Robredo: Gov’t should fight for Veloso’s life


Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has called on the Duterte administration to fight for the life of Filipino Mary Jane Veloso, who is on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

Robredo made the appeal on Wednesday after President Rodrigo Duterte said “it would have been a bad taste in the mouth” to beg for Veloso’s life given his strong posture against the drug menace in the Philippines.

Veloso, who initially applied for a job as a household service worker in Malaysia, was nabbed in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta airport in 2010 for bringing in 2.6 kilos of heroin sewed in the lining of her suitcase by her recruiter without her knowledge.

At the time, she said she readily accepted the suitcase because she had nothing to store her clothes in.

“What we are appealing for is that for our government not to lose hope and still fight for the right of Mary Jane to live,” Robredo said in a chance interview after her visit to Santa Cruz Village Relocation Site in Barangay Olingan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.

“I am just appealing that we should not give up on the case of Mary Jane Veloso. We were successful in keeping her out of the death row last year, so maybe that hope is still present today,” she added.

Veloso was supposed to be executed by firing squad on April 29, 2015 but Indonesia stayed the execution at the 11th hour amid indignation from the international community and a personal appeal for her life from then- President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

Robredo’s partymate from the Liberal Party and Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman earlier said Duterte had failed Veloso and her family by not trying to appeal for Veloso’s life during his recent meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“He [Duterte] reneged on his promise to the Veloso family that he will go to Indonesia, among other things, to work for clemency for Mary Jane who, unfortunately, was a victim of drug trafficking. [It turns out that] President Duterte is the last person in the world who will seek mercy for Mary Jane Veloso because he believes that drug traffickers and users should be condemned to death or killed,” Lagman pointed out.

He was referring to the Duterte administration’s brutal anti-drug war, which already killed more than 3,000 suspected drug peddlers and users, with half of them allegedly killed outside police operations.

“If the President honors the judicial process of Indonesia, why is he disregarding the judicial process here in the Philippines where drug suspects are killed extrajudicially and are considered as criminals who are not entitled to due process?,” Lagman added.


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  1. Kung saan ang deal ni Duterte, nagpapaepal yan, wala namang nangyayari kahit isang achievement sa trabaho nya, that stupid woman always bz in pres con and campaign, nothing else.

  2. Some politicians love so much the CONVICTED VELOSO, who tried to bring 2.6k of cocaine to Indonesia.
    If the VP’s belief that the CONVICTED VELOSO is innocent and her life is so precious; then let Veloso be released and the VP takes her place.

    The government should give more attention to the flights of the thousands of displaced OFWs in Saudi Arabia and other countries. These people deserve more than the life of a convicted drug criminal/s.These OFWs help the economic upliftment of our country and to our citizens, and their families, too.

    What help did these criminals give to our country? To kill?To make people addicted to illegal drug?

    Wake up! HR people and narco-politicians!

    Every life is precious for drug criminals dump them to hell!

  3. “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse”. I agree with Vice President Robredo to fight for the rights of the Filipino. What I don’t understand is the Vice President Robredo is just talking and talking to get publicities just like most of the Philippine politician. Why not take action, fly to Indonesia rather than pointing a finger at others to gain publicity. Ah oh I forgot “Philippine Politicians only TALK but do not take action, sad, very sad even the VP is like those politician seeking publicity. Have not seen her do something for the Filipino people but to her credit VP takes credit by talking only. Typical Philippine politician.

  4. Remember guys : she is not some sad woman widowed by circumstances. Leni Robredo is NOT emotional : she is an experienced lawyer and professional politician. She IS, however, using every opportunity to promote herself and the fact that she is not a part of the “Duterte Administration”.

  5. Ikaw na lang kaya nag mag-substitute para kay Veloso? That will be a very noble sacrifice for someone who should atone for cheating her way into the Vice Presidency.

  6. Isn’t it awkward that PDU30 is bent on fighting against illegal drugs and will beg for the life of Veloso who was found guilty by the Indonesian court? The Indonesians certainly have evidence against Veloso and are only implementing their laws.

    • In Indonesia you are charged and then you have to prove your innocent whereas in most countries you are charged and the state has to prove your guilt.

      Good luck proving your innocent about anything.

  7. This Robredo is really clueless on how to be a sovereign leader bound by basic ethical courtesies to respect the internal laws of another sovereign country. This is the same issue that Pres. Duterte had with Obama. Pres. Duterte was irked by the unsolicited interference of the US President in the internal laws of the Philippines and refused to be lectured on by the latter re the “extrajudicial killings happening in our country. Now, if this kind of interference is irritating to Pres. Duterte, it would also have the same effect on Pres. Widodo, And the former has no right to impose upon the latter what he himself would not be imposed upon. It is as simple as that. It is obvious this “pseudo” vice-president is shooting her mouth off again senselessly.

  8. Seems like everyone in the government is ok with Veloso spending her entire life in a foreign jail even tho she apparently had no idea that there were drugs in the suitcase she was given to carry her new clothes bought by the real drug transporters.

    Keeping her off and out of death row should not be the extent of the Philippine’s government concern, Getting her out of that stinking jail that she has been incarcerated in the past 6 years should occur to these self centered politicians at some point.

    • You have never exited NIAI International airport because if you had you would know that the Immigration Officials ask you if anyone gave you something to bring or has anyone given you a package to bring, they also had warning signs about bring packages for other people (haven’t been through in a long time).

      I have traveled through the airport and can tell you I get asked every single time and then the Immigration or Airport Official when done with mini interrogation will stamp or give you a slip on your bags, please stop worrying about Veloso and just let her go, the President has enough to worry about and the last administration wasted time traveling to these countries trying to release drug traffickers, if a person can manage to get a Philippine Passport and plane ticket they can manage their life and all it’s dangers. Please ask anyone who has been through NAIA, ask them if they were confronted by Customs and question if they were bringing packages for someone else or did they accept a package from someone.

  9. As vice president, she should support the President. This foolish woman is trying to upstage Duterte. By doing so, she means for the Philippines to meddle on Indonesian Constitution. Robredo is too emotional and will make poor decisions for our country ala Noynoy. Never again!… We must rally behind Duterte!

  10. umeepal na naman si ROBredo.

    kung ako si veloso, in the first place, bakit ko tatanggapin ang isang maleta na binigay sa ‘kin ng isang estranghero sa airport kung di ko naman sya kilala? kahit kayo, gagawin nyo ba yun? nagtatanong lang po!