidence of fraud to give her the winning margin then she will be replaced by the real winner of the VP position. No amount of assurance from Rody Duterte can change this. The PET/Supreme Court is an independent body. Noynoy Aquino had the Chief Justice impeached by a kangaroo court by bribing congressmen and senators after the Supreme Court decided to distribute Hacienda Luisita to the Tarlac farmers. He then appointed the youngest and most junior Chief Justice ever, who had previously proven loyalty to him. Duterte will not do what Aquino did to the Supreme Court.

    7. Believing Drillon, Robredo, Pangilinan, Trillanes and the rest of them yellows is the same as believing when the devil speaks. These people are very good in double talk but just looking at the record when the yellows, led by Cory, were very instrumental in throwing out Erap. His son, PNoy was not doing anything in 6 years but make their opponents ,experience miserable lives during their terms. The LP is turning out to be a cult of liars and doom announcers.

    8. Assuring VP Leni Robredo to finish her term by the President himself , confuses me …

      Suppose PET would proclaim BBM as the true winner for the Vice Presidency , does it mean that President Rodrigo R. Duterte would not honor the proclamation ?

      • if the PET proclaims Sen BBM as duly elected VP, then that is the end of robedo’s term, so Digong is still correct in what he said

      • He is not saying that, in fact, he always said, he abide by the ruling of the SC and respect the rule of law. There is nothing yet he violated, otherwise, impeachment could have been started.

        Critics are just so quick to judge him without solid base in order to bully him and gain public attention. But he loves to play the game of hyperbole a literary device that everyone may have been using it everyday like when we often say to our friends, “ages when I last saw you” but to Du30 is to make an unreal exaggeration to emphasize the real situation.

      • that s an easy question. if the PET/Supreme ruled that her term has ended because bbm is the real winner after the recount. so whats the problem. du30 is just being true to his word.
        you have to understand the president being a lawyer, knows how to play with words. u have to see the double entendre there.

    9. If it looks, walks and sounds like a duck it is most likely a duck. du30 has done EVERYTHING possible to make life terrible for Leni. He is aligned with Marcos and has been very rude to Leni in every action. He even went to far as to take Marcos to china with him v Leni. Leni should fear for her life else she will end up like DeLima accused with nothing but hearsay of doing things that will put her in prison or death. du30 will stop at nothing to have his uneducated spoiled brat actions come to life. Mayors, Senators are all fair game for this mass murderer.. Everybody should start asking what is the magic number for themselves? How many must be murdered before they will start to understand how dangerous and terrible du30 is to the country? What is the next action for death? Drunk Driving that kills people, prostitution or gambling as that attacks the morals of the family…. The killings are used to install fear… anyone who backs these actions are supporting murder….

      • anyone who backs these actions are supporting murder….

        That would be 16 million Filipinos who like the morons they are didn’t think Do Dirty would do the stuff he said he would do either that or they have no internal moral compass to rely on.

        Cruelty impresses, people want to be afraid of something. They want someone to whom they can submit.

        Beat a dog once and you only have to show him the whip from then on.

        Every 6 years Filipino’s get a new master