Robredo hit for ‘lies’


The camp of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for insinuating that the former lawmaker aims to “steal” the vice presidency.

In a statement, Marcos’s lawyer Vic Rodriguez said Robredo is trying to connect the the electoral protest to the burial of his father at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“To begin with, we have no plans of stealing something that we obviously won to begin with. It is our position that BBM [Bongbong Marcos] won the vice presidential race and had it not been for the systematic fraud and unprecedented maneuverings committed on the day of the elections, he should have been the one proclaimed,” Rodriguez said.

Robredo’s camp earlier issued statements that the camp of Marcos is fast-tracking the electoral protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal by finishing the recount of ballots in November.

Robredo also expressed her strong opposition to the interment of Marcos’s father at the heroes’ cemetery on November 18.

Rodriguez reminded Robredo that the nation witnessed how the former senator’s votes dwindled after commanding a 1 million lead after voting hours on May 11, 2016 at a “uniform ratio of 40 – 1.”

“This was countenanced by the ‘thieves in the night’”, he said.

Rodriguez said the camp of Robredo apparently wanted to undermine the proceedings at the PET “by openly accusing us of moving for the recounting of votes without the direction of the PET.”

“Such is a blatant and malicious lie, a figment of one’s imagination meant to deceive the public. Robredo, who is a lawyer, should know that there is no way a recount can be done without the approval of the PET or even the Commission on Elections,” he said.

Rodriguez reminded Robredo and her lawyers that a recount is far off since a preliminary conference and the order of retrieval have yet to be issued.

“Clearly, they are getting ahead of themselves,” he said.

“Also, a recount is not indispensable for BBM to win his case. A recount may or may not be conducted in the course of his Election Protest depending on the weight of the evidence presented. And even granting a recount will be conducted, we would expect Robredo and her lawyers to welcome the same if they are really confident on the results of the election,” he added.

Rodriguez said the camp of Robredo has not shelved their so-called “Plan B”, a grand design to topple President Rodrigo Duterte and install Robredo as president.

“With all these unfounded and uncalled for accusations, are they gearing up for the so-called Plan B?” he said.


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  1. lynn b. bautista on

    Dapat nga siya mag worry dahil kapag napatunayan na sila ay nandaya, haplos rehas na bakal siya kasama ang smartmatic at comelec! At dapat hindi siya natatakot kung totoong nanalo siya..kahit pa magbilangan ulit ng balota. Ipaliwanag na lang niya ang boto sa Basilan na 100% sa kanya at lahat ng kalaban ay Zero! Kahit nga sa Naga, hindi bumoto sa kanya 100%..huwag gawing tanga ang mga tao!

  2. If Robredo feels so confident that she got the people’s vote, she should be pushing for a recount herself to settle the issue once and for all to remove any doubt on her vice presidency. Is there something to worry about??????? hmmmmm.

  3. It would be to her benefit should a recount be made – to settle the issue once and for all! Unless they are hiding something..

  4. Jaime Dela Cruz on

    Instead of posturing to be the next “people power president” Robredo should use her office to find out why and how her husband died. She might be surprised to learn that she’s surrounded by sharks. But then again, her husband is dead and she is now in the limelight.

  5. BBM has nothing to be proud of. He is waste of space in government. Instead of unifying our country, he divides the people. He comes out with propagandas and innuendos.
    Mayaman po ang maraming Ilocano. Isama na po ninyo si Ramos, Enrile, Singson, De Venecia, etc., etc. Sana pagbigyan naman nila ang ibang mamayan sa pinas. Leni won the Vice President and BBM should respect it. FULL STOP!

  6. A 2,000,000 lead can be wiped out and stolen by A THIEF IN THE NIGHT …… and steal some more from others to get a margin of 200,000 ….

  7. Simple logic, If Leni really won the Vice Presidency fair and square she much be the one to pursue the re-counting of the ballot, but if she is the one blocking the re-count, 100% BBM is the real winner!

  8. i rest on THE SOVEREIGNTY of THE GOD of TRUTH!

    i rest on the actual evidence that His Excellency Ferdinand E. Marcos dis a lot of good for teh ral Filipinos: Hospitals-heat center, lug center, kidney center etc; highwas : slex nlex, bridges: san juanIco etc, schools: UP in Laguna, phil high school for the arts:; power: Napocor ; land for te landless (from those who own large chunks of land in the Philippines)–

    that is why these greedies who wants to own the Philippines hate him.

    but we thank THE LORD for H.E. F.E.M. for his heroic and revolutionary actions gave us education and a place to build our house!

  9. It is really a fact that Marcos and his cronies are all liars and thieves until now they can’t accept that Bong Bong Marcos lost last election.

    • FYI….BBM did not lose the May elections, in fact, Leni Robredo cheated the May elections. I’m sorry, but i have to say this, Karma is fast coming and you know God does not sleep.

    • They believe that there were some hocus pocus that happened that is why they can’t accept the result. So it is their right to protest. If the Yellows feel that they legitimately won the vice presidency, what is there to worry about then?

  10. Robredo claimed of a well funded social media maneuvering to discredit and bismirch her character. This is also the time that she has come out with unfounded accusations of a ballot recount without PET’s knowledge and approval. I suspect that both machinations are contrieved in order to generate sympathy and to paint BBM as out to “hoodwinked” the Filipino people, like a “thief who in the night”. Talagang mga YELLOWTARDS, the real “thieves”.

  11. It is quite obvious that Leni Robredo cheated her way to the VP position. Voters do not follow a 40 – 1 formula when voting, neither do they do a last minute rally like in a basketball game. The Comelec used Smartmatic to carry out the cheating, Noynoy Aquino and the Lieberal party of Robredo provided the funding and the cover. These crooks and cheats need to be placed behind bars.

    • Di nga!!! talaga bang liar si Leni Robredo? ….Wala namang history si Leni ng pagnanakaw at kasinungalingan…ang mga Marcoses ang laki ng ninakaw nila sa Bayan ng Pilipinas…imagine mong 10BILLION $$$$$….IMAGINE MO YUN….hay naku! Wake up to yourselves. Binibigyan ba kayo ni Marcos ng mga kinakain nyo, bakit ganon na lang kayo magtanggol sa kanila….I for one, did not vote for him….ROBREDO kami sa family namin kasi alam naming magnanakaw uli yan pag nasa pwesto na…nsa dugo na nila ang magsinungaling at magnakaw…..hoy gising

    • on

      sus…cheated… the history of BBMs family…and you will know who are cheaters….

  12. fidel S. Pescador on

    The LP evil motive will eventually fail…God’s will shall always prevail…..God bless Philippines….

    • gloria ymbang madamba on

      Why is Robredo running scared of a recount? When in fact she should insist for a recount to settle the issue once and for all. Unless… uhmmm something is fishy or is it “the thief in the night” (to borrow Robredo’s words)???